The beauty of being a SAHD

Have to say, I’m loving being a Stay at Home Dad. It’s just the business. It has surpassed all my initial thoughts about how good it would be and long may that continue. While up in the park on Friday, I’ve tried to capture my feelings on being a SAHD (the quality isn’t great, #ineedanewphone :-))

Each day brings something new and being able to spend quality time with my nips makes me feel very humbled and lucky.

I know in years to come I’ll be so delighted that I’ve done this, looking back and having all these memories to share with the girls when they get older as well as showing them the blog and that my friends is something very special indeed.

Short Blog / Vlog but a class day.

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  1. Seems like she really enjoyed the treasure hunt. Being able to do things like this with them must be so rewarding
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes πŸ™‚
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    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Agh yeah, she sure did. Rewarding is not the word! Feel so lucky to be able to do these activities and when the sun comes out to play too, jackpot! Now that school has started and her classes have recommenced, weekly trips to park have been reduced to the weekends but ya can’t do everything right?! If only I can add in an extra 8 hours per day haha. Thanks again for commenting. Regards, Ross #AnythingGoes

  2. Avatar ohmummymia says:

    You are so lucky person that you can stay with your kids πŸ™‚

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Being honest, I really am. Having the opportunity (however it presents itself) is one I’m grateful for every day. Thanks for popping by! Regards, Ross #AnythingGoes

  3. Awww Ross, this is so lovely!! Your love and enthusiasm for being at home with your girls, is literally bouncing off the page!! That is so amazing! I wish I could siphon off some of your enthusiasm for myself at the moment-I’m not quite feeling the stay at home parent thing just now… But you have inspired me to pick myself up, and try and make the most of today with the children!
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    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Now that’s the beauty of blogging right there – boom!! The fact that you’ve been inspired to make the most of the day, despite not having a great #SAHP’ing day is absolutely music to my ears. You’ve literally made my day. One good turn deserves another wha?!!!

  4. What a lovely, positive post! An excellent reminder of what is really important and remembering to enjoy those special moments! Love it πŸ™‚
    rootsandwingsparenting would luv you to read…β€˜Just a mum’My Profile

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Well thank you very much. What a lovely comment for me to read. Top Marks! It’s true, enjoying these moments are crucial and a joy. Happy days! Glad you liked the vlog. Thanks again. Ross #fartglitter

  5. Avatar Nige says:

    Great post and vlog so important these times at home with your children #fartglitter

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Our little girls are growing up literally every hour and it’s such a beautiful situation that I get to spend this time with them now. Myself & The Missus discussed the option of me being a SAHD about a year ago (before I knew I had heart issues) and I pushed back on the idea then. Said there was no way I could leave work. How wrong I was and how thankful I am that my current job is a SAHD. Thanks for commenting Nige, Regards, Ross. #fartglitter

  6. Avatar OddHogg says:

    You’re really lucky to be able to spend that time with the girls. That park looks awesome! Great place to get out an about. #fartglitter
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    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      I absolutely agree, I’m very very lucky. We are heading back to that park later today in fact, it is a beautiful place to spend a few hours. #fartglitter Thanks for commenting, regards, Ross

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