We’re getting Married Yaaaaaaaaaa-Hooooooooooooo !!

We Got Engaged!
Yeah Baby Yeah

What a buzz. The pair of us are buzzin, absolutely buzzin!!!!!

When you ask the woman you are head over heals in love with to marry you – and she agrees – there’s just no feeling like it. The birth of your children is every bit as magical just in a very different way.

It was my birthday last Monday and we secretly went ring shopping, the sneaky gits that we are!! What a birthday present. Ya have to bear in mind, at this stage, nobody knew. Only myself & The Missus knew so we might have told a few sneaky ‘white’ lies to one or two family members regarding upcoming dates (sorry folks!) but we needed time without the nips to do this. So thank you Granny for minding the girls!

Now the pair of us know absolutely nothing about rings. Nothing! The Missus normally doesn’t wear any rings on a daily basis or jewellery for that matter. I wear a silver ring but that hardly makes me an expert. A good friend of our works in a very well known jewellers in town so it was our plan to go there and get his advice (I’m keeping names out of this so lets just call him ‘The Jeweller’). So to get some buzz words into our heads prior to that, we went into a jewellers in Powerscourt Shopping Centre and it helped so armed with some key words, we headed to our buddy The Jeweller.

To say he was delighted was an understatement. The funny thing was, as nobody else knew, he couldn’t tell his wife when he went home until we made it public! His wife is a life long friend of The Missus and she would want to know so you can see the conundrum. Messing with us, he just said a few times ‘Jesus, she’s gonna kill me for not telling her, kill me!’ Very funny.

Two glasses of champers later we are making progress. Was feeling a buzz off the bubbles too I might add. Expert advice really helps, irrespective of what the product is. The Jeweller knows his shit and it showed. Professional to the last. We were buzzin, absolutely buzzin – did I mention that before now? Fucking Buzzin man 🙂

I never knew there was so much to buying a ring, holy jayzus. Thank fuck I didn’t have to pick one out by myself, as sure as shite in a goat I’d have picked the wrong one. Guaranteed. Respect to the man who does it and takes the chance, not me but! I was delighted The Missus was with me. It’s such a big decision, this ring will be on your finger forever so ya wanna make sure you get it right. The Jeweller advised to go home and think about it. Being the professional that he is, he even suggested going to other jewellers to shop around. Sound advice from a sound bloke.

Truth be told – we knew we were getting married about 2 months back. Just had to get our ducks in a row with certain bits before we told our family first, then friends and then the world via unleashing the news to Facebook (which btw, the reaction has blown us away – 198 likes & 119 comments and counting – highfive to every one of you).

We had been talking about it on & off for a while without putting any real weight behind it. But then one night, we were all on the floor in the gaff, chatting and playing with the girls and as we were talking about it, I just looked into Mel’s eyes, with our girls right beside us, the moment was just right and just beautiful. I asked the question, ‘Mel, will you marry me?‘ and the reply blew my mind (& made me cry – fact!). Yeah baby yeah, I’m buzzin woooooooooo-hooooooooo 🙂

We are together 7 years and in all this time, getting married was never top of our agenda but now that we are doing it and have told everybody, it is just the most amazing feeling ever – yep, you guessed it, I’m feckin buzzin!!!! I’ve called The Missus ‘the mental wife‘ for years. Not because she’s nuts or anything (really, she’s not!!) but because we’ve been mentally married for years, we just never had the legal part sorted out. Time to change that.

Being serious now, having a brush with near death makes you do and say things that before hand you might not have. The realisation that it could have all been gone, boom, just like that scared the shit out of me. I don’t take things for granted now. I’m trying not to be a procrastinator anymore and I’ve always been one. Life is too short. Do shit now – today not tomorrow.

My family rock my world every single day and The Missus is the centre of my universe and the person who has made me me. Time to make us one baby.

P.S. Buzzin 🙂




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  1. Avatar James Hopes says:

    What awesome news!! Our wedding day is still one of the best days of our lives so it’s definitely an awesome thing to be doing!
    Really pleased for you both
    James Hopes would luv you to read…I Do Like To Be Beside the SeasideMy Profile

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      James, thank a million for the lovely comment. Glad your wedding day was and still is a standout day for you. We can’t wait for ours. Thanks for popping by. Regards, Ross.

  2. Well that was a buzzin read! Really happy for you! We did something similar and had to tell a few porky pies, having a massive secret to keep with your wife though is a ‘buzz’ in itself! Over the moon for you!

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Haha,thanks David. Yeah, you can knock a bit of crack out of the porkies too which adds to the excitement! Delighted you liked the post and thanks for popping by to leave a comment, really appreciate it. I just subscribed to your YouTube channel so look forward to watching your videos. Chat soon, Ross.

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