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Update : 8th August 2016
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I’m delighted to take part in ‘The Daddy Tag Challenge #The DaddyTag’. This is the brain child of the brilliant Frenchie Mummy and when asked to take part, I said absolutely!

For the bloggers I’m asked to nominate afterwards, you need to follow the rules so to have a lookski, see #TheDaddyTag page from The Frenchie Mummy before you start yours.

Ok so, let’s do this – saddle me up and call me Shergar:

  • Are you a Stay at Home Daddy or a Working Daddy? I’m a SAHD since February this year. Prior to that I was working with a deadly Irish tech company called Pubble – check them out!
  • Would you have it any other way? Na-agh. And I absolutely loved my job 100%. But there is no ‘job’ like the one I have right now. I’m feckin wrecked but man, am I happy.
  • Do you co-change dirty nappies? Even the very smelly ones? Hell yeah!! Sure I only posted a blog called ‘Dadda VS Poop‘ recently which recorded my very first dirty nappy change (no poo is visible BTW!). It took me feckin ages to get use to the bang of it (& the nappy bin) but 4 years & 2 daughters later, I am extremely comfortable with poo irrespective of how ‘crappy’ that sounds 🙂
  • A little fairy gives you the possibility of breastfeeding? Are you going for it or do you run away? (Excuse my F’ing French here but…) Run the F-U-C-K away man….. no seriously, run, now!!!!! Just to be clear, I’ve zero quams against breastfeeding and in particular breastfeeding in public. There is noting more natural in the world imo. Further to this, I’ve seen how beautiful the connection is between The Missus & our new born(s) and it was a picture of natural beauty. But Jayzsus Christ, my nipples are seriously not designed to be destroyed, nawned at, pinched, bit, blocked ducts and did I say bit? All I’ll say is.. cracked nipples & breast shields = not for me dude.
  • What is the one must-have item for a daddy? My initial answer is my girls. But they are not ‘items’! So it has be to wine 🙂 We all need that I think. In all seriousness, my real answer is a bag. That’s right, a feckin ‘Man-Bag’. Well, to be absolutely correct, it’s a ‘Daddy-Bag’ yeah!!!! Ya know, with nappies, wipes, nappy bags, change of clothes for when she messes herself up and of course food. The buggy is pretty handy too btw.
  • How many kids do you plan on having?  We are so so happy with our 2 amazing girls, we are so lucky to have them to enrich our lives. If we are blessed to have a third at some day in the future, I think I’d have to get me pipes welded at that stage 🙂
  • Lads’ nights? How often do you have them? Weddings, Funerals, and the very odd night. Sounds sad but the reality is most live in different locations around Dublin & Ireland, some have kids and some don’t. Arranging a get together with all is tougher than I’d ever imagined pre-kids. Laziness and more to the point, tiredness also plays a part. Am I happy with it? Hell no. Will I use this Q&A as a catalyst to arrange a lads night out (& blog about it?) Hell Yeah!!!
  • Your children’s favourite achievement? Watching Nip #1 win a race at her creche’s sports day. I go running with my girls and to watch her win a race was pretty cool. Ok, Ok, I know –  it’s not the winning that counts, it’s the taking part – but feck it, my girl won and that rocks! For Nip#2, it’s just watching her find herself, which she’s flying at.
  • What is your best memory with your kid(s)? Has to be becoming a dad for the 1st time. It’s the game changer isn’t it? The feelings you experience at the time are just phenomenonal and are unique. Second to that was becoming a dad for the 2nd time and introducing Nip#1 to her new baby sister Nip#2 was so special. These are stand out memories that massage your sole.  
  • Name one thing you miss since being a daddy? Honestly? It has to be weekend drinking & watching a rugby or football game from start to finish. Also, being able to just cabbage on the couch the following day eating shite to recover flicking from station to station. Agh the bliss!
