Jayzus, it’s Christmas – I better buy some presents!


Mamas & Papas

Don’t know about you guys, but I have to admit I’m not the best at buying the aul Christmas presents. And when I do, it’s always a mad dash to get them altogether and I’ll more than likely do it on one of the busiest days of Christmas – genius! It drives The Missus mad as she is so organised. Maybe it’s a man thing or maybe it’s just a me thing??!


In particular I struggle with buying baby products. And if you’re like me, not only am I looking for my own nippers presents but a lot of our friends have new babies / young toddlers as well (in fact, one was born earlier today).

The stupidest thing is I’m an internet person. 5 years working in a Tech Start-Up. Blogging for 8 months & counting – ya think the penny might drop at some stage to do my searching & shopping online right?


So this year I’ve done exactly that and about time too. And it’s been class if I’m honest. My ‘present’ self – if you’ll forgive the crappy pun – really wants to tweet my ‘past’ self and tell him ‘You’re a twat!‘.

All that getting from A to B / being stuck in heavy traffic / parking in ridiculous tight spaces / banging into everyone / saying ‘sorry‘ every ten seconds / finding what you want only to be told ‘yeah, we’re sold out‘ etc etc etc.

Mamas & PapasMy nerves!

So this year Mamas & Papas came to my rescue.  I’ve managed to get a few bits & bobs knocked off my list sitting on my ass drinking a cuppa. Sweet.


Well with the help of their new ‘Gift Finder‘ that’s how!

Mamas & Papas

This is a search tool which based on certain criteria, will return 3 gift options for you based on your input of the babies DOB, sex, occasion & the cash you’re willing to part with.

In terms of searching &/or buying presents, it’s extremely handy for both men & women. But in particular this has to be a man’s dream way of buying gifts right?!

‘Hang on now, so I punch in a few keys and the gift finder gives me ideas that I didn’t have before? And I’m able to buy it and have it delivered to me without leaving the house?!’

Jackpot baby, jackpot!


Mamas & PapasAn extremely handy tool which saved me a lot of time & hassle and anything that can do that for me is a winner!

If I’m brutally honest I would like to see more than 3 products being returned. However, I’ve been assured this will increase when version 2 is released and that is great to know.

Having said that, the gift finder showed me products I simply wouldn’t have found otherwise. So I’ve ordered a few gifts and you know what?, it saved me a hell of a lot of hassle verses heading into the madness of town. And that appeals to me big style.

So if you’re a bit stuck for what gifts to buy for a baby or toddler or you’re not exactly sure what would be appropriate for a particular age, the Mamas & Papas gift finder is a great find. Use it to find your inspiration and buy your presents from the comfort of your own home. Job done!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Mamas & Papas and their gift finder. You can check out Mamas & Papas entire range of baby gifts here.

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  1. One of my fave brands too! Love the sound of the gift finder!

    1. Thanks Sinead, yeah it’s a handy little tool which defo helped me! Thanks for reading / commenting. Regards, Ross

  2. Oh I love Mamas and Papas I brought loads of their stuff when mine were little. My fav was when April had the rocking Donkey that ate the carrot. It latest years such great quality.

    1. Yeah, we’ve been buying there for a few years now, since before Nip#1 was born so nearly 5 years now. We’re big fans of their products and you’ve hit the nail on the head, the quality is excellent. So when I was approached about writing for them, I was fairy delighted about that and the fact they were reading my posts! Thanks a million for reading & commenting Mackenzie. Regards, Ross #mg

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