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BigRedButton LogoPrior to becoming a SAHD, for the last few years I was lucky to work with a great tech startup called Pubble and because of that I can see why the BigRedButton won a Vodafone award as well as being selected by Enterprise Ireland as a HPSU (High Potential Start Up).

It’s safe to say I’m now a fan.

So what is the BigRedButton?

The BigRedButton is a 24/7, one touch emergency situation service you access from your phone. Once you click the BigRedButton, you’re connected with a representative in 5 seconds.

Let me start by asking you a question about your children.

‘If your children found themselves in a dangerous situation, wouldn’t you give anything to make sure they were safe?’ 

Of course you would, it’s a stupid question, rhetorical in nature but deadly serious.

I tested the app last night and I can see the potential of it being on any phone. Being a parent, I specifically see it being extremely effective on children’s phones. My girls are only 4 & 1 so thankfully they are a long way off having their own mobiles but for children who have phones, I can see this app becoming essential kit.

For me, this app ticks many boxes but in particular:

  1. It provides reassurance for you personally and in addition for your children’s safety
  2. In the event of a serious situation, it will provide effective help by reaching the emergency services, identifying your location & connecting you to family or friends if required.

Being objective, I did ask myself ‘If one was in a serious situation, why would you not just call 999′?

I’m happy to be corrected in this but I’d imagine this is one of the challenges facing the team at BigRedButton – to change people’s mindset. But after using the app once (& I do mean once), I’m completely convinced of its benefits – even over a traditional call to 999 in the case of an emergency. Bold statement? Let me explain.

Just to be clear, I have the utmost respect for the Emergency Services. They are amazing people who do an unbelievable service day in, day out and they save lives. At the same time, I’m all for technology that enhances our safety in the event of trouble.

girl-on-phone-2-guys-behind-herWhen you call the BigRedButton, they know who you are as your details are registered on their system during set up. This can clam you down in a situation. Secondly – and crucially – they know exactly where you are via GPS – even if you don’t (which is vital in the case of a serious incident).

While on the call they’ll ask you what your situation is and whether you need them to call any of the emergency services – police/ambulance/fire brigade or any of your added contacts.


When the app is downloaded, there is a prompt to add a number of contacts to your account. For most people, this will be your family &/or close friends. BigRedButton recommends adding between 3 & 6 contacts. This allows them to add your preferred contact to the call, without interruption.  This means you don’t have to hang up and start searching for names & numbers when you are in a potentially dangerous situation & under pressure. Brilliant feature.

Now compare this to calling 999 and consider the following differences.

  • 999 conversations can end before the emergency services get to you (this has happened to me when waiting for an ambulance when I had a heart attack scare, my wife had to call them back to see what was taking so long – not what you need in a situation, trust me) whereas BigRedButton will not hang up until you are 100% safe.
  • 999 does not know your exact location as they are not using GPRS. Emergency services depend on your description of your location. What if you do not know where you are? If you are unsure, this will result in the emergency services taking much longer to reach you.
  • 999 do not have the contact details of your wife / husband / friend (etc). This is not part of their remit and understandably so given the volumes they deal with.
  • 999  cannot add your preferred contacts into your conversation meaning you would have to hang up from 999 to make/receive another call.

How much does it cost?

BigRedButton Call LogoThe app costs €/£9.99 for a 12 months subscription. Cheep as chips.

I wonder how many parents happily pay Spotify for their kids phones? Quite a lot I’d say at €/£10 p/m. Comparing that to €/£9.99 for 12 months seems pretty good value to me.

If/when you make a call, they are charged at  €/£1.75 p/m. I can hear some people saying ‘Jesus, that’s fairly steep!’ But remember, ideally you hope you’ll never have to use it but if you or your loved ones do, it’s still a small price to pay for reassurance & safety.

BTW – The app is only available on iPhone. The Android version is in the pipeline.

BigRedButton Special Offer Time!!!

Thanks to the guys at BigRedButton you can sign up to their app for a ridiculous €/£4.99 !! A fiver for an annual subscription. A fiver?! This an absolute no-brainer guys.

To avail of this offer, simply go to this page now to take advantage. Do you know anyone who’ll benefit from this? If so, please share this with them so they can get connected and stay safe.

Socially, you can follow the BigRedButton on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn.

Lastly, this is an excellent video to show you how the app can benefit you or one of your family members if they get into a potentially dangerous situation.

Disclaimer: BigRedButton wavied all fees for me in return for this review.

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  1. This is a great idea and fab that it’s in app format, to raise awareness for it. Such an important help – it’s a no brainer surely! Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam xx
    Bridie By The Sea would luv you to read…#DreamTeam #27My Profile

    1. ‘No Brainer’ – couldn’t agree more!! I downloaded it immediately for my wife’s phone (iPhone) and I’ve my name down for when the Android version is released. Hopefully I’ll never have to use it but I’m far more comfortable with having it on my phone than not. Hope you download it for yours. Thanks for commenting, Ross. #DreamTeam

  2. Avatar Janet says:

    This sounds like a great idea! We have a button in our home that connects us with a care centre as my husband has been unwell (but better lately). This being a mobile app is even better!

