Our Wedding

'The Goods'
‘The Goods’

Jayzus, I’ll tell ya we’ve done well to knock out 2 weddings in the space of 7 months !!! Not many people can say they’ve done that wha?!

On the 25th March we had the best wedding ever – of course we are gonna say that but loads of our guests said it so who am I to argue!?

In fact, about 6 couples said to us after our ceremony that they wanted to re-marry so they could do what we did!!

So what did we do?!

Well it’s fair to say we did a few things slightly different compared to a traditional wedding!

WELL we had 2 weddings for starters!

Part 1 – August 2016‘ – we took care of the legal buzz at a registry office in Dublin. It was a brilliant day that seriously wetted our appetite for the bigger day. It was all part of the bigger picture which allowed us to do ‘Part 2 – March 2017‘ the way we really wanted.

But holy fuck did it confuse the hell of of some people (cough cough – family)!! We knew from day one why there was two parts to what we wanted to do but we couldn’t let on as it would have blown the plan sky high. So we played down Part 1 in order to (eventually) play up Part 2!!

Alternative WANS!
Our Wedding Invites

1 – Our wedding invitations were slightly different. We called it the ‘Love Fest‘ and went with a festival feel (which matched the venue). As far as we know, everyone thought they were the business – or at least that’s what they told us anyway!!

2 – Now hold onto your shit here but there was no religious aspect to our wedding – to either of them. There was no Church service, no person of the cloth. Feckin Heathens Ya Ha!!?!.

Well chill the beans yeah – this was our day and we wanted a personal alternative wedding which was all about us – a couple, how we met & how we live. We wanted it to represent & more to the point, reflect our personalities and how we roll.

3 – There was no hotel.

Ha? Agghhhh FFS, you sure this was a real wedding ye hippy fucks!?

Mount Druid Alternative Weddings
Coolest place on Earth

From day 1 we knew we didn’t want traditional – we wanted an alternative wedding venue. So we searched and were delighted when we found Mount Druid – ‘Ohh Yeeeaaahhhhhh‘ 🙂

Folks – trust me – this place is the dogs bollox. It’s a ‘glamping’ (*) venue set in the countryside on 1,000 acres. It’s full of Yurts / Shepherds Huts / Fr. Ted Caravans / Cottages & sheep! It’s just unreal.

We were genuinely very relaxed about our wedding from the get go but the owners & staff are thee most chilled out & laid back people we’ve met. This set the tone for everything. It was all about us from the start. They were chilled but 100% professional about everything they advised & put in place and it was an absolute joy to deal with them from day one so please take a bow Eleanor (our co-ordinator) & Margaret plus Deirdre & Adrian (the owners) – you beauties you.

One of the many aspects we loved about Mount Druid was that we could do the lot on the same grounds – Ceremony in the ‘Tin Chapel‘, then the drinks reception in the ‘Boathouse‘ (below) followed by the Meal/Speeches/Band/DJ in the ‘Barn‘.

Boathouse Oustside
Outside the Boathouse – Chillin !!

So when guests arrived they just parked up, had a drink and got stuck into the day. We also lucked out on the weather – it was the hottest day of the year 🙂


The highlight of the whole day.

Kiss in the middle
Agh Mrs. Good there ya are!

1 – Immediately we turned half of the pews around so everybody faced a ‘diamond gap’ in the centre.

2 – We had a 3 piece Ukulele band called the Kooky Ukes all ready and the songs they played were a que for our entry to the ceremony. (They also played at the boathouse for everybody and rocked).

3 – We walked in at the same time from opposite ends of the chapel and met in the middle. This was to symbolise the coming together of two people & two families as opposed to one family ‘giving away’ a daughter. I entered from one end & The Mrs. from the other with our amazing little girls & it was just the business (just watch the faces on the everybody in the video below!).

4 – My cool Sister-In-Law got up and played a solo on the Ukulele & sang ‘Can’t help falling in love with you‘ and it was beautiful. Fair play to her cause that can’t have been easy. She also wrote and performed an amazing song – Relzers Song – and gave it to us as a gift the following day. If you haven’t heard it, you won’t be disappointed cause it’s amazing – click here.

