Mia’s 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday

Mia is 4 years old – holy feckin moly, I cannot believe my baby is 4 years old. It also means that I’m officially middle-aged – fuck!

It’s just gone way too fast for my liking. In fact, the realisation of Mia’s age when we where in the zoo recently was one of 2 key moments in my decision to become a SAHD. I used to put Mia into the buggy and run her up to creche in the mornings. It was my way to get some one on one time and to try and install running (or exercise in general) into her mindset (which it has). In the zoo she was knackered so we put Elle into the carrier and Mia into the buggy. The Missus then said, ‘she’s too heavy now for the buggy’ and like a punch it hit me – at this stage, she wasn’t even four and I realised there and then that I’d never run her in the buggy ever again – Jesus.

But despite my want to bottle Mia up, she is 4 so it was all steam ahead with the planning for her first party. At 3, she had no need for a party, just too young. At 4, she has friends and she wanted them there. Deadly. There is a massive pride thing with your daughters first proper birthday party. Inviting her buddies, setting the place up, Mia’s excitement building. All class.

I asked Sinead in creche what was the procedure for inviting Mia’s class mates. She said to give them a note and she’s put it into each child’s school bag for their parents. 16 children in total, handy and quick.

Let’s just say, what I had in mind for the note/flyer VS what The Missus had was em, fairly different! I had an A4 piece of paper, cut into 3 with with a clown of some description possibly holding balloons. Throw in some fancy writing and bob’s your uncle. 4 year olds will love it. This is what The Missus had in her head (Mia is nuts about Paw Patrol).

Mia's Birthday fylers

…. emmmm, this won 🙂 It was printed and given out and let’s be honest, was pretty cool.

In fairness to The Missus, she did this from scratch. Fairly kicks the ass of my killer design idea wha?!

The party was class! 13 children showed up. 11 from her class and two of her cousins. Mia was absolutely delighted and did very well from all the presents. As you can see from above, we had said on the flyer that no presents where required, and where anyone felt the need, just stick a fiver in the card. Nobody did that. They all gave more. Lovely people.

Pass the parcel, musical statues, chatting & eating made the two hours literally fly by. Most of the parents who dropped off children stayed which was deadly. We love being the hosts so it was an absolute delight to have so many here for Mia’s first party.

It’s fair to say the party was a success and Mia was delighted that all her buddies where here in her house. As parents, it was great to see how the children interact with each other as they do every day in creche, only different being we don’t see that normally. Lastly, the sun shone all day which made a massive difference as the kids could play outside.

Happy days!

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