Challenge – Learn how to plait hair – Update !!

On Monday this week (30/05/16), I set myself a challenge to learn how to plait hair as I hadn’t a breeze how to do it and more to the point, I’d always used it as an excuse to get out of doing it – ‘Er, em, you need your Mum to do that pet‘ (sounds about right……jayzus, the shame).

So I said I wanted to be able to do a (somewhat) successful plait (aka ‘Elsa hair’) for Mia by the end of the week – well in your FACE Friday cause The Stented Papa nailed it on Wednesday, Thursday & today. Yeah Baby Yeah 🙂

And here’s Mr Honest Jim now  – I was fuckin buzzin – it really was a class feeling when I stood back and could say, I did that and even more importantly, I could see the amazement on Mia’s face when she felt it and saw it. That lifted me to cloud nine instantly. Result !

Man….. I feel like a proper full blown I can do absolutely fuckin everything type of DAD – Yeah baby :-)

P.S. The Doll has been fired.


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