Fr. Bru !!

5 – The ‘Priest‘. Holy fuck, the amount of questions we got over who was going to marry us was ba-na-nas. We just gave some shite bluff answer each time!

Truth was we had asked a buddy of ours – & take a serious bow Mr. Niall Brewster aka ‘Bru’ – would he be interested in the part and no messing, he literally broke his shite laughing for about 10 mins solid on the call cause he loved the idea so much. Jackpot!!

And ya know what? He stole the show. He rocked. The best thing about it was that nobody knew. I mean the Best Man / Groomsman / Bridesmaid only found out the night before during the rehearsal!

So on the day, Bru was sitting in the second row in his normal wedding suit. We entered and stood looking around as if to say ‘Where the hell is the priest?!‘ and that’s when Bru stood up, held his two arms out Jesus like and the lads stood up and put a ‘priest’ cloak on him and off he went.

The crowd broke up laughing. Brilliant move. Thank you buddy.

6 – ‘Ohh Yeeaaahhhhh‘ – For anyone who wasn’t there, please please watch this now – unreal fun!

We were humbled to have a number of our closest friends & family agree to read a few lines of what we called ‘Relzer’s Thankfulness‘ which replaced the normal prayers of the faithful.

At the end of each reading, they said ‘Give Thanks‘ to which everyone in the chapel replied ‘Ohh Yeeaaahhhh‘ and let me tell you it was a million miles better than we had practised or hoped it would be.  Such a buzz and a laugh.

Communion?? Nadda!

For those of you who don’t know……

1 – My Dad was a publican for 40 odd years, now retired.

2 – My brother (who was my Best Man) runs a massive pub/nightclub/restaurant/B&B in Carrick on Shannon (if you go there btw, ask for Clayton Good &/or search for ‘Ciúin House B&B‘ :-)).

3 – I’ve worked in numerous pubs in Dublin/Cork/Athlone/Bray/Longford.

4 – Mel ran an Irish pub in Cologne, Germany from 21-24 (told ya she was bloody impressive!).

Funny Bubbly Time!!

So in the tradition of serving drinks, we thought it would be a great move to serve everybody a glass or bubbly or two!!  So as an alternative take on communion – the four of us stood up at the alter and did exactly that. We basically turned a chapel into a bar for 15 mins and it rocked!!!


None of your beef or salmon here yeah – keeping in the tradition of our wedding being anything but – we went for a big oul ass kicking Hog on a Spit.  Now believe me, it was far from a Hog on a Spit that I was reared on but I have to question that now cause it was unreal. As a side kick, there was roast chicken with a choice of 3 ass kicking salads & sauces. We also had veg & vegan options too 🙂

Speeches / Music / Dancing
My speech done, The Mrs. goes next!

1 – It’s fair to say the speeches probably went on a bit longer than we’d expected! We’ll chalk that down to the wine I think!! Unfortunately during my speech, the microphone kept on turning itself off so I had to make do without it for a bit. I have to say this was the only slight issue – & I do mean slight – blip to the whole day.

2 – The band were called Brass Tacks and they were dynamite. The floor was full, end of. Thinking back now, it was like they only played for about 10 mins and they were done! I’ll blame the wine again here!

3 – At the end of the night, those who were still left standing for the DJ set all ended up dancing on the stage facing the dance floor – with no body on it!! It was absolutely vintage – and for those of our Longford buddies, you’ll know what I mean 🙂

All I’ll say is that poor rocking horse hadn’t a feckin clue what happened to it. Cribo & Lynchie – I’m looking at you yeah !!!!

First Song:
1st dance
1st dance as Mr & Mrs Good

James Arthur – Say you won’t let go‘. We’ve loved him since he was on the X-Factor. (Yes fuck off, we watch the X-Factor. We’ve kids FFS, of course we watch it pigging out on pizza & wine. Have kids before you judge us!!!).

It’s a relatively new song granted but the lyrics were just perfect for us, our history and we got to dance the full song by ourselves with everyone looking on. Perfect.

(What wasn’t so perfect was how many times I stood on The Mrs. dress !!!! Ouch).

