The Stented Papa’s TV Debut is now live online!!!

Rearing to Go - TV Debut

Well holy moly, check me out above. Yep, that’s me making my TV Debut. Yeah baby yeah!

To say I’m on a buzz now is a bit of an understatement. Why? Because a few hours ago, I was told my TV Debut is live on the RTE Player & Lifestyle on RTE – that’s why. Yeah baby yeah!!!!

Rearing To Go

Right now, I can’t embed the link from the RTE Player to this post. So until I sort that out, here’s the link to watch the full 10 minute show – simply click this to watch the full 10 minute show

or this >


It’s only ME on the feckin telly box!

On the ‘Lifestyle on RTE’ Facebook page….(I really like this clip!)

And on RTE Jn.’s Facebook page….

Amazing week

We are at the tail end of our staycation (which is why I’ve no Insta-Stories, no 4G!) so are fairly chilled out.

Well, as chilled out as you can be with a 5 yr old, a mad 2 yr old, a crazy ass 3 yr old doggy & the doggy of the place we are staying in (who I’m madly in love with as she’s a beautiful lab – my favourite breed of dog!).

But this was such a great surprise to get after a day out at Inch beach. TV Debut done. Love it. Amazing. And buzzing.

Booky Wooky

Only last night, I pushed a post live about the fact that The Stented Missus & I had decided NOT to kill our ‘on-ice’ business BUT to take the fucking bull by the horns and re-launch it. So far, the reaction has blown us away. A good omen? I hope so.

More TV?

Hell yeah!!! I’m in another RTE show which airs around October (ish, haven’t been told the exact date yet) called ‘Salon Confidential’.

Barber shop / Hair being cut / Controversial conversation with my namesake Ross aka Mr Snips in Carlow / I could be divorced after it airs !!!!

Now…..time to let this sink in and enjoy it 🙂

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