  • Weight gain, before pregnancy, during, after and now? And we mean YOU DADDY, not the mummy! No probs admitting this but hell yeah, I put on a shit load of weight while The Missus was preggers – both times. Neddy -Kellies, double chins, the lot. A conversation might have gone something like this .. ‘Sorry hunny, what’s that? You want another pizza?? (for the 3rd day in a row??!!)‘ – (me thinking now…..’Well, who am I to tell a pregnant woman what not to eat?‘) – ‘Agh sure lookit, go-on-so, I guess I’ll just have to ‘force’ another one into me so, but this is the absolute last one OK?‘ !!!!! – Fat Boy Daddy, that was me and ya know what, I loved it so stick that in your pipe & smoke it skinny Daddy Ross 🙂 Nom nom nommmms.
  • Dream holiday with your kids? Taking a cruise on the River Shannon. It’s in Ireland. The River Shannon is the longest internal river in the whole on the UK & Ireland. It is just spectacular. If you have never been on the river, I would highly recommend it. You will absolutely love it – it is the complete chill & switch off. Not to mention all the amazing things your kids will learn about the river/ swimming / respect of water / nature / emerging into local communities & culture just to mention a few things. Outside of that and when they get a bit older, Florida I think – Universal Studies & Disney World would have to be at the top of the lists.
  • Dream holiday without your kids or even without the other half? (You’re allowed to dream). Jayzus, you’ve opened Pandora’s box here!! (a) With The Missus minus the nips – We both love Formula 1 so I think I’d wrap an F1 weekend into a 3/4 week round trip to Malaysia / Singapore / Bali / Australia and take in all the amazing & beautiful sites those countries have to offer. The full chill with the F1 sandwiched into it = heaven (babysitters anyone?!) & (b) Me without the kids OR The Missus? – Are ya mad asking that question off a Dad where he can expect the answers doing the rounds on social media? !!! Holy Shit, I’ve be divorced before we even get married haha :-)…… Butlins – defo Butlins 🙂
  • How has your life changed since having kids? This could be a post all by itself so I’ll keep it short & sweet – ‘I have not just become a father, I’ve become a man. A man with purpose, drive, focus, determination and unconditional love for my family’
  • Finish the sentence “It makes my heart melt when” … I see our eldest daughter playing with / laughing with / looking out for / getting toys for / telling stories to her baby sister. They get on so well. There has been zero jealousy from Nip#1 towards Nip#2 in any way shape or form since day 1. It has been and is just a beautiful thing to watch & it literally melts me.
  • Favourite beers brands and football team? When out, I’m a Guinness man. Love the stuff.  As the saying goes, ‘Guinness is good for you’ and that my friends is a fact. Beers – Smithwicks  (with a drop of red lemonade or with a Guinness head) is beautiful, it’s like angels dancing on your tongue. Lager – I’m not a massive lager drinker but have recently found Perlenbacher which you can get from Lidl for peanuts and it’s seriously tasty stuff. At home, I’m a wine fan and I don’t discriminate! Red is Cabernet Sauvignon while white is Sauvignon Blanc. Having said all that, I don’t really like drink (hummm). Football? I’m a life long Everton football fan – long suffering that is but I love them.
  • Huggies or Pampers? Neither – Tour Jours from Lidl actually. They keep our daughters dryer than Pampers ever did so we’ve stuck with them till this day. Easier on the pocket too, win-win.
  • Have you always wanted kids? Since day one. Now I’m delighted to say I’ve two.
  • Best part of being a dad? Laughing with them, having fun with them, being there for them, being responsible for them, loving them, teaching them, learning from them, listening to them, running with them, losing your mind with them, becoming a child all over again because of them.

