Day in the life of a SAHD

FACT – This is the busiest job I’ve EVER had in my life!

Mia & Elle breakfast

Jesus H Christ…..when I say you literally don’t get a moment to yourself I bloody well mean it!!

And let me tell you, by the time you do, you are so bolloxed tired, you either fall asleep in the chair or are in bed by 9 to 9.30pm and it’s niiittteeeee !!

And so to prove this point, I decided to track literally everything I did one day from the moment I got up to when the girls where asleep and right through the night until breakfast the next day.

Sounds like I’m giving out but I’m not. In fact, as each day goes by, I’m getting more and more into my routine – which to date in all 37 years of my life, I’ve been really shite at (just ask The Missus?!).

I’m absolutely loving being a SAHD (so far anyway!!) spending quality time with my girls recuperating from getting the stents in. Today for example, I thought Mia how to peddle her trike without me pushing her for the first time & I found out Elle has a class laugh when you kiss her cheek just to the right of her mouth! #satisfaction

This list is genuine as I wrote it all down minute by minute. Only difference from this day’s routine and other days is normally I don’t drive to creche. I do some form of exercise, either walk &/or run Mia up to creche on her bike with Elle in the buggy & Noodles in toe &/or do an exercise DVD (I need to do 3-5 days exercise each week as part of my rehab). Tuesday = Mia’s swimming, Wednesday = Mia’s Ballet & Friday = Elle’s Baby Massage.

BTW – This list is LONG 🙂

  • 06.00 I wake up
  • 06.40 Elle wakes up (later than usual)
  • 06.45 Me toilet & change Elle’s nappy
  • 07.00 Elle Bottle, 50ml taken
  • 07.20 Elle baby porridge (2 spoons) & 40ml baby milk…..3/4 eaten
  • 07.35 Let Noodles out and give him his breakfast
  • 07.40 Get Mia’s backpack & lunch ready for creche
  • 07.45 Give Elle (i) Galfer 7.5mls & (ii) Abidec 0.3mls
  • 07.55 Mia wakes up (later than usual, didn’t go to sleep until just after 9pm last night. After the stents, I need to exercise 3-5 times each week so I try to run her up to creche at least 3 days p/w but getting up at this time means it’s too late as we won’t be ready in time)
  • 08.00 Breakfast for Mia, Mel & Me (I’m always last!)
  • 08.30 Get Mia dressed / let her watch 1 show (paw-patrol)
  • 08.45 Jackets on for both Mia & Elle, make sure they have everything
  • 08.55 Drive to creche (normally run!)
  • 09.10 Home and play time for Elle
  • 09.40 Elle’s nap time
  • 09.50 Get Mia’s clothes ready for rest of school week and put into bags
  • 10.10 TEA !!!!!!
  • 10.40 Elle wakes & bottle 60mls
  • 10.50 1/4 Liga biscuit
  • 11.00 Scan documents for my Pension, email them to my broker
  • 11.10 Toilet break !
  • 11.20 Get Elle dressed
  • 11.30 Get Elle into her buggy + Mia’s bike + Mia’s helmet + Get Noodles ready
  • 11.40 Walk up to get Mia from creche (1km up, 1km back)
  • 12.30 Back – playtime with Mia (football) & Elle into jumpperroo. Noodles chilling out.
  • 12.45 Start getting dinner ready
  • 13.10 FOOD! (Mia: Spaghetti & Garlic Bread, Me: Homemade Chicken Curry & Rice, Elle: Homemade Tomato, Cheese, Cauliflower, Carrots, Basil puree)
  • 14.00 Show for the girls while I fold clothes from the dryer
  • 14.15 Mia tablet crushed into yoghurt (only way we can get her to take it)
  • 14.20 Elle bottle 70mls
  • 14.30 Elle’s nap time
  • 14.40 Clothes wash put on & TV off for Mia. Playtime for her.
  • 14.50 Wash dinner pots & dishes
  • 15.00 ‘Papa-Juice-Man’ (me when I make homemade juices for Mia, today it’s Spinach/Apple/Pear)
  • 15.10 Let Mia watch 1 show as ‘my belly hurts Dada’ …. pretty sure I’ve just been caught !!
  • 15.10 Clean the kitchen down after dinner
  • 15.20 Elle awake, change nappy
  • 15.25 Mia wee wee accident, new knickers & pants needed
  • 15.55 Playtime – football again (Mia has a serious throw for a 4 year old, which I’ve just noticed)
  • 16.00 Mel back home
  • 16.20 Playtime – trike peddling practise out front (which was amazing, Mia got it so fast)
  • 16.40 Elle Apple & Banana swirl 1/2 jar taken (Elle is in rotten form since waking up, whinging non stop no matter what I do)
  • 16.45 Granny arrives to take Mia to buy her ballet clothes (was suppose to be here at 2pm)
  • 17.15 Elle Nurofen 2.5ml
  • 17.25 Elle bottle 30mls
  • 17.40 Food for Mel & Me (Mel: cheese baguette / Me: Mackerel, tomato, lettuce on pumpkin bread)
  • 18.10 Elle Bath time – no baby massage afterwards, too grumpy & crying
  • 18.40 Elle Bottle – not much taken, tired and in bad form (still)
  • 18.55 ASLEEP !!!!! (for now anyway)
  • 19.00 Snooker World Championship
  • 19.15 Write FB post for ‘Join Our Boys’ – we are hosting a Coffee Morning on 1st May
  • 19.50 Elle wakes for the 1st time – Mel goes to breastfeed her
  • 20.10 Granny brings Mia back. She is wired as she had pancakes & frosties for her tea – bloody hell, no wonder she’s wired?
  • 20.30 Mia to bed with Mel (normally her routine starts at 7pm)
  • 21.00 Mia asleep at last (way too late)
  • 23.00 Elle wakes – Dreamfeed (by me with bottle)
  • 00.00 Elle still awake, asleep on my arms, wakes up crying every time I try to put her into her cot – aggghhhhh – Mel takes over & breastfeeds
  • 00.20 Elle (finally) asleep
  • 04.00 Elle awake – Mel feeds
  • 04.20 Elle asleep
  • 04.25 Mia wakes up – Mel changes room
  • 04.30 Mia alseep
  • 06.00 Elle & I wake
  • 06.30 Mia wakes
  • 06.45 Breakfast for all – and I do it all over again 🙂

Phewwww – told ya it was long 🙂

Anyway, as you can see – this ain’t no 9-5pm gig! I’ve done that and use to think I was tired. Yeah right, now – now I’m tired haha!!

But I’m loving it so being tired takes a back seat to satisfaction every time.




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