He Said / She Said – Bloggers Ed #15 Do Dee’s To Daquiris

He Said / She Said - The Bloggers Ed Do Dee's to Daquiris


“Agh it’s that shitty change in the weather that riddles us with colds & coughs for both the nips and The Stented Papa & The Stented Missus! (But mine was way worse of course cause it was ‘Man Flu Cough’!!!!)  So if you’re suffering from the elements, get yourself a hot drink and cha-la-lax-a-daisy to this He Said/ She Said cracker.”

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The Stented Papa & The Stented Missus

SAY HI TO Adelle FROM Do Dees to daquiris 

He Said / She Said The Bloggers Ed Adelle KennyFirstly thanks very much for letting us air our differences here on your blog Ross over dressing the kids, it is a fantastic series with plenty of laughs so far.

I’m Adelle from Dodeestodaquiris where I write about the highs, lows and many funny moments that come as part of being a multiple parent.


Being a Mam to toddler twins is never dull and you can follow their antics on the blog. My love of children’s clothing is facilitated through my Friday Fashion piece and saves my debit card from a bashing!

When I asked Ger to have an open forum to chat about dressing the kids with me, no holds barred, I was met initially with a laugh that lasted a few minutes, followed by ‘Sure you dress them ,that’s it!’. But it wasn’t long before the discussion/slagging began!


Ok so we’re gonna tackle the ‘She Dresses (the kids) / He Dresses (the kids)’. Here goes!!

He Said / She Said Bloggers Ed Woman from VenusShe said:  A long time before I became what I am now, which some might say is a woman with a slight kids clothes shopping addiction….

(He interrupts here: slight addiction?!….)

……Ok more than slight! I was always drawn to teeny tiny scraps of material in the baby aisles. Just the mere sight of a baby-gro not much bigger than my forearm was enough to send me into a sensory overload of the cuteness before me!

I loved any excuse to buy little outfits for friends and family members new-born babies. Later on in our relationship I could sense the beads of sweat forming on the other halves brow as we approached the baby section of the shops ,for fear I was about to ask him was he ready to be a Daddy.

He Said She Said Bloggers Ed Man from MarsHe said: I think any man faced with his girlfriend showing him a baby-gro with a smiley head on them would react the same way.

She said: So you can only imagine my reaction (outside of the obvious happiness that I was pregnant) the day the pregnancy test was positive and then the scan confirmed that we were expecting twins!

I went into overdrive. I could not wait to get started on buying the babies clothes. I dreamed of matching outfits and shopping trips galore. And so my real obsession with kids clothing began.

Fast forward to giving birth to a boy and a girl only meant I could now replace all the neutral colours, as their sexes were a surprise, with blue and pink baby-gros.

Despite the fact that baby-gros are naturally the only thing your several week old baby should adorn, it didn’t stop the naive me from buying teeny tiny little joggers and a hoodie for my son and an adorable dotty denim dress and pink cardigan for our daughter, their first proper outfits. My reasoning was these were their birth registration day outfits.

He said: I thought you were mad, they were going to be in their car-seats most of the time, covered in a blanket, it wasn’t like they were going for a photo-shoot.

She said: I did take lots of photos so technically it was one! It was a special day.

Going out for family meals meant our son got to wear little shirts and pants and I would put a cute little dress on our daughter. He despaired but admitted they looked adorable!

He Said / She Said The Bloggers Ed Adelle twins pics kilkee 2017

I revelled in online shopping in the early hours of night feeds. Many’s a time when one of the kids would not sleep for love nor money I ended up parting money and filling the wardrobes some more. It wasn’t as if in the early days I would be spending anything on myself so I got to indulge in dressing them up.

Over the last three years I can count on one hand, or maybe two the amount of times my husband has picked clothes out for the twins to wear. Ok back in the baby-gro days maybe he played a bigger part in deciding what gro to put on what child, but I did have clearly defined wardrobe shelves for each baby so it wasn’t too hard a choice.

Mars & Venus He Said She Said Bloggers Ed

He said: I still cannot figure out the kids’ wardrobes system! Can it not be a boy shelf and a girl shelf?

She said: This is where men and women will never agree, you have different clothes for different seasons and rotate your shelves, it makes sense.

When we started venturing out more and the babies were older and clothes were needed I would plan the next day’s outfit with glee. It was like dressing up little dolls in the beginning but the novelty of fighting wriggly arms and legs into tights and trousers did wear off a little I will give him that one when I lamented my decision one spewy filled afternoon out. Baby-gros are easier to pack in the changing bag, than three complete outfit changes.


Then came the day the other half dressed the kids!He Said / She Said The Bloggers Ed - Adelle & her kids

Our poor daughter went out for the day with a tunic (that is a long top that just comes to the bum for those who are wondering) and a pair of tights, that’s it.

Her nappy was fully visible under the tights as the tunic was actually in the pile of clothes destined for the charity shop and a whole age group or two, too small for her. Our son fared a little better except he somehow found himself wearing his sisters’ pink and green pineapple jumper and skinny jeans.