And our very special thanks goes to

To the amazing Jenny McCarthy, our photographer for the day who was practically invisible all day. Now I’m no genius when it comes to photography but I’m gonna stick me neck out here and say if / when you barely notice anyone snapping all the time, to me that’s bloody impressive! Quality performance.

And to Raphael who was our videographer on the day with his sister – who is gonna kill me I’m gonna be completely honest here and tell you I cannot remember her name (which yet again, I’m gonna blame on the wine! As soon as I find out, I’ll amend this of course!). But their video is below folks, draw your own conclusions but to us, it’s absolutely first class. Thank you guys.

Eat, Drink & Be Married:

We Em, I mean Melzer created our own app for the wedding called ‘Relzers Wedding on both IOS & Android.

Among many features, it allowed everyone to upload their photos to it and as a result we’ve an amazing photo album created by everyone at the wedding – thank you so much guys. Genuinely.

BTW – If you haven’t uploaded your photos yet (or are having trouble doing so) please let us know and we’ll help you.

Our Video:

7 mins of bliss. Watch with wine and a massive dollop of our humble, sincere & loving thanks.

You guys ‘Rock-the-shit-out-of-our-world‘.

Relzer’s Out 🙂

BTW – I had to add this is (*)

Glamping‘ in the dictionary is defined as ….

‘a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping: glamping is likely to satisfy any ‘city slicker’ seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries’.

City Slickers‘ !!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Avatar Mapleandjune says:

    congratulation on your wedding . your wedding photography is very good

    1. Well thank you very much!

  2. Avatar suz says:

    What a fantastic wedding 🙂

    1. Agh thank you very much Suz. Thanks for reading & commenting. Glad you liked it. Regards, Ross

  3. I just love that you guys did it your own way, it is what makes the best weddings when they really reflect the couple and are full of such love and fun. I’ve commented over on Youtube too! Thanks so much for sharing this, absolutely loved the clips #mg

    1. Hey Mac! Thanks a million. We said at the start of all our planning that we were gonna be unapologetically selfish as to what way we wanted the day to go. It was our way and our way only. And it worked a treat. It ended up even better than we thought it would be and when everyone else tells you it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to, well let’s just say we are still grinning from ear to ear!! Thanks for reading/commenting/sharing. 5 star stuff as usual. Chat soon, Ross #mg

  4. Congrats and Mazel Tov to you two alternative love birds! I love the wedding! The glamping, the element of cool surprises for all — and most of all, how you two loved out loud, just the way you wanted. Now that is how it should be always! Bravo! #mg

    1. Hey Lisa, Yeah we really did laugh a lot. It was such a cool and laid back wedding. Genuinely, it was zero stress and we’d do it all again in a heartbeat. We heard a few stories of the couple getting their knickers in a twist and were so stressed out that by the time the calmed down, the wedding was more of less over so we said ‘F-that’!!!! We roll to a different beat, our beat and it was class!!!! Glad you liked the post. Thanks so much for commenting. Regards, Ross #mg

  5. Avatar Helena says:

    I think it’s fantastic that you did it your way. #mg

    1. Agh thank you so much Helena. It was the way we wanted it from the very get go but we had to keep the majority of it a secret from everybody else. And it worked!!!! Can I rewind time and do it all again?!! Thanks for reading and commenting. Regards, Ross #mg

  6. Oh my Eek! and Eek! Your day looks incredible!!! (I seriously don’t have enough exclamation marks here.) Love that you served the bubbles, love that you both came in together, love the little dance as you each walked into the room, love the ukulele band, adore the fact that your whole congregation were in stitches throughout. You two seriously rock at weddings! No wonder you had two! 😉 Amazing – congratulations to you both. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

    1. Hehe!!! Thank you so much Dawn. And thank you for selecting me as one of your featured bloggers of the week. I was bouncing around the room when I saw your tweet yesterday! My dad keeps on saying to me that Mel & I should go into event management after what he saw!!!! ‘Your wedding – designed by The Stented Papa & The Stented Mrs’ hahahaha !!!! We just want to do it all again. Loved every second of the day and loved the build up to it. Beautiful time in our lives to remember. Thank you for reading/commenting/sharing/picking me as featured blogger – you rock!!! Ross #Dreamteam

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