Challenge – Learn how to plait hair !

Practise Doll
Crash Test Dummy Elect !

Mia is in love with Elsa from Frozen. And she also loves having ‘Elsa hair’ i.e. in a plait. This poses a big technical hitch for me because I can’t plait hair.

The Missus can do it which was all well and good while she was on maternity leave but now that she’s gone back to work full time, the hair situation is now my gig.

So it’s about time I copped on and learn how to do a plait (& all the others like french plait, buns, pig tails etc etc). Only being able to put Mia’s hair into a ponytail ain’t cutting the mustard any more.

Being able to do Mia’s hair is also a great opportunity for bonding. It will also make Mia very happy to be able to say, ‘My Daddy can do my hair now‘. So it’s win win all around.

You can see from above we got a doll for me to practise on so this & youtube are gonna be my teacher & pupil and once I’m able to do it without pulling all the hair off the dolls head, I’ll try it on Mia.

I’ll report back on this challenge at the end of the week when fingers crossed I’ll have it nailed.

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