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“Welcome back folks! So it’s time for a little bit of fun. The midweek giggle to get you over the ‘hump’ that is Wednesday. We’ve a little bit of a re-gig in our order. I’m delighted to say we’ve gone all International this week and we welcome our first Australian blogger to our series. This series is growing legs it is!!!’

Hey! Fancy getting involved? Yeah? Click the magic button & take your seat!”

The Stented Papa & The Stented Missus

He Said / She Said Bloggers Ed MacKenzie Glanville LogoSAY HI TO Kylie FROM macKenzie Glanville

Hi I am Kylie, but most people know me as Mac, or Mackenzie as I write under a pseudonym.

I’m mum to 3 children who are completely adorable and growing up so fast that I soon may have to lock them in the basement permanently, (mental note to self, must buy a home with a basement)!

And I am married to a man, (Steve) who lucky for me thinks I am pretty cute, and therefore puts up with me, and all my awesomeness, I mean faults, or maybe they are quirks?

Reflections From Me

I blog at reflectionsfromme.com and as the name suggests it is pretty much a blog about me reflecting on whatever I feel like on any given day. But mostly it is a kind of inspirational blog, well I hope it inspires people. That is my passion, (along with something else you will read about below), I love inspiring others to just be themselves, to follow their own path and live happy.

I also love Instagram and post all the time @macglanville. I have two IG community tags one is #mummyshot which I share with another mummy blogger, and the other is my #livingfearlesslyauthentic community which is open to everyone.

On Mondays I host the #mg linky, and you can find me on Twitter too @macglanville. Oh and I am an Aussie, hence the name Kylie which actually means Aboriginal Boomerang, (I know couldn’t be more Australian right!). But I do have a British dad. You can also find my hubby on Instagram @photoglanville.


So firstly thanks to Ross for inviting me and my hubs along, we have chosen ‘She Wants / He Wants‘. Here we go!


When Steve and I first started dating, after meeting at a dinner party held by mutual friends, they gave us about a zero percent chance of making it as a couple! In fact when they saw us holding hands on the dance floor at the pub for the first time they were all completely shocked. Yes according to our friends I, a Melbourne girl, was too wild, fun, and out there for someone as quiet, and as sweet as this young guy from country Queensland.

In many ways we are completely opposite, I am chatty, imaginative, and yes pretty crazy. Steve is sensible, quiet and has an incredible work ethic. But in many ways we have loads in common, and that is what makes us the perfect fit. When it comes to our core values, saving money, child rearing, and TV shows (like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead), we are totally on the same page.

The One Thing!

But there is one thing we are miles apart on, so far apart in fact that if I wasn’t so adorable he probably would have walked out the door by now. I have a slight addiction, ok so maybe more than a light one. There is something that I want, that he really doesn’t want! I want to live in a Zoo! Ok not a real Zoo, although if the opportunity and finances presented itself I could totally live in a real zoo. At the very least I want a farm, or even an animal rescue centre!

“Some girls want Prada, or a mansion, but not me, I am much more reasonable, I just want pets! I mean how lucky is my man, seriously! I mean I am not even fussy, hand me a stray mutt or a Great Dane wearing pearls, I am really not fussy”!

But he just doesn’t seem to get how lucky he is, in fact I am worried he may soon have me committed.


I am currently banned from going past any pet store, (unless they only sell pet supplies, not actual living pets), I am not allowed in a fifty mile radius of any pet rescue centre, in fact I am even banned from Pet Rescue sites, or Facebook pages! It is completely unreasonable!!!

“I mean so what if I may have gone to the vet and come home with two rescue kittens, and I went to a shelter and came home with a dog, I mean they needed a home”!

Come on, I couldn’t possibly say no, could I? Of course I couldn’t! And it wasn’t my fault that my friends dog had an accidental litter and a puppy needed a home! And then sadly one of our rescued kittens passed away due to surgical complications and my daughter was in tears, it was 2 days before her birthday so what good parent wouldn’t go a rescue another kitten, (or two)?

See I think it is totally reasonable to do what I did. I am not crazy at all. And so when I became slightly obsessed by rag doll cats, (seriously if you haven’t heard of this breed google it, or check out my Instagram feed), it was completely unreasonable of him to suggest I may have a problem!

Crazy Cat Lady?!

Eventually he saw sense and we now have a another cat. OK maybe I have started to realise I am turning into a crazy cat lady! Another dog later, and quite a few mini lop bunnies I realise that maybe my love of animals is possibly an addiction.

So I have finally stopped rescuing animals. Really I have. It has been 7 months and several days since I last brought a new pet home. But watch this space, because if we ever get enough room for a goat I just may have to get one, or two, or ………… Like I say to my hubby “lucky I am cute”!

Oh and PS: We have outdoor luxury cat cabins and bunny enclosures, so our home remains smelling good. I may be a crazy cat, dog, bunny lady, but I like a clean home and actually want people to visit.

Over to Hubby . .

He Said:

Your turn’ I say happily.

He looks at me, ‘What? I just answer questions right?’ His green eyes desperately pleading with me.

Um no, you have to write your part now’ – I smile cheekily.

But I can only give one word answers!’ He is horrified.

Oh no honey’, I say with a hint of evilness, ‘Welcome to your blogging debut!’

Fun fact if you view the Wikipedia entry for ‘crazy cat lady’ you will see an image of my beautiful wife, and the wikipedia entry for ‘animal hoarding’ shows a picture of our house, just kidding…..

I’m not sure how it happened, one dog became three, two cats became at least 5, and bunnies, who knows…

I do know she can rescue animals faster than the rabbits can reproduce.

I grew up surrounded by sugar cane farms, where feral cats were shot or eaten by foxes. It was a normal home with just one dog and one cat, imagine the serenity of only 2 animals too look after.

Like she says ‘lucky I am cute’ and I love her more than ever, but from now on, no means no…..

Thank you! You can find me online here > ReflectionsFromMe / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook


Number 11 next Wednesday (23rd Aug) is Annette from 3 Little Buttons so make sure you don’t miss it!


Well then join the party – sign up takes 2 mins !!


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  1. First of all… Hi Kylie! I’m amazed I didn’t know that Mackenzie was a pseudonym! And then could I please say… OM very G – this is the hub and I! We are also complete opposites, and ironically the only tv we can really agree on is also GoT and Walking Dead. I might (I definitely have) just have spent the last half an hour eyeing up a teeny Mediterranean tortoise in our local garden centre and fluttering my eyelashes at the hub. Got my absolutely nowhere. I need longer eyelashes. And a tortoise. xx
    Rhyming with Wine would luv you to read…I’d Love To Make Friends Like A Toddler…My Profile

    1. Eek, 2 of yours I missed until now! Can you believe I still haven’t seen any of GOT!!! Not because I think it’s not good (I know it’s amazing) but I just haven’t gotten the time to sink my teeth into it. Need to pulls me socks up I think!!! Thanks for reading Mac’s guest post!! Chat soon, Ross. #Dreamteam

  2. Thanks Ross for allowing this crazy cat lady to guest blog! It was such fun

    1. Hahahaha!!! It’s me who needs to be thanking you Mac (or should I say Kylie!!!). What a brilliant post and addition to our #HeSaidSheSaid series. Quality stuff from down under 🙂 Thanks again, Ross.

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