Pheeewwww! Done & dusted – happy days !!!! So, as required, I’d like to nominate the following Daddy bloggers to take part (website / twitter handle) :

Over to you buckos 🙂

To The Frenchie Mummy – many thanks. To everyone else, really hope you enjoy!

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  1. I really enjoyed this – it’s good getting to know a bit more about the person behind the blog. I loved your reaction to the breast feeding question haha 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂
    Random Musings would luv you to read…Blogger Spotlight: After The PlaygroundMy Profile

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Thanks a million Debbie, it was great fun writing it. Breastfeeding option, na-agh! As Snagglepuss use to say, ‘exit stage right’ 🙂 Happy to link up, see you next week. Regards, Ross #AnythingGoes

  2. Great answers made me chuckle in places – my husband is still shedding the baby weight from our first born 4 years on! #fartglitter

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Thank you very much, glad you liked it and got a giggle from it. Yeah the weight loss is a toughie. At least he’s trying cause it’s not easy to find the time. Thanks for your comment, regards, Ross #fartglitter

  3. Avatar James Hopes says:

    Top answers there my good man! I enjoyed doing my version too so thanks for the nomination! Being a dad is definitely fun… #fartglitter
    James Hopes would luv you to read…Just Good Memories!My Profile

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Cheers James, glad you liked it and glad you enjoyed doing yours also. I’m gonna go find yours now to have a lookski! It sure is fun being Dad. Thanks for commenting, Regards, Ross.

  4. Avatar Alan Herbert says:

    A great idea by Frenchy Mummy. I love reading about the people behind the blogs!

    Brilliant answers. Especially the detail on what drink and when you drink it lol

    Yes it is great when they win at sports day. Taking part is only for losers
    Alan Herbert would luv you to read…When you’re Toddler is active.My Profile

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Absolutely agree, The Frenchie Mummy has come up with a cracker with #TheDaddyTag challenge. Delighted you liked my answers, I had to change some of them a few times before I was happy but it was worth it as it’s getting a great reaction (thankfully), including what I drink & when! Thanks for commenting, Regards Ross #binkylinky

  5. Avatar Emily says:

    Haha, loved reading your answers! Nige is doing this soon so I can’t wait to see what he says too! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Thanks a million Emily. Yeah he was saying that to me alright. I’ll be keeping my eyes pealed for his. Delighted to link up to #binkylinky again. Regards, Ross.

  6. Avatar Nige says:

    Great tag and truly brilliant answers I am half way though this and think I better rethink my answers Thanks for linking to the #binkylinky please come back next week

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Thanks Nige and I’m sure yours will be absolutely great. I’ll defo be back to #binkylinky this week. Glad you liked the post.

  7. Fab answers! I love that your must have item is wine! Completely relate to that! My husband also put on loads of weight when I was pregnant, he actually looked more pregnant than I did by the end!! #binkylinky

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Thank you! Agh sure look, if I was stuck on a desert island and was allowed only one think, it would be wine!!! Yep, the weight went up alright, one way of being supportive hehe 🙂 Glad you liked it, thanks for the comment. Regards, Ross.

  8. So happy that you are sharing it on other linkies! Brilliant post for sure. Your answers were really funny!#binkylinky

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Thanks a million Frenchie !! Yeah, I’ve been sharing it around on a few linkies cause the tag is soooooo cool 🙂 5 star stuff! #binkylinky

  9. you are hilarious and super sweet too. The bond between my kids is my fav thing, same as you no jealousy they love each other and are always cracking up laughing it is awesome! Love how you describe how being a dad has made you a man, beautiful answer! Loved this post so glad you linked up with me at #mg hope you do it again!

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Wow, what a brilliant comment to leave, thank you so much!! And a tweet too, woo-hoooo!! Really glad you liked it. I was just being as honest as I could and thankfully for those who have read it, it seem to have hit a chord. It’s such a beautiful thing when your children get on with each other, amazing to watch and give me such a buzz. Will defo be linking up again, so we’ll chat soon for sure 🙂 Regards, Ross … (BTW, this should give you a giggle also hope you enjoy :-))

    2. The Missus The Missus says:

      I could watch our kids playing together all day. Nip#2 is obsessed with Nip#1. That part about becoming a dad made him a man got me – I loved it

  10. Love this. Really made me giggle. Your breastfeeding comments made me snort into my cuppa. (Thanks for that!) This is such a good idea for a tag as it’s great to get “The Dad’s” side of things. Your banter really shines through in the way that you write – I feel like we’ve just had a chat rather than that I’ve read a post! Brilliant. Thanks for linking up with us at #fartglitter Ross 🙂

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Happy days, you are my second reader to say I made them snort into their cuppa after reading one of my blogs !!!! I’m must be saying something right to get that kind of reaction 🙂 I’m delighted you felt it was more a chat than a post, that’s class and has made my day, thanks you! #fartglitter is great, love linking up with you guys. See ya next week! #fartglitter (P.S. sorry for late comment, hectic wk!)

