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“Hey folks. Thanks for coming back to take a peek at who’s up this week. Wk 7 already and the standard has been pretty high to say the least and this week is no exception. So get your drink in hand and chill da beans!”

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He Said / She Said Bloggers Ed DadsAppSAY HI TO ryan FROM Dadsapp

Thanks for checking out our ‘He Said / She Said’ post.

I’m Ryan from DadsApp.org and my wife Katy is helping me out today. She has no interest in blogging, which includes my own blog haha.

DadsApp.org is a resource I started last year across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to offer support and signpost dads to professional support.

More often than not the blogs involve mental health but I recognise that all parents face challenges so I also try and make it a worthwhile read for any parent.


I used to be a chef for Carluccio’s so it had to be ‘He Cooks / She Cooks‘! I set out a few questions for us to answer separately and here are the results. I’m kind of amazed how on the same page we are. I think I might sign us up for a Mr & Mrs competition off the back of this. I hope you enjoy and if you get a chance swing by DadsApp via any of the links above or below.

He Said / She Said Bloggers Ed Woman from VenusHow often do you cook?

She Said: I’ll start by saying that I have the worst memory, so I might think I cooked the other night when in actual fact it could have been 2 weeks ago! Let me think… I didn’t cook tonight, I definitely didn’t cook last night because Ryan cooked a beast of a BBQ, I was out for dinner with friends the day before that.

Oh man, my first instinct was to say that I did about 70% of the cooking. But now I’m thinking it might be something crazy like 5%. Final answer? 50%. I’m optimistic that I do my fair share (although I do work less days).

He Said: I’m pretty sure i do like 90% of the cooking in our house. As I said above, I used to be a chef for Carluccio’s and my wife only ate beans next to toast from the age of 4-15. I’m not talking about beans on toast, beans next to toast, FREAK!

She will think she’s cooking more often than she is, but she’s not, trust me.

What’s your favourite dish to cook?

She Said: I am much more a baker than a cook. I definitely get more excited about the end product when I’m baking. But if I’m cooking then my favourite to make would be chicken makhani. I only do it now and again, I destroy the kitchen when I make it, and it takes me an age.

He Said / She Said Bloggers Ed DadsAppHowever, it is always really good. And I love making something that I know will get a good reaction. I love a good ‘oooooh, that is amazing – you’ll have to give me the recipe’ Hence why if you come to my house for dinner and I end up cooking, you’ll only get the one thing!!

He Said: I could go one of two ways with this depending on the day. I am the master of a fry up. Not too greasy, yet at least 8 different items, everything cooked to perfection and everything served hot. No cold sausage with piping hot beans. Or I could go the delicate route and say a nice Carluccio’s Italian pasta sauce.

But to be honest it will always be the fry up!

What would your kids say about your cooking?
He Said / She Said Bloggers Ed DadsApp
I converted an Asda choco cake into a Wharthog cake for the little man.

She Said: Hope is only 1 and can’t say all that much so that’s an easy one. Nothing! But Ray says that my steak pie is better than Papa’s and Daddy’s. I’ll take that 🙂 Especially as I’m the only one in the family that doesn’t eat beef! Get it right up you!

He Said: My son would say that my cooking’s the best as my wife can only do about 3 dishes. I make him homemade crunchy nut chicken nuggets, dinosaur egg meatballs, bangers and mash volcanoes, worm noodles, zombie shaped pies.

I basically try to make every meal a bit of fun with him so he’s more interactive with it. But all my wife can sing about is her steak pie that my son said one time was better than mine. One time!!

What would you say about HIS/HER cooking?

She Said: Ryan was trained as a chef and has worked a few different chef jobs – so he’s good. He is not a recipe follower and likes to just give things a go. I find that hard to watch because I’m a huge recipe follower and I’m either jealous, or I’m scared it’s not going to work out.

He Said She Said Bloggers Ed Man from MarsHis style of cooking definitely saves us money, as he can use up whatever we have in the fridge. My cooking costs us a small fortune!

A final observation: Ryan is methodical in the kitchen and it usually ends up being cleaner at the end than when he started – what’s that about? Surely half the fun is making the mess!

He Said: I once saw her return to a recipe for spicy onions 17 times. You know the stuff you get with poppadum’s. I can tell you the recipe now, tomato ketchup, onions, chilli, mint sauce. That’s it… 17 times. That says everything about my wife’s cooking. If you took away her recipe books I’m not sure I’d get beans on toast, or even beans next to toast!

Though if she has a good recipe and 5 hours to follow it she can knock together a good dish!

What makes me a better cook than HIM/HER?

She Said: I wish I had something to say other than – I’m not! He is better than me. Hands down. When he puts his mind to it that’s a million % true. But I guess there are some days when he cooks, in a rush, or maybe when he’s not in the mood for cooking and on those days then I can cook something that tastes better.

He Said / She Said Bloggers Ed DadsApp
Guess who cooked here?!

Oh just thought of something. Because I cook from recipes, I look around for new ideas so maybe I make things that Ryan wouldn’t – I’m not saying that he’s a boring cook or anything… 😉

He Said: I can cook with whatever is in the house and not need to spend as much on a meal as 4 people would on takeout. I’m an economic chef and there’s no dirty dishes to do when i’m done. The kitchen is a bombsite after my wife’s involvement and so that alone makes me better, even if my food was crap, which it’s not.

What’s the worst dish HE/SHE has ever cooked?

She Said: I honestly am struggling to remember anything he’s ever cooked for me that has been bad. I can be a snob so maybe if he cooks me pasta and he doesn’t use penne but gives me shells or twists because he thinks the kids would prefer that – that always makes me a wee bit sad. Or if he overcooks the pasta so it’s not got a bite to it, which again he tends to do for the kids. So it’s not like he’s accidentally doing it. He made pretty bland falafels once – how very dare he!

He Said: It has to 100% be the scones she made for me when we first started dating. Instead of using a teaspoon of salt the recipe said table spoon. Her being a stickler for the rules and following a recipe to the T. She didn’t question this odd amount of salt. This being our early relationship I ate them with about 20 glasses of water as I was into her.


Reactions oHe Said / She Said Bloggers Ed DadsAppn reading each other’s responses:

She Said:  I’m pretty sure I do 50% bawbag  And I can most definitely do more than 3 meals.  I can do at least 7 now 😉  

He Said: This may be my only opportunity to say this without recourse as she never reads anything I write… I’m a far better chef and she knows it!


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  1. The Missus The Missus says:

    I had to chime in here…..there is nothing wrong with beans next to toast ;o))) That is the only way I eat them and the Stented Papa knows all about it. I never cook….the only thing I need from the kitchen is a drink. I dislike cooking with a passion so literally on our first date I warned Rosser that it wasn’t my thing. Thankfully at the time we agreed to a he’d cook, I’d clean scenario. Now he’s a stay at home dad he’s having to do his fair share of cleaning too…. Being able to cook economically is a great skill that I think both of us would love to have. Fair play guys – great post, it definitely hit home for me. .

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