From 4 stents to 10 km

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Yeah baby yeah – I’m still kind of in shock over this one but delighted with myself.

In context of where I’ve come from, believe me when I say after getting the stents in, even walking 3 meters was very tough and slow. I felt like I was in the body of a 90 year old man, genuinely. So to say I’ve ran 10km (three times now albeit not in a race) while pushing Elle in her buggy, having Mia’s bike balancing in between the handlebars and holding Noodles in less than 6 months blows my mind.

Yeah Baby Yeah!

I have to keep my heart rate within a set zone, 124-150 bpm. This came from the cardiac rehabilitation nurses in St. Vincent’s Hospital as part of the exercise programme we did during the 6 week course.

Fitbit is dynamite for helping me keep within that zone (& reaching the 10,000 steps per day goal.) This does however affect my times, both total and average pace per minute. But I’m not after that. I’m after a healthy heart to ensure I’m here for the long haul. I feel fairly fit now and without a doubt the fittest I’ve felt in years so it’s all about me keeping up momentum.

So what’s your gig? Trying to start exercising/running? Would you be interested in running with me? Just for fun and for encouragement, any level welcome. If so, just buddy up with me on RunKeeper, leave a comment below & we’ll take it from there!

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  1. The Missus The Missus says:

    You’re doing great Papa-bear!!! Very proud of you

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Love it baby, er sorry, I mean The Missus 🙂

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