Wild Lights – The event that nearly never happened!!

Bank Holiday Curveball !!

Comon now. You know what I mean. Don’t tell me it’s never happened to you. That buzz when you think the Monday of a Bank Holiday is actually a Sunday night? Yeah, that buzz! 

Well in this case, it happened right up to the point when we were starting the whole ‘get the Nips all ready to hit the scratcher and go bo-peep‘ stage.

I tipped downstairs to get God know what one of the girls left behind them so as I do, I whipped the phone out to see what’s cooking and just as bleedin well I did!!

Checking Instagram Stories and I see my good blogging buddy Jen from Mama-Tude is on so I take a peek (go check her out, she’s deadly). Anyway, thanks to Jen’s story, the penny dropped with me that we were supposed to be somewhere – like 30 mins ago and we live a good 30 mins away from the location. We are defo not supposed to be upstairs putting the Nips into their PJ’s!

‘Agh Jesus H Christ’ – I let a roar out of me.

‘Forget the feckin PJ’s’ – I shout up to The Stented Missus.

‘We’re late!’ 

I wouldn’t mind but I’d only gotten myself onto the guest list a few days before so missing the gig wouldn’t have painted me in the best light lol!! Now I’m not gonna lie to you either – neither me or The Stented Missus had showered as we had been tipping around the gaff doing bits and pieces all day and ya know, living the glamorous life that parents do so the conversation continued something like …..

(The Stented Missus) ‘What do you mean we’re late? Late for what?!

(Me) ‘We’re late for the feckin Zoo! I just saw Jen’s Insta Story’

(TSM) ‘That’s tonight?!….Oh shite!!’

(TSP) ‘Agghhhh bollox…… here, I’m mingin. I need a shower, (checks watch) Feck it, I’m grand. Few smellies and I’ll be grand. 

(TSM) ‘What am I going to wear?’ 

(TSP) ‘What’s on ya. Me too. Let’s go, come on!’

(both of us stop and look each other up & down – both of us are still in our tracksuit bottoms!)

(Both of us) ‘Feck it, let’s go! Girls, jackets…. quick!!!!’

Excitement of the Wild Lights!!

At this stage, the Nips were (probably) wondering ‘WTF is going on here?! So with all of us in the car – hats, scarves, gloves all in toe we spilled the beans.

To say they were excited was a huge understatement. The screeches that were let fly couldn’t even be picked up by dogs, trust me!!

Are ya joking me? Going to the Zoo – at night time? Being allowed to stay up late two days before Halloween (another late night) and then we dropped the bombshell it was for the Wild Lights? Holy mother of Jayzus, it was like the best thing since sliced bread I kid you not!

Overall Impressions

So good. From the moment you’re walking up to the entrance, you are greeted by amazing lights & visuals. This continues from start to finish and seriously doesn’t disappoint.

The arrangement of animals – with some that move too – are just stunning. Lions, Fish, Rhinos, Whales, Penguins, Horses, Chinese Soldiers, North Pole Village – the list is endless and so well laid out.

One part caught my eyes in particular and this was the Chinese zodiac area. I’m not into the zodiac but Chinese culture, mindset & their believes do interest me.

Your year of birth will dictate which animal of the zodiac you are. Not only will it explain your personality traits (which for me were bang on – especially the ‘very attractive‘ part šŸ™‚ ), it’ll also tell you which animals you are best paired with and more importantly the ones to avoid! Of course there’s a lot more to it than that, but it was beautifully arranged and really caught my attention.

I’m a Horse BTW (see image above) – best paired with Tigers & Dogs and told to avoid Rats!!! Check out what you are here – and don’t forget to leave a comment below telling me your animal sign – unless you’re a Rat šŸ™‚ !!

Santa Claus 

The Bearded Fella with…. em, well, The Bearded Fella!!

Yes, Santa was there even though it was the 31st October! This was a surprise to me but all the children loved listening to him talk and then get their photos taken with him.

Because of my beard, I think it’s fair to say that I might have a strong chance of playing Santa at some stage in the future. So when I was within arms reach, I had to get a snap with the bearded fella.

What I didn’t expect was what he said to me when I said ‘I need to get a photo with you Santa‘. As true as I’m sitting here typing this post, he turns around to me and says

‘You wouldn’t happen to be The Stented Papa – would you?’ !!!!! 

