Introducing….Mr & Mrs Good

Introducing....Mr & Mrs Good
Introducing….Mr & Mrs Good

Jayzus, I love the sound of that – Mr & Mrs Good – just rolls off the tongue (well it does for me!!).

Wednesday 31st August 2016 will long be remembered for us both for two very special reasons, (i) we got married after being together for 7 1/2 yrs & (ii) Nip#1 started big school. It was an amazing day, amazingly chilled out day especially considering both events where pretty huge in their own right.

As a wedding day it was the perfect day. We didn’t want the traditional Church day buzz and then drive to a hotel 30 mins away. So we decided to do it in two parts as follows:

  • 31st Aug 2016 – Registry Office with meal & drinks afterwards. Only immediate family to attend which kept the numbers down and ensured it was a low key event.
  • 25th Mar 2017 – Full on ‘wedding’ for all friends & family. All in same place from start to finish so once everyone arrives, they can leave the cars, relax, have a drink from the get go and enjoy our day.

Best of both worlds. Trying to explain this to a few (family!!) members initially was funny. Funny in the sense some of them didn’t get it. Some blank stairs and replies like ‘So you’re getting married twice?!‘ & ‘Why are ye getting married in March when you will already be married?!‘ spring to mind. Different generations I guess.

Get this – the registry gig takes 30 mins !!! 30 mins and your married, nice feckin nice, see ya later. BOOM, drinks anyone?! Let’s do this Mrs. Good 🙂

Mr & Mrs Good our wedding
The Happy Couple

We arranged a photographer called Milo from DStudios to take the professional photos. Originally from Seattle, he owns DStudios and was excellent. We got a load of snaps shot in various places around the city (e.g. Grand Canal Docks which is really cool now). Haven’t seen the photos yet but can’t wait. Further to that, my very talented musical Sister in Law Aimee agreed to play & sing songs of our choice. And bloody hell, she was amazing. She played the keyboard and sang her own version of the two tunes we selected which where ‘How long will I love you’ by Ellie Golding for when Mel was being walked down the aisle by her Granddad and she ended with ‘Warm’ by The Coronas as we left. 5 stars Aimee, amazing stuff (btw – any future bookings for Aimee’s singing can be booked directly through me yeah…. no, seriously they can 🙂 ).

The reception & meal was in HQ – a funky restaurant & gastro bar very close to AirBnB‘s HQ which is where The Missus – em, I mean Mrs. Good ( 🙂 ) works. The place was class. The staff were brilliant. The food was top quality. The place was busy. So busy in fact, my brother’s eyes where popping out if his head. He runs a very successful & busy Bar/Restaurant/Nightclub in Carrick On Shannon called Murtaghs and all he could see was $$ signs everywhere – and this was a Wednesday!

My bro (Clayton), Me and Dad (Norman)

We left there and went to a ‘pub/pub’ which was great as my dad could get a ‘real pint’ (of Smithwicks) as opposed to a craft beer version of it so he was happy. Everyone was buzzin here, the scoops where flowing and we where laughing.

Two weeks ago I made my radio debut on The Anton Savage Show talking about being a SAHD. In it we discussed the fact that my daughter uses my beard as a scratching post. So I released a video called Papa MacScratchalots! which both TodayFM & later shared.

Well leaving the pub (and we were fairly flying at this stage) we recorded another scratching post video – and honestly, this was completely off the cuff on the spur of the moment – except this time, it was my brother with an itch to scratch! (Warning – bad language can be heard).

After this, we hit a nightclub and we all ended up back in our gaff for a few glasses of champers which my bro had kindly brought up with him. Happy days bro.

They day was such a success, we absolutely cannot wait for the March wedding. We are working through the list and securing the bands etc and the excitement is already building. We genuinely see part 2 as our real wedding. Part one was the legal formality to allow us to do part two. What I can say about part two is that we have the venue sorted and we absolutely love it. It’s called Mount Druid and it’s an alternative wedding location with glamping – that’s all I’ll say for now!

The Mrs & her Grandad
The Mrs & her Grandad Shay

But the best part of the all this is I’ve married the love of my life, my best friend who also happens to be the most amazing woman & mother in the world, hands down. The Missus really and truly is now The Mrs.!

Mr & Mrs Good. Yeah baby Yeah 🙂



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  1. Avatar Geraldine says:

    Massive Congrats Ross and Mel aka Mr and Mrs Good
    So delighted for you. Roll on March!

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Thanks a million Geraldine!! We seriously can’t wait for March now, it’s gonna be epic 🙂

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