Heineken – You Beauties!

HeinekenOk you might think that this is a sponsored post for Heineken but it’s not!! Having said that, if they feel the need to throw me a few squids, well who am I to argue?!

Allow me TO explain!

So on the night of our wedding, the owner of Mount Druid came over to me to tell me they had just received a present for us from a courier – at 10.30 at night!

But it was a strange one. I mean who would courier a gift to us on the night of our wedding!?!

Well, Heineken Ireland, that’s who!!! Sure they only went and sent us 24 of their mighty green bottles to help us celebrate our wedding!! How feckin cool is that?

Our beer fridge 'supplied by Heineken' !!
Our beer fridge ‘supplied by Heineken’ !!

Ya see, the Mrs. has been married to the mighty green bottle pretty much since day one. It’s her gargle and she’s been a loyal customers for years.

So get this – it turns out she only went and invited Heineken to our wedding because she is such a loyal customer!!

Regular readers will know this but for those who don’t, I should point out that we met each other at the 2009 Heineken Cup Final in Edinburgh so our history