Home Alone Vlogs

Just to prove I didn’t burn the house down while The Missus was in San Francisco, here is the tale of my week home alone looking after my girls and the mut.

Day 1 Morning vlog:

Day 1 Evening vlog:

Day 2 Morning vlog:

Day 2 Evening vlog:

Day 3 Morning vlog:

Day 3 Evening vlog:

Day 4 Morning vlog:

Day 4 Evening vlog:

Day 5 Morning vlog:

Day 5 Evening vlog:

Day 6 Morning vlog:

Day 6 Evening vlog:

Day 7 Morning vlog:

Day 7 Evening vlog:

Last Day – Day 8 – The Missus is home!

So I did it !! No drama’s or panic stations, no house in bits and no clumps of hair missing from my children’s head. Most importantly, no issues with my heart. Delighted.

Overall, an excellent experience which has improved our relationships as a family and has provided many benefits for us for the future. I’ll drink a glass to that any day.


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