Thanks a million Guys!!!

Unbelievable┬áreaction last night & this morning to my new Facebook page where I kind of ‘soft-launched’ my blog and posted the very first blog I wrote so I just wanted to say this…..

The video is a little shaky as I’m holding Elle in one arm and my crappy old run down iphone in the other – who said a bloke can’t multi-task?!

Likes / Comments / Shares all drove traffic to my site which is exactly what I need for Google to pay attention to me so massive thanks to you all. I’ve had comments/likes from Ireland, Australia, American, Switzerland just to name a few – unbelievable stuff.

Stats are Booming!
Stats are Booming!

So thanks again. If you want to be kept up to date with new posts – simply add your email to the subscribe area in the bottom right corner of the site and you’ll get an email after each new post.

Laters people!


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