Why won’t she eat…..anything?!!!

Child not eating

Arrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh – my bloody nerves !!!!

I’m guessing we are not the only parents experiencing this issue but for me it’s now a problem. So I’m hoping anyone out there with some advice will get involved with this please so we can all benefit from it.

Nip#1 has recently turned 4. And she is eating less and less of proper food each day. Truth be told, she’s never been a great grubber, well not for real food anyway.

If I’m very honest, she hasn’t eaten proper food for nearly as long as I can remember (btw ‘proper food’ for me equals meat/veg/potatoes/wholegrain foods/fruit etc). But give her a whiff of a kinder egg or gingerbread man and it’s eaten in record time (I can’t be too hard on her here, I’m mean, who doesn’t right?!) BUT not when it’s practically all she wants.

She’s always had her favourite ‘fall-backs’ as I call them.  Spaghetti bolognese (with no meat and only a tiny bit of sauce, no bits), Sausages, Potato Waffles, Cheese, Cereals, Crackers, Tinned Spaghetti & Porridge (which thankfully she loves).  But lately, even these are a no go depending on the mood.

  • Nip #1: ‘Daddy, don’t you remember, I’m taking a break with cheese?‘…
  • Me: ‘You’re taking a ‘break’ with it?‘ I ask,
  • Nip#1: ‘Yeah, just like I’m taking a break with ballet (for the summer) remember Daddy, do you?!‘… funny and not funny at the same time.

Bar sausages, she absolutely will not eat any meat – I swear she is a vegetarian but hasn’t a clue yet – however veggies are a serious no no at the same time (so maybe scrap the vegetarian analogy). Doesn’t like fish. She’s not into rice. Even beans are no good. Anything with ‘bits’ in it, forget it pal. My nerves are twitching even writing this. Every day I prepare food involving a mixture of the above in the hope that she will try even a little bit of something instead of the usual ‘I dooooooon’t liiiikkkkeeee thaaaatt‘ while pushing the plate as far away from her as possible.

One of my main concerns is that she is getting little to no nutrients/vitamins/nourishment that a young body needs for development from the above food groups. And I am worried and concerned and it is getting to me. I have to admit, I get annoyed at times when 95% of the food I put in front of her is rejected, I know I shouldn’t but it’s frustrating to say the least. Unfortunately, meal times have become a struggle & a battle whereas they should be fun & excitement. This is my sad face 🙁

Get the little blighters to eat

So I’ve literally just started reading this book called ‘Get the little blighters to eat‘.

The reviews are what convinced us to get it. All very positive so here’s hoping it will have the desired affect.


I refuse to label Nip#1 a ‘fussy eater’ because it will just play into her psyche & will fuel her ability to continue refusing food. Avoid / Avoid / Avoid.

Are you experiencing the same with your little ones? Or have you gone through it? If so, what did you do to change the situation? Have you read the book? Please don’t be shy with your comments, every story/advice/tips etc will be gratefully received. Sharing is also groovy!

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  1. Ah it’s just the most annoying and stressful thing. My daughter is almost 3 and not too bad now but was very fussy before. Hate to say it but bribery tends to work if she is being difficult. No pudd which is often only yoghurt, if no veg or meat eaten. Does work but maybe not the best parenting! Let us know how the book goes! Xx #fartglitter
    Sarah Howe @runjumpscrap would luv you to read…Little MiraclesMy Profile

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Hey Sarah, yes I agree with you, it is annoying & stressful. All I want is for her to eat a healthy & balanced diet so she get the correct nutrients. Am really hoping the book is the catalyst for change, only time will tell I guess. Thanks so much for your comments, Regards, Ross. #fartglitter Sorry for the delay in replying to you!

    2. The Missus The Missus says:

      Sarah I truly believe that any form of parenting that doesn’t harm a child is fine. You are lucky bribery worked for you, Nip#1 doesn’t go for the whole bribery thing. Trust me we have tried a million times.

  2. Right there with you. In fact our boys diet is almost exactly the same only he seems to be ‘taking a break’ from sausages at the moment too (sob). Would love to know if anything changes. Thin I’ll go and order that book now…

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Wow, I knew we would not be alone with this! I understand exactly what you are going through. It ain’t easy but I’m confident we can change it. Likewise, if anything changes for you, I’d love to know about it, hopefully we can learn/help each other with this? I’m liking the book so far. Thanks for commenting, Ross. #fartglitter

  3. Avatar oana79 says:

    We did with Emma too, from when she was about 1 and a half until recently(she is now nearly 7). Unfortunately, there is no easy fix. I continued to cook and offer now foods, despite her refusal to try anything new in the house. We had a very serious issue with constipation as well, when she was about 2 and a half and that is when we introduced soups, as she understood they helped managed it. Fruit had the same effect so she slowly, slowly started taking more, not only strawberries but also melon, watermelon, nectarines, pineapple…etc. But it was never a sudden change, rather an imperceptible transition which required a lot of encouragement, praise and empowerment. She is at the moment very proud of herself as she has started taking grilled fish, she feels very grown up! Patience and also a relaxed atmosphere at meal times, friends whom she admires who are good eaters…etc. Hope this helps. Good luck!

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      It does indeed help Oana, many thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad to hear your daughter is making progress with her food. Praise & encouragement is big in our house and we have two reward charts, one pirate & one spaceman. They move up a step as a reward when dinner & tea is eaten and she really likes that. It doesn’t always work but it is a good way to encourage eating. I’ve started reading that book and already it’s helping me to see where I’ve been going wrong which can only be a good thing (e.g. certain things I’m saying which I shouldn’t be). The situation will not change overnight, but we will continue to offer new foods. Hopefully by the time 7 comes around, things will be better. Thanks again, really appreciate your comments. Regards, Ross.

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