Hypnosis – would you do it?


Hypnosis – is it something you’ve ever done or thought about doing?

Are you friends with your subconscious mind? Are you so in tune & relaxed with your mind and it’s deepest inner fears that you are ‘buddies’? If you are, I tip my hat for you are probably a ‘1% er’.

It’s widely known that your life is more or less controlled by your subconscious. It doesn’t really matter if you are a fitness freak who eats nothing but humus or if you are a raving alcoholic who gets pissed at every chance and runs into the bookies more often than the jacks.

It’s how you are ‘wired’. It’s just naturally what you gravitate to without thinking about it. That’s your subconscious pulling your strings. I’m not a hypnotherapist, that’s just my take on it.

Change or Stay the same?

Now, it’s fair to say a lot of people are happy with who they are & how they live. And that is great to hear but I’m willing to bet there are a hell of a lot of people who want to change something about themselves. Something that they’ve not liked about themselves for a long time. In some cases, the majority if not all of their lives.

This can range from nail-biting > permanent weight loss > smoking > public speaking > drinking or drugs > fear of ‘ABC’ etc etc. So how do you change something in order to give you lasting results and piece of mind? And I’m not talking about these bullshit gimmicks or fads, it’s widely known they are all absolute crap.

I’m talking about Hypnosis of course.

Hypnosis is (one of the) best ways to achieve change. And as your subconscious is driving your mind/actions/behaviour, what better way to gain access to the steering wheel?

Yes I can hear the nay-sayers saying ‘Agh, I don’t believe in that stuff‘ or ‘Sure I tried it, did nothing for me, waste of money & time‘. Yeah, I don’t subscribe to that. I’m a firm believer that it can and does help (in case that part wasn’t clear at this stage!!!).

How can I be so sure?

Because I’ve done it before. On two separate occasions in fact. In 2007 I’d 4 sessions and earlier this year (2017) I’d two sessions. Both with different hypnotherapist btw.

For what?

Believe it or not, for public speaking actually. Anytime I said ‘I’ve a fear of public speaking‘ to anyone, 99% of them are gobsmacked. For those who know me, I’m not that person in any way. In fact, I love social occasions and I’m very comfortable and (fairly) confident in who I am.

Me Google AASU Final Hypnosis
Me giving my presentation at the final of Google’s Adopt A StartUp 2015.

I’m been on radio a few times, I’ve spoken with Ryan Tubriby live on the Late Late Show when in the audience, I’ve given presentations to over 300 attendants on stage (see above), I’ve done sales presentations for years prior to becoming a SAHD, I’ve been Best Man with a speech included and this year, I had to give a speech at my own wedding.

Doesn’t sound like I’ve any problem with public speaking from reading the above does it? But I do. I’ve had it since I had a panic attack reading in English class aged 13. I can clearly remember it 100% – at the time I hadn’t a clue it was a panic attack – but it’s stayed with me ever since. Nuts ha?

Having said that, it’s only when I know ‘I’m next to speak with everyone’s focus 100% on me‘.  With social occasions like at the pub, at a conference, at a dinner party or anything else ‘normal’ I’m in my element. In fact, I really like the networking part of any event (which a good few people I know hate). That said, over the last few years I’ve learned how to control the situation a hell of a lot better.

Yes I’ve done all the above but my nerves would be fairly messed up in the build up to it. It was the whole ‘what if‘ doubt that something wouldn’t go as it should and then what would I do? Panic that’s what!!!

But where was that doubt coming from?

Well, my subconscious of course! So I looked up good oul Dr. Google and guess what allows someone access to your subconscious? Yeah, you guessed it – hypnosis.

It’s been there since that panic attack as a youngster which whenever I’ve to speak in public, my subconscious would go flicking through my memory bank back to that little boy and alarm bells would go off and BOOM – heart rate increases, hands become sweaty and the dry mouth syndrome chips in for the crack. The mind loses its train of thought and it’s all goes to pot.

I genuinely thought as I got older, I’d learn and this would go away. Well bollox to that. It doesn’t. So I knew I had to do something different and hypnosis was the way.

And ya know what, it worked better than I even hoped it would. As the Best Man, I spoke for over 7 mins without any notes at all. I was also the MC for the other speakers. And at my own wedding, I spoke for over 20 mins again without any notes at all. I loved it in fact.

Where I was pretty nervous when I was the Best Man, I was fairly confident about my speech as the groom. So ‘why did I need hypnosis?‘ I hear you say! Because I wanted to be absolutely 110% self confident – and I was.

