So when did we agree to change the Pub for Hospitals??!

Not going to the pub

Seriously, WTF like?!

I’ll tell ya, there must have been a clause written in disappearing / re-appearing ink (like in Who Framed Roger Rabbit) in the ‘We’re starting a family’ contract, cause I sure as shit don’t remember having that conversation!!!!

So another day, another hospital visit / procedure. Not me this time, today it was Mia.

It’s nearly 9.30pm now and we’re not that long back from The Beacon Hospital where earlier today, Mia had to have a ‘Cystoscopy Procedure’. This allows a doctor to examine the lining of Mia’s bladder & the tubes which carries urine out of your body, and in her case, back into the body incorrectly.

Ya see, Mia has had a string of UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections) over the last year (ish). UTI’s are nasty little buggars that made her pee like there was no tomorrow, often resulting in her wetting herself 90% of the time, day or night. Stings like crazy most of the time too.

Problem is Mia never really tells us when she is in pain – she’s a high threshold of pain which trust me, she must get from her Mama! This can be a good & a bad thing. Good as she doesn’t cry at the drop of a hat but bad when there is something seriously wrong, even though we know the form isn’t 100% right (which is normally the tell tale for us), all we get is ‘I’m OK Dada/Mama’. Catch 22 buzz.

I’ll tell ya – trying to get a toddler to fast for 6 hours is feckin tough. So I needed to try and fill her up with cereal before 8am!! Enter the 3 bowl of cereal approach followed by the very special extra large chocolate milk to help fill her tummy up. Coco-Pops / Rice Krispies / Choco Hoops all helped do the job, well for a while anyway. I’ll have the sugar police onto me over this but in my defence this is not an everyday occurrence trust me.

Mia's 3 cereal
The 3 cereal bribe!

Knowing your child is going under anesthetic is unnerving. And it really only hit me when I was waiting in the canteen by myself while The Missus went in with Mia to get ready for the procedure. Only one parent was allowed to go in until after everything was said and done. Mia is a Mama’s girl so there was never any question as to who was gonna spend the guts of 2 hrs in the canteen by himself!

My head was flying. Tick Tock, Tick Tock. What’s happening? Is Mia OK? They should be finished at this stage? That kind of thing. Bought a paper to try and keep my mind busy and by and large it worked. But in between stories, buzz buzz buzz.  

Bottom line, the procedure went well, happy days! But get this – it turns out Mia had BOTH ‘Cystitis’ & ‘Kidney Reflux‘ – Jayzus Christ. This explains a lot and why so many knickers ended up being wet so often. And it goes back to the high pain threshold because practically every time we asked ‘Are you sore down there’ usually, she said ‘No’.

Mia Bad Hospital Food
Mia not impressed with the hospital food 🙁

So she will be on antibiotics for the next 3 months – bloody hell that’s a long time. But it if does the trick along with the work which was done when she was under, then we’ll be very  happy & relieved parents.

That and our electricity bill + washing machine usage will be a lot less, that’s for sure!

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