Papa Juiceman

Homemade Juice

Mia loves the small cartons of Apple Juice you get in Lidl and let’s be honest here, that’s because we use to buy them for her. But we always knew it was loaded with crappy sugars and just not good for her and we were sorry we ever bought them in the first place.

So when a juice machine was for sale in Lidl ( & for just a score btw) I got one immediately. The Missus doesn’t like the look of it but I think it’s a nifty little thing. And it’s been a great little goer.

Myself and The Missus have done a 5 day juice detox in the past. The Missus’s Mum has an animal of a juicer which we borrowed for the week to see if we liked it/possibly would buy one. We didn’t buy one in the end (at the time) but when the baby version came available, I snapped it up.

So now I make Mia a homemade ‘Apple’ Juice every morning and she calls me ‘Papa Juice Man’ which I absolutely love – ‘Dada, can I have a Papa Juiceman please?‘ – #quality !

But it’s not just apples, I always add a heap of spinach and one of either Melon / Pineapple / Pear and wack in a bit of ice. All with naturally occurring sugars and a super veg included, it beats the crap of out any carton all day long – it’s also tastes class too.

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