The Stented Papa with er, my Stented Papa!

The Stented Papa's
So what’s this one for then?!

Well, it’s not from the grass I licked it that’s for sure !

Meet my Stented Papa – Norman Good. Dad is 30 years older than me and is still going strong thankfully. I wrote in a previous post that (CVD) genes will get ya irrespective of age. At the ripe age of 48, Dad had a heart attack and ended up needing a triple by-pass. No stents in those days so it was the traditional by-pass for him. Fuck me, I am so thankful that I didn’t need my chest cut open I’ll tell ya. Modern technical advances 1 – Cut your chest open 0.

However, Dad’s relationship with his (bad) heart didn’t stop there. He’s since had a few mini heart attacks and has had 2 stents put into his heart (at different times) with the last one going in only 2 months before I found out I needed to get 4 put into my heart. But the man is still smoking (against my better judgement!) although he has tried to give up several times, he always ends up back on them at some point. Old Dog & New Tricks I guess. I use to give him grief, play the ‘you have 2 beautiful granddaughters now’ card but it goes in one ear and out the other. When not smoking, he is a ‘un-happy non-smoker’. Where as myself & The Missus gave them up on the same day together over 6 years ago now and it was the best move we were made so thank you to the Allen Carr‘s Easy Way to Stop Smoking clinic in Cork.

Dad is on a few more tablets than me it has to be said. We are both on Asprin (75mg) / Plavix (75mg) / Lipitor (40mg Dad / 80 mg Me). Due to me  being brought back into hospital a few times since getting the stents, I’m on Seretral for anxiety which he isn’t and he’s on beta blockers & blood pressure tabs which I’m not. I’m also due to stop Plavix in about 2 months and now my Cholesterol is down, the Lipitor should also come down to 40mg (hopefully).

So at 37, I’m pretty sure I’m now the youngest member of the Good family to have a cardiac procedure (I stand to be corrected on that) – NOT an award I wanted believe but one I now have none the less.

Most families have some disease that runs in the family, the Good’s have heart disease. And I have not been exempt, I have however been lucky, and that my friends, is absolute fact.

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  1. Aw nice to “meet” your pops! He sounds a lot like mine. He too had his first heart attack at a young age – 42 , and was told to stop drinking and smoking if he wanted to see another decade. He hasn’t stopped either as in his own words “he’d rather live a short and happy life than a long miserable one”. I have given up on trying to argue with him about it, but thankfully he is now 60 and still (touching wood frantically) going strong. Well done on the 6 years smoke free! It’s lovely that you both did it together. Thanks for linking with #fartglitter x

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Wow, sound like there is another ‘Normo’ in the world in your Dad!!! I thought one was enough hehe. 42 is young to have a heart attack isn’t it? My Dad was 47. I was 37 when I got my stents in, the only difference was I (thankfully) didn’t have a heart attack. And your Dad’s mindset is the exact same as my Dad’s. Long may both our Dad’s health be good. I’ll drink to that!! (and in case my cardiologist is reading this, I do of course mean a mineral water 🙂 cough cough!!). Really appreciate you commenting again, Ross. #fartglitter

  2. great pic. My old man is still puffing away also, but so far has stayed unbelievable healthy. I still have a few a day and really need to knock it off #pooprainbows

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      And long may your Dad’s health stay that way. You meet some people who are into their 80’s, still smoking, have a whiskey & a pint regularly and they are fine! Me & The Missus gave up 7 1/2 years ago and on the same day after going to the Alan Carr’s Easyway to stop smoking seminar & it worked. They are hard to give up though. Thanks for commenting Jeremy, cheers, Ross. #fartglitter

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