    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes
    Janet would luv you to read…#AnythingGoes Linky Week 69My Profile

    1. Hey Janet, sorry to hear you hubby is unwell. Having a red button at home makes perfect sense and imo, having the BigRedButton on your mobile (for only a fiver) makes sense too. Hope you take up the special offer. Thanks for reading & commenting. Regards, Ross #AnythingGoes

  3. Avatar Nige says:

    Brilliant idea and app and the fact that they know who you are from information they have is awesome Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

    1. I agree 100% Nige and I feel better for having it on my phone than not having it. And for a fiver? No brainer imo. Thanks for reading & commenting, Regards, Ross #ThatFridayLinky – will defo be back next week! Cheers.

  4. This sounds like a really clever app. I often wonder what would happen if there was an emergency, my boys don’t understand enough to dial 999 let alone phone Ian. Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x
    Sian QuiteFranklySheSaid would luv you to read…Happy Days: Adorable Boys & Quality TimeMy Profile

    1. Hey Sian – it really is a clever app. We downloaded it to The Missus phone and I’m on the waiting list for the Android version when it’s released. Depending on your boys age, whatever about not understanding to call 999 in an emergency, the explanation to press the bigredbutton is possibly easier understood? Did you download it btw? Remember, with the special offer it’s only a fiver! Crazy not too!! Thanks for reading & commenting, regards, Ross. #SundayBest ….. (BTW so sorry for the late reply, a few of your comments went into the spam folder for some reason!)

  5. Avatar Lex says:

    Isn’t technology absolutly bloody brilliant at times? We all know we live in an age where we can access the latest headlines at the open of an app and it’s nice to see an app that provides us with safety at the open. My daughter is only 21 months so won’t have a mobile phone just yet but I think I will be downloading. I’m forever worrying and always in a jumble in an emergency. Nice to have something straight forward, simple and prioritised! #thatfridaylinky

    1. Hey Lex, I am delighted to hear you can see the benefit in having the app on your phone, many thanks for confirming you’ll download it. IMO, a fiver is nothing to pay for your safety and the reassurance this app can provide you with. I love technology and how it can benefit our daily lives so I absolutely agree with you. You might let me know how you get on with the download? Thanks for reading & commenting. Regards, Ross #TheFridayLinky

  6. Wow I am blown away by this what a great idea! I wonder if they have anything like that in Australia, I have never heard of it. As a mum to an almost teen who will be at high school next year and gradually out with friends more (eventually when I feel she’s ready) I know something like this would give me comfort. Great review Ross! #mg

    1. I’m glad you see the benefit of it Mackenzie and liked the review. I asked the CEO of BigRedButton can the app be used in Australia and this is what he said:
      ‘Simple answer is app is restricted to people with Irish and UK mobile numbers.
      Technically we can find them anywhere assuming data link available, can take their call but they will be dialling a local Irish/UK number from abroad when they press the button and can still conference in their contacts. However we can’t dial local 999 services in other countries…in time though!

      So you can use it and can conference your contacts into a call (which brings reassurance in itself during a situation) however local emergency services wouldn’t be an option (yet). Calls are charged as a local Irish/UK call. So I guess it’s completely your call here (excuse the pun) – is that worth a fiver? I’m fully bought into the benefit of it for any individual as well as their children once they have a mobile phone. Hope this helps and thanks so much for reading & commenting. Regards, Ross #mg

  7. This sounds like a brilliant app, I love that it holds so much information about you so in an emergency situation its a few less things you’d need to worry about. When my girls are old enough to have their own phones this is definitely an app I’d want them to have. But in the meantime I think I’ll be getting it for both myself and the Hubby, going to recommend to my parents too. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink
    Hannah G, The ‘Ordinary’ Mum would luv you to read…Big Pink Link 24/10/16My Profile

    1. Hey Hannah, agreed absolutely. In a situation, (i) knowing who is calling & (ii) having your exact location will calm you down immediately. Adding your preferred contact into the same call is an excellent feature. I’m they same, our girls are way too young for a mobile, once they are, they’ll have it and my wife has it on her phone already. 4 downloads would be brilliant and well worth the cost taking the discount into consideration. You might let me know once you’ve downloaded it? Thanks for reading & commenting, Regards, Ross #BigPinkLink

  8. Avatar melissa says:

    It’s a really interesting idea, I like the reassuring side of having help at the touch of a button. I think for older kids who have phones it would be a great addition and for the sake of £10 its worth trying.

    1. I agree 100% with your Melissa – I’d hope I never have to use it BUT it I do need to, I know I’d prefer to have it than not. BTW – it normally costs £9.99 but the BigRedButton have given my readers a 50% discount so it’s only £4.99 now – did you see the ‘click here’ towards the bottom of the page? If you missed it, save yourself a favour and buy it via my page Thanks for reading, Ross. #DreamTeam

  9. Well this kind of seems like a must now- I mean when my kids get to that point- which is not very far off unfortunately!


    1. Hi Kirsten – We downloaded it to my wife’s phone – just for added security incase we find ourselves in trouble. We’ve added our parents and 2 friends too. So it’s not just for use on your childrens phone although I do see that as a must also. For a fiver, to me it’s a steal and well worth the money in return for extra reassurance of safety. My 2 pence worth is download it to your phone too. Hope this helps, Regards, Ross. #BigPinkLink

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