To which I looked at him and kind of replied ‘Ha?!’ 

He goes, ‘The Stented Papa – it is you isn’t it?!!!

I say (very shocked) ‘Em, Yes…..Santa……it is me’!!!! (thinking Holy F*%@, Santa knows who I am šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ )

Turns out he’s related to me through marriage on The Stented Missus’s side and reads my blog on a regular basis. I just didn’t recognise him in costume …. Mental !!!!!!!

Better than last year?

It really was. Genuinely and for a few reasons.

  • Last year it was feckin freezing. This year, even though it’s the start of November, it’s ridiculously mild. 
  • The nips were a year younger. This made a big difference with Nip 2 in particular.
  • This year we were at the launch night so there was less human traffic to navigate around.
  • Santa was there – and he knows who I am LOL !!!!!
  • The biggest Christmas Tree in full lights was there, absolutely brilliant for the young ones. 

Recommend it?

Absolutely. It’s so worth a visit. You’ll love it. Your children will defo love it. In fact, a good mate of mine booked it for this weekend on the back of seeing my Insta Stories for her and her daughter so I’m delighted to hear that. 

Hints / Tips for Wild Lights?

  • Even though it’s not as cold as it should be for the start of November, wrap up warm as you’re still going to be there at night.
  • There is a cafe there with a good selection but it can be expensive so bringing a packed lunch for everybody should save a few quid
  • If you have a very young one(s), consider bringing your buggy. It’ll save your arms, trust me.
  • Charge your phone – you’ll be taking a lot of photos!! 

If anybody there asks you how did you hear about it – tell them The Stented Papa sent you!!

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  1. I’m a tiger so we’d get on like a house on fire! You sound just like me and the mister when it comes to last minute things haha! I blame the kids frazzling our minds! It looks like it was a great place, not bad for a last minute jaunt!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

    1. Yes!!!!!! We would get on like a house on fire!!!!! I’m not into the whole astrology thing but I do find the Chinese mindset & attitude etc fascinating so I’d pay way more attention to their astrology approach. I am Mr. last minute dot com like you wouldn’t believe. Leopards & spots ya know!!! Sorry for the delay (again), blaming the spam folder bug šŸ™‚ Cheers, Ross #TriumphantTales

  2. Avatar Heather Keet says:

    I would like to take this moment to say something that needs to be said.


    I was not prepared for all the jazzy music and awesome editing to come at me. Hubster was so curious he came into my office and made me start the video over! #DreamTeam

    1. Hey Heather !!!! – You’re comment went into spam for some strange reason but I’m so glad I’ve spotted it now! This comment has literally made my day and grin like an idiot on drugs!!!!! So glad you – & your hubby – liked the video and the music etc!! Thanks a million & please excuse the late reply!!!! Chat soon, Ross #DreamTeam

  3. Avatar Kate says:

    Love how real you are in your writing. Looks like a lot of fun even if you did mention the C word already. #DreamTeam

    1. Agh thanks Kate!!!! I defo write how I think & speak so that’s so cool to read. So sorry about they delay in getting back to you – a few older comments ended up in my spam for some reason and I’m just getting through them now. Thanks for reading & commenting. Cheers, Ross #DreamTeam

  4. This looks like a magical event #truampha ttales@_karendennis

    1. Hey Karen, agh yeah it was so cool this year. Way better that the previous year. Very magical and amazing for the little ones! Thanks for reading & commenting, Regards, Ross #TriumphantTales

  5. Glad you and all the family had a fantastic time. Iā€™m a horse too btw!
    Luke Sam Sowden would luv you to read…God Is Definitely A Woman | Lush Goddess Bath BombMy Profile

    1. Horses rock Luke!!! Great stuff and thanks, we had a ball!!! Thanks for reading and commenting. Ross. ….. P.S. Stay away from the Rats man šŸ™‚

  6. Avatar Ellen Brophy says:

    ohhhh i dunno… i’m gonna be fairly gutted when Santa doesn’t know who I am!!

    1. Hehehehe – agh now Ellen – sure Santa knows who EVERYBODY is……right?!!!! Hehehehe.

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