As time has passed and the twins have gotten older and admittedly I am on first names with our postman and all the couriers know where we live, these days I tend to spare my debit card balance and share my love of children’s clothing on my blog on a Friday although the odd few pieces do still make it into my online shopping basket.

He Said: I have never thought about dressing the kids for a day in my life. That is it in a nutshell. It’s not a guy thing, I am not even into clothes myself. 

(She interrupts here:  You could have fooled me, sure you hoard everything and never throw anything out and who bought more in the outlets in New York on our honeymoon?)

Men Mars v Women Venus

He said: The only item of clothing I have bought for the twins was a Liverpool kit each when they were seven months old. I went the whole hog, top, shorts, socks, it was pretty cute to be fair!

Most of the time when I try to dress them it is like putting a tux on a giddy monkey. I want to get the least complicated bit of clothing that I can get on in a small amount of time. When I dress them I just reach for the first piece of clothing I can see to put on them!

My thought process is the following:

  • Is that a boy or a girl’s outfit?
  • Is it clean?
  • Can they wear them?

He Said / She Said The Bloggers Ed - Ger & B (Adelle)It’s boy or girl simple. I don’t get excited by matching hair clips to dresses to the perfect pair of little boots, or spend my lunch hour running through Zara planning their Christmas clothes, it is just not a guy thing.

She said: But you will put crèche clothes on them if we are going somewhere special, or somehow find the charity pile, I think it is a ruse to get out of dressing them.

He said: There are crèche clothes?  That is news to me. But you bought brand spanking new clothes for their first day in playschool!

She said: You know all the spaghetti bolognesed stained clothes or good clothes that are worn at this stage, they’re crèche clothes, because more often than not, clothes get dirtier there so OUTSIDE of their first day I wouldn’t be putting new clothes on them, that would be mad! But the photos for their first day at school are special and I wanted to dress them nice so we can look back on them in years to come.

He said: Ah yeah speaking of photos. We might be running late to go somewhere but if you have new clothes on the lads there has to be twenty photos. We are already late and you are looking to borrow my phone to fill it up with photos of the kids.

She said: Ah c’mon you know how hard it can be to have two threenagers look at the camera at the same time. I just want lots of photos for us to look back on, they’re important to have.  

He said: And then there is going on holidays, packing the car is a nightmare with the amount that goes into it.

She said:  We choose to holiday in Ireland the last number of years so I am not taking the hit on the fact that I have to pack for all seasons in any given day. Next year it is Spain! I do not want to be packing feckin Summer clothes, wet gear, storm wear, wooley hats and so on, I will swap packing all that for packing the car up.

He said: Spain it is so!

He said: I sometimes see a little Adelle and Ger walking around the house in the way you dress them and I will admit it can be cute to see the little fella in a matching checkered shirt.

She said: See I told you, it does put a smile on your face. So have I your permission to keep choosing the kids clothes or would you like to share the responsibility equally?

He said: You love doing it you can’t call it a responsibility.

She said: Ok you will just have to increase your housework so instead if I am taking full ownership of this one forever!

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  1. This sounds like me and Hubby dressing Ben! He is awful at throwing an outfit together and it usually ends up being super short on him hahah!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow.

    1. Hehe, very good! Hubby should read this post so!!! Thanks for reading Lianne. Will see you tomorrow! Chat soon, Ross. #TriumphantTales

  2. Avatar Sarah Howe says:

    haha my hubby would relate. It is my responsibility to lay out clothes and do all the shopping. I’m not as in love with it as perhaps I could be but I do enjoy choosing bright outfits for my girls! Thanks for linking with #bloggersbest x

    1. The gas things about our He Said / She Said series is that even though as individuals we are all so unique yet as a couple, we can 99.9% of the time immediately relate to one or the other guest writers and say to ourselves ‘Jesus, that’s exactly what I do / think’!!!! Glad you liked it Sarah, thanks for reading/commenting. Cheers, Ross #BloggersBest …. BTW – fancy getting involved in the series – it’s great fun. If so, just copy this URL https://goo.gl/forms/Xvlb60ocVdyZ4URq2 and pick a topic 🙂

  3. Avatar Heather Keet says:

    I thought my sister-in-law was going to hit me when I was dressing my nieces during their visit to me. She lovingly packed each outfit) with matching shoes) into a individual baggies so I would pair them correctly. I didn’t. Then she ended up loving the outfits I put together so I got away with it…but it was close. #BloggersBest

    1. Hehe, you were a brave woman going against the matched up outfits & shoes!!! But it goes to show that diversity is a good thing which we can all learn from!!! So well done of getting away with it, nice work Heather!! Cheers, Ross #BloggersBest

  4. Really funny read, just what I needed on this grey and wet Wednesday X #bloggersbest

    1. Yes!!!! I really look forward to reading the latest He Said / She Said on a Wednesday cause it breaks the week up and you know you’re gonna get a giggle from it and you’ll pick one of them as the person you see yourself in!!! Win/Win 🙂 Thanks for reading. Cheers, Ross #BloggersBest

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