Cholesterol is Down !!!

Low Cholesterol

Bar the pains I experienced in my left arm & in my chest back at the end of October 2015, after going to my GP and getting my bloods results back, it was my cholesterol being high that prompted her to call me back into her surgery. When she asked my about my family history, she just said, ‘OK Ross, I’ve heard enough. I’m putting you on Statins (for the rest of your life) and I’m strongly advising you to get a CT Angiogram. You also need to go on a Low Cholesterol Diet, here is a list of what you can and cannot eat’ And so it began.

But 6 months later, and after my latest blood tests, I’m absolutely delighted to say I’ve gotten my Cholesterol down even further than what my cardiologist wanted (LDL needs to be <1.8 for a cardiac patient). So without a doubt the statin tablets have helped here but I’ve completely changed my diet and eating habits – which let me tell you was not easy. Not when you have to change everything you’ve been use to at the same time. But it’s worked and the proof is there to see in the last results.

Another major benefit of my diet change is I’ve also lost 5 kgs & I’ve dropped 5% in body fat. I’ve kept up my exercise routine since finishing the 6 week rehab course in St. Vincent’s Hospital and both together have worked. Its taken 3 month plus, but it’s worked. Losing weight will contribute to lower cholesterol so all in all, I’m pretty happy with my health right now. Healthy heart and healthy mindset, and after the 6 months I’ve just experienced, phouie douie – that is dynamite stuff.


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