Our Coffee Morning in aid of ‘Join Our Boys’

Join Our Boys is a trust that has been set up by parents Paula & Padraic Naughton for their three boys, Archie, George & Iassc. This is my account of why we’ve decided to get involved & support ‘Wear Orange Day’.

Wear Orange Day

You see, these three boys, Archie (10), & his two younger brothers, George & Isaac the twins (who turned 6 on the 1st May) – have a disease which is currently fatal and shockingly, all three of them have it. To add insult to injury, Paula & Padraic found out the 3 boys had it on the same day. Jesus.

It’s called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and it’s a progressive neuromuscular disease that destroys muscle tissue and like I said, is currently fatal. Right now, there is no known cure……It’s 2016 btw FFS.

At 10 years old – you can clearly see how it is affecting Archie – he recently got his 1st wheelchair. The twins will need one in a few years time also. As a parent, my heart just bleeds.

Recently we went to Roscommon to meet this amazing family. We’ve been in touch via Facebook for a few years but had never met in person. Both Mel & I where absolutely blown away by Paula & Padraic’s courage, drive and kindness. The lads are just great, 3 young lads who should be enjoying life, not staring death in the face.

Immediately after we left Roscommon, Mel & I decided we’d host our own Coffee Morning in aid of Join Our Boys and try to raise something for the trust.

And it was great. We were busy! I assumed barman duties (I was brought up in a family of publican’s so it’s second nature) and I loved it. Didn’t get to speak to everyone who came as a result so my apologies for that!

Only downside was we didn’t get a photo of everyone which in hindsight was foolish. But the good news is we raised €540 in 2 hours and we got to spend time with our neighbours – winner winner chicken dinner 🙂

I also found out a neighbour also had a stent put into his heart last year so now I know, I’m not alone !!!!

Wear Orange Day
Mia, Elle & her cousins enjoying Wear Orange Day

From looking at Facebook last night, it seems like so many people got involved in ‘Wear Orange Day’. Two standout events for me were a 24 hours #KeepKnittingChallenge & a 24 hours #KeepMovingChallange which you can watch more about here….

Just to repeat myself, currently there is NO cure for this disease and the family are working tirelessly to raise funds and awareness so that the care for children with the disease can improve but ultimately their goal is to find a cure.

If you would like to, please donate here for this trust. Read more here on Join Our Boys site. Keep updated on their Facebook & Twitter pages & watch their videos on their YouTube channel.

#No Treatment #No Cure #NoWords #KeepMarching #KeepMoving #JoinOurBoys #WearOrangeDay

Lastly, a massive thank you to everyone from Stocking Wood, new / existing friends & family from my side & Mel’s side for popping by & donating – you guys ROCK !!!!

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