The whole day I was as relaxed and chilled out as a groom possible could be and that was exactly what I wanted. That was the result of how I wanted to be married to the hypnosis sessions I had the week prior to the big day.

Who did I go to?

The hypnotherapist I went to is Brendan Shannon who is based in Rathfarnham Dublin. For me, Brendan was brilliant (see my review here). He helped me immensely and it allowed me to be very relaxed on a day most people see as a very stressful day, i.e. your wedding day.

With hand on heart, I loved every second of our wedding day and I only wish we could do it all over again – including giving a speech! And Brendan’s hypnosis was the catalyst for that to happen. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

If you are one of those who want to take control of something which has had a ‘hold’ over you for sometime, speak to Brendan. You can get in touch with him via:

Make sure to tell Brendan The Stented Papa recommended him.

Take control of your mind. I did. Best move ever.

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  1. Emily says:

    Yes! As per our twitter convo, I did hypnosis to help me quit smoking and now that I’ve read the words ‘sports performance’ I’m totally going to look into this too! I’ve signed up for my first half marathon later this year, so have been training hard, but now wondering if hypnosis can help me with this too. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

    1. I’d say it can help you big time Emily. And you’ve first hand experience with it before so no reason for it not to help you again on a different subject. Fair play to you for keeping the running going and entering a 1/2 marathon. This time last year I was running 10km fairly easy. Today, I couldn’t run 2km but I really want to get back into it. So I might join you and look into hypnosis for that too!!! Thanks for you comments, chat soon. Ross #ThatFridayLinky

  2. As a lowly American, how does one go about finding a ‘good’ hypnotist? I am all for all types of alternatives. I am certain I would be open to this and I think it is brilliant for so many things. Great post, Thank you for the thoughts – no I have some Dr. Googling to do around these parts! #ThatFridayLinky

    1. Delighted you liked my post Lisa. Yeah I believe hypnosis can ‘treat’ the majority of things for people. I’d imagine where it falls flat is a direct result of the person in question and the mindset to how Hypnosis can do for you. I’d highly recommend contacting Brendan Shannon (who I mentioned in my post). See if you’d be willing to do a Skype session with you. Bar that, always look for former patients reviews online. Thanks again. Regards, Ross #ThatFridayLinky

  3. John Adams says:

    Yes, I beleive in hypnosis, because I’ve done it. Used to be a party trick of mine, not that I did anything spectacular but it is a very easy skill to learn. I was very young, by the way, I wouldn’t use it as a party trick now! Far too irresponsible. great that it helped you out though. #ThaFridayLinky

    1. Hey John, Thanks for popping by! That’s very interesting that you’ve actually done it. I’ve always had a half interest in it which I think was part of the reason it was so successful for me. But as a party trick when younger, I’d imagine it was a pretty cool, not to mention impressive for those who watched you! Thanks for reading & commenting. Cheers, Ross. #ThatFridayLinky ….. BTW Massive congrats on becoming #1 UK Dad Blogger. Well deserved.

  4. I suffered (and still do to some extent) with anxiety. After an attack three years ago I went to a hypnotherapist but unfortunately I just couldn’t relax and got nothing from it.

    That said, I will meditate, there’s a great app called Calm that I use which has been a life saver if ever I feel the symptoms of another anxiety attack.
    Anthony – Dada & Monkey would luv you to read…The Photo Challenge Linky | My FirstMy Profile

    1. Hey Anthony, It’s a shame it didn’t work for you however it’s not for everyone that’s for sure. Personally it worked a treat for me. When I had my stents inserted into my heart, I had a few panic attacks and since then I’m on an anxiety tablet which helps me not to feel anxious at all thankfully. I also meditate and although I don’t use the Calm app, I am aware of it. I use an app called Headspace which I find works well for me. Mediate & exercise (with the odd bit of wine!) works great for me. Thanks a million for reading & commenting. Cheers, Ross.

  5. Wow that’s really interesting Ross. I have to say having met you a couple of times, I would never have thought you’d have a problem with any public speaking, but I guess its totally natural that most people would have. Really interesting post, food for thought!

    1. Hey Beth, well thank you very much, I’ll take that as a deadly compliment! That is the impression 99.9% of people have of me but it’s there alright. It’s like Kathryn Thomas from RTE & Prince Harry – they both have had problems with public speaking for years and yet one is a TV presenter and the other a member of the Royal Family! Comfort zones and all that. Really glad you liked the post. Thanks for reading. Chat soon, Ross.

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