Imaginosity – Dublin Children’s Museum Review

Imaginosity Dublin Children's MuseumThis place is for kids?! – we’ll then, I’m the biggest kid of them all in that case‘ I said to The Stented Missus as we were leaving.

Seriously, don’t mind the Nips, I had a ball at Imaginosity last weekend! But as the Mrs told me, ‘It’s not about you sunshine’ – fair point!

There was a real buzz going as we’d never been. So we booked in & got set for an adventure. I couldn’t tell you why it has taken us so long to go but I tell you this, we’re going back & fast.

What is Imaginosity?

The best way I can describe Imaginosity is…..

Imaginosity is like ‘big peoples world‘ shrunk down for ‘little people to explore’. It allows them to open up their minds/imagination like you wouldn’t believe!

Mia in ImaginosityFrom Driving the Transformer’s Audi (linked to a game on screen) to having (pretend) food in ‘The Dublin Diner‘. From dressing up and performing on stage to reading the news on TV, this place has the lot.

Everything is geared for children to have fun immediately. It’s a very ‘hands-on’ approach which allows the little ones to get stuck in, let their creative juices flow and allow them to have serious fun while learning as they go.

Sound like the ideal place for kids right? That’s cause it is.

Where to start?!

Imagnosity LayoutFirst off, it’s worth pointing out that you have to book in advance by calling (01) 2176130. They have numerous 2 hour slots available to pick from but just be aware you cannot get in without advance booking.

There was a good crowd in the foyer waiting to get in but once you are in, it was busy but not over crowed at all and in fact, we were very comfortable. This is largely due to the fact there are 3 levels of fun to explore.

Immediately, Nip#1 made a bee-line for the circular ‘climbing tower’ (as seen in my vlog above – I’m sure there is a specific name for it but I don’t know it!) which has many levels and one hole for her to climb up or down at each level. This was the little one’s alternative to the stairs and boy did she love it (as did practically every other kid there judging by their reactions!).

Mia Queens hat ImaginosityDuring the session, there is an arts & crafts workshop which myself & Nip#1 went to where we made & decorated our own ‘King & Queens’ crowns which was a good laugh & quality Daddy/Daughter time.

Nip#2 is too young for that type of activity so she insured The Stented Missus was clocking up her steps to reach the 10,000 mark on her fitbit!

Construction Room

This really grabbed the attention of both Nips albeit at separate times. Both of them just loved it. Nip#2 was taken by all of her favourite cartoon characters on the wall and Nip#1 just loves construction so as soon as she found the room, it was on with the hard hat and bang bang bang! (There’s no ‘gender stereotypes’ in our family 🙂 ).

Level 3

Home of the Eco Badger! Unfortunately we didn’t spend too much time on this level but this was purely because it was lashing rain all day so it wasn’t being used. This gives me a reason to make sure we go back asap as there seems to be a whole heap of learning for kids here.

What’s the Price so?

Considering you get 2 hours admission (which flies by), the price is very reasonable for what you & your children get from the visit. Adults & children are €8 each/toddlers are €6/babies over 6 months are €2 while those under 6 months are free.

Adults will really enjoy it there but your nippers will have a ball.

The Stented Papa’s Top Tip – ‘Have a snack & drink ready for them in the car cause they’ll be hungry & tired after leaving and that my friends is not a good combination after a fun filled 2 hours (trust me!)’

So What’s the verdict there chief?

Thumbs up for ImaginosityWinner winner chicken dinner. We literally had to pick the Nips up when we had to leave. Their initial whines of ‘Agggghhhhh, I don’t wanna go‘ quickly turned into ‘Can we come back Dada, can we, ha, ha, can we?!!‘ We also got to collect our crowns when leaving which brought a big smile back to Nip#1.

There was never any question if I’m honest, sure I had just as much fun as they did so hell yeah, we’ll be back!

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post but the admission fee for my family & I was KINDLY waived by Imaginosity after I contacted them. They did not request a review but I offered to write one in return for admission which I am more than happy to do so as the place is just brilliant.



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