Having a Shite Day?

Having a Shite Day?Agh my nerves – the saying ‘Jayzus, he woke up on the wrong side of the bed‘ normally relates to a person being grumpy from the moment they wake up. So that wasn’t me on this particular day (which happened recently) – but the series of events which unfolded from 6am to 1pm (ish) left me feeling like the supply of available curse words was completely insufficient to meet my demands that day!! I mean, you just couldn’t have written the script for what went wrong.

So what do you do when this happens? Well you take to YouTube and let it rip of course 🙂

There’s a few effes & blinds in here for sure….

And just to lighten the mood (because my day did actually get better strangely enough!) I found this post on The Daily Edge by Emer McLysaght which made me smile (well that & the wine).

Everyone’s had shite days like this so let’s hear them, add yours in the comments below and let’s all have a retrospective giggle. Sharing my video will also make me feel infinitely better 🙂

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  1. Oh unlucky mate, I have had a few bad days but none that have involved wiping a dogs ass with baby wipes LOL. Thanks for linking up mate #oldschoolposts

    1. Hahaha, yeah I have to say, that was a new one for me lol!!! Watching the other walkers facial expressions when I was doing my thing was very funny – I can laugh now but I wasn’t laughing at the time!!! Cheers man. #OldSchoolPosts

  2. Being a blogger at least a white day can mean content.

  3. Avatar Nige says:

    Not a good morning Ross oh dear mate your vid I loved by the way great post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  4. Oh my gosh poor you! I’m sorry but I did crack up at you saying you has to wipe your dog’s bum with baby wipes. Bleurgh! Thanks for linking up #SundayBest x
    Sian QuiteFranklySheSaid would luv you to read…Pregnancy Diary: Second Trimester – 14 WeeksMy Profile

    1. Oh yeah, I had to wipe his ass alright – in public & in front of numerous passers-by (albeit dog walkers so I did get the ‘half smile/eyes to heaven – I know how you feel’ type of look but the fact remained that I wiped my dogs ass in public!!!!) So glad you cracked up, genuinely am – I’ve watched it a few times since and I still get a giggle. Thanks!! Regards, Ross #SundayBest (BTW so sorry for the late reply, a few of your comments went into the spam folder for some reason!)

  5. Oh Ross, you poor thing. That sounds like an absolute motherf**er of a day!!! I hate those days, and I have them OFTEN. On the plus side…you just gained a new Youtube subscriber, thats something right?!! Thanks so much for joining us at #SundayBest, hope to see you again tomorrow! x
    Hayley Mclean would luv you to read…Anxiety & Me : Making Progress But How Far To Push?My Profile

    1. Hey Hayley – Sooooo sorry for the delay in replying, crazy last 2 weeks with a sick household so my blog has forgotten who the hell I am 🙂 New YouTube subscriber?! Nice nice – thank you so much!! Oh wow, that day will live long in the memory I’ll tell ya – it’s was just one thing after the next from the moment I woke up. Granted, around lunch time it settled – just as well cause I’ve have had a breakdown otherwise !!!!! Can laugh about it now though!!!! Thanks for watching & commenting! Regards, Ross #SundayBest

  6. Hi Ross, I am sorry, but your vlog is completely hilarious! I think it’s because you kept such a straight face. How was it possible for all those things to happen to you in such a short space of time. Wow, the force was definitely against you on that day. I have been having an absolute nightmare (for the last 5 months) with a window company who as basically wrecked the front of our house. Just for a second and all of your 5 mins, your vlog helped me to forget. Thanks a million for that.

    Thank you for linking up to the #Dreamteam x
    Annette, 3 Little Buttons would luv you to read…They Have Destroyed Our HomeMy Profile

    1. Yes !!! I’m delighted you liked it & got a giggle from it, happy days Annette. It was tough keeping a straight face if I’m honest, I was just in shock at how many things went pear shaped in such a small space of time! Sorry to hear about your windows & dealing with a crappy company, it’s a horrible experience. We know, we’ve had a similar experience with a kitchen company who we bought a new kitchen off last year and lots of parts have still too been fixed as they said they would. Companies have zero respect for the paying customer & no customer service standards these days so I feel for you. If my Vlog distracted you for 5 mins, that’s just made my day! Regards, Ross #DreamTeam

  7. I’m still not brave enough to vlog, but a good written rant still helps when I have one of those days!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂
    Random Musings would luv you to read…Blogger Spotlight: Reduced GrubMy Profile

    1. Sometimes Debbie you just need to let fly and thanks to blogging, we’ve the perfect platform to do so, be it written or spoken. And I agree 100%, it really does help!!! Thanks for watching & commenting. Regards, Ross #AnythingGoes

  8. I also just want to mention that we’ve all been there with wiping shit from our dog’s arses – you’re not alone!

    1. There is solitude in numbers Catherine haha!!!! Thank Christ I’m not alone. Thanks again! Ross #AnythingGoes

  9. You are hilarious! And I think we need to take a moment to appreciate your beard, it is amazing! #anythinggoes

    1. Hehe – you’ve just made my day!!!! ‘And the comment of the day goes to ….. Catherine Radley :-)’ !!!!! Thank you very much for watching & commenting! Regards, Ross #AnythingGoes

  10. LOVE the polar bear being tickled in the linked up post!! Good that you could laugh in the end. #DreamTeam
    Carol Cameleon would luv you to read…How a Kinder Surprise moment perked me up ~ #poemMy Profile

    1. Haha!!! Yeah, when there is such a run of the wrong thing happening back to back, at some point your energy changes and you have to think ‘feck it, let’s just have a giggle’ so that’s exactly what I did (eventually haha!). Thanks for watching and commenting, Regards, Ross. #DreamTeam

  11. Oh wow, oh definitely had a shit morning! You actually made me laugh out loud with your dog comment! Love it

    1. Hi Lianne, Yeah, it’s wasn’t great that’s for sure!! But the afternoon get a lot better thankfully. I’m delighted it made you laugh. I’ve watched it back a few times and it makes me smile too. Thanks for watching, Regards, Ross #DreamTeam

  12. Avatar Debbie says:

    Hi Ross, if it makes you feel better your vlog did make me laugh. And it made my start of the day seem much better (so thank you). A couple of days ago the exact same thing happened to us with one of our dogs, except we never had an audience.

    Hope your day got better! And thank you for linking up with the #MMBC


    1. Hey Debbie, Agh thanks a million, I’m absolutely delighted you got a giggle from it and your day improved as a result. Whenever I hear something like that, I’m a happy man! Also, it’s pretty reassuring to know I’m not alone in the ‘wipe your own dogs ass department’ – audience or no audience hehe. Thanks for reading/commenting. Regards, Ross #MMBC

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