The Beard, The Buggy, The Baby, The Bike, The Toddler & The Dog

The running gear

The title in a nutshell?! Me running, with whom & what I bring with me!

Most mornings I do a run. I like running & in particular I like running outside, it’s my headspace, my time out of the house. Marathon runner I most certainly am not, no where near. I do what I feel is sufficient for me and a distance that my children allow me to time wise.

I coincide my runs with dropping Mia to creche. Once she’s inside, I continue on my way. I’ve a few routes mapped out around our area. Some are as shorts as 2km, but generally they vary from 4.5km / 5.5km / 7 km / 10 km (ran my first 10km recently since getting the stents in!). It all depends on what sort of night I’ve had with the girls. They sleep, I sleep = good run. Shit night = shit run or no run at all.

So Mia hops onto her balance bike or onto her scooter (depending on her mood) and generally she stays to the inside of me and at times she’s ahead (see image below). It’s a great way to teach Mia how to co-ordinate balance with control, learning the rules of the road & road safety, awareness of what’s going on around her as well as building her confidence on a number of levels which is vital. I see her confidence growing every day.

Above all, it’s planting seeds in her head that running (& exercise in general) is a good thing. In years to come, I hope after she wins Gold for Ireland at the Olympics that she’ll say ‘It all started when my Dad use go running beside me when I was a young girl on my bike’ (truth be told, I use to run with Mia in the buggy when she was a baby also). Wishful thinking?! Perhaps – about the Gold medal I mean, of course she’s gonna big up her Papa!!

I pop Elle into the buggy making sure she can see me & her sister and she’s warm. She’s gonna be with me for the whole run so that’s important. In general, Elle wakes at 6am, and as a result she also has her nap while I’m running. Lastly, I also bring Noodles. He’s normally hanging off the side of the buggy running & tugging like a demon. Jesus he can make some crazy ass noises by tugging so much and with his big tongue flapping around, he looks like a mad yoke!

I get funny looks from people every day. Looks of approval, sometimes looks of shock. I’ve been stopped more times with people saying, ‘fair play to you’ or ‘you’ve got your hands full there’ to ‘great way to get your exercise in’ & my favourite ‘who said men can’t multitask, good man!’ I’m still trying to work out which grabs the attentions first, the beard, the buggy, the baby, the bike, the toddler or the dog!!

Are you interested in running with me? Just for fun and for encouragement. Any level welcome. If so, just buddy up with me on RunKeeper, leave a comment below & we’ll take it from there!

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  1. What a wonderful idea and very healthy great way to teach kids about the road.i should also start running i feel. thanks for motivation

    1. Well thank you Vivek. As the nips have gotten bigger (i.e. no buggy) this routine has taken a bask seat I’m afraid. The upside is they are now doing group activities with other kids their age so happy days. Thanks for reading. Cheers, Ross.

  2. Looking forward to the Gold Medal at Olympics! Great parenting you have there, I will teach my son, when it’s time for him to ride a scooter, but as of the moment, the only thing that I can teach him is, not to crawl under the bed. If you get funny looks, give them the funny looks too. By the way, have you ever tried doing other activities that’ll help teach your daughter? I’m writing an activity parenting 101 list, so I can be prepared when my son is old enough to understand.
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    1. Hey James, first off I’m so sorry for only replying to your comment now, somehow I missed it and have only come across it this morning! Activity Parenting 101 list sounds like a winner, fair play to you. Nip#1 loves football. She’s going to be a goalkeeper. The keeper instincts are natural for her and she’s pretty good for a 5 yr old!! Snooker & F1 interest her too but she’s yet to say she likes rugby (yet). Running & cycling too. So I guess I am but I’m not making a list or anything although maybe I should!!! Thanks a million for reading & commenting and apologies once again. Chat soon, Ross.

  3. Avatar Emily says:

    Running with a pram?! I can barely run without having to push a pushchair too! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky
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    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Haha, I hear ya! It’s tricky at times but you get use to it!! No probs, thanks for commenting. Rgds, Ross #BinkyLinky

  4. I keep meaning to try running with the pram but certainly agree that doing a form of exercise with them is important. In my case it is cycling or walking just now. #binkylinky

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Well done on getting the cycling &/or walking in cause it is blood tough to find the time. Since the summer holidays began 2 weeks ago, I haven’t gotten out for a single run. My routine as described in my post will have to be amended and fast, time for plan B I think. I’d highly recommend running with the buggy (if possible), I love it. Best of luck with it! Thanks for commenting, Ross. #BinkyLinky

  5. Avatar Nige says:

    What a wonderful idea and very healthy great way to teach kids about the road Aswell really enjoyed reading it Thanks for linking to the #binkylinky come back next week please

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Cheers Nige, yep I agree 100%, it’s really helped my eldest daughter’s understanding of the roads & rules around them. She is still learning but I can see progress every day. Thanks for reading and commenting, see you next week for sure. #BinkyLinky

  6. What a great routine. I find being out with my daughter is the perfect excuse to shed inhibitions. Run, play, look a fool; it doesn’t matter as it’s for their benefit and I love it. #binkylinky

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      100% with you Dan, once the nips get a benefit from it, I don’t care what (or how) I look like. If I happen to get benefit from it also (which I am) then even better. Being a full time SAHD, I need to get out and run. I’m not going to break any speed or distance records but it’s what I need to clear the head. What activities do you prefer doing with your daughter? Right now, I’m loving exercise and crafts! Interested to find out as maybe it will open my eyes to new things. Really appreciate your comment, cheers, Ross #BinkyLinky

  7. Avatar Emma McCrory says:

    Loving this ross!
    Fair play to you is right!


    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Yee-Hawwww!! Thanks a million Emma !! Hope all is well wth you and your gang 🙂

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