    2. The Missus The Missus says:

      I love how Ross writes these too. Especially when I am travelling with work, I hate being away from Ross and the girls but his blogs make me feel like I’m home. Thanks for commenting #fartglitter

  11. This is very funny, I love to get to know the person behind the blog. Two girls is definitely enough for me too!


    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Well why thank you very much! So happy you got a laugh from it. And it’s all true too! Yeah, 2 nips makes my day very busy. Fairly happy to crawl into bed at 9pm after having fun all day of fun with my two. Anyone with 3 +, you have my respect instantly !!! Thanks for reading & commenting, really appreciate it. Regards, Ross #bigpinklink

  12. Hahaha…this is brilliant. I loved reading this post and finding out more about you. I really enjoyed the way you write – your personality really shines through. I did love your quote best of all – “I’ve become a man. A man with purpose, drive, focus, determination and unconditional love for my family’”… Dadda vs poop – I’m still laughing and congratulating on facing that poopy diaper! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink
    Agent Spitback would luv you to read…Big Pink Link 25My Profile

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Your comment has just made my day Agent Spitback, thank you very much 🙂 Delighted you liked my style, for me it’s vital for the bloggers personality to shine through so I’m delighted that is what you got from reading it. I’m equally as happy you liked the quote & my video. Ya know, If I make even one person giggle because of a post I’ve written then I’m a happy man…… so you guess I can say I’m happy yeah haha 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting. Love #bigpinklink BTW. Cheers, Ross.

  13. Avatar Kim Carberry says:

    Great answers!
    The breastfeeding one made me laugh out loud!
    Kim Carberry would luv you to read…Our Weekly Meal Plan!! – #mealplanningmondayMy Profile

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Thank you Kim, glad you liked them. Yeah, my nipples ain’t ready for all that!!!! Thanks for commenting. Regards, Ross #MMBC

    2. The Missus The Missus says:

      I actually breastfeed Nip#1 for 16 months and Nip#2 for 10months so I was like ‘what do you mean you wouldn’t breastfeed?’ when I read this but to be fair I think he has some good points. #MMBC

  14. I really think this is a great tag! I love reading the dad’s stories etc…. always nice to find our about them too since we see so much of the mothers! I live that Ross says he hasn’t just became a father but also a man. Brilliant read! #FartGlitter

    Jordanne ||

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Thank you so much Jordanne for your deadly comment!! Yeah I had a lot of fun writing the answer to The Frenchie Mummy’s great questions. Daddy hood certanly changes you and all for the better. I’m just glad you liked it enough to come visit and say a few words. Happy Days!! #FartGlitter

  15. You fully answered the questions for sure! Thank you so much for the effort you put into it! I absolutely love the fact that you admit your feminine side with the daddy bag hahaha. You have been very honest in this post: breastfeeding. nappy changing, date night… You said it all as you really think. And even admitting the weight gain. Well done!
    I think you could easily be mate with Grumpy Boyfriend! He loves Guinness too; we even visited the museum when we went to Dublin 4 years ago… I must admit, that was a bit boring to me.
    Thanks for nominating fantastic bloggers. I am looking forward to their answers. #thedaddytag

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      No probs, it was fun doing it – made me think for sure! Yeah I admitted quite a lot really but feck it, why not! In fact, The Missus will tell you that I have an alter-ego called ‘Honest Jim’ and I’m pretty sure he completed this blog, not Ross haha!! I have to say I really liked the Guinness Storehouse, especially when you get to the Gravity Bar and your free pint of happiness 🙂 Hope you liked the rest of Dublin when you were here. Thanks so much for asking me to take part in #TheDaddyTag Challenge and for your great comment. Speak soon, Regards, Ross.

    2. The Missus The Missus says:

      I am so proud of Ross for this piece – to be fair I’m proud of him all the time but I love how open he is about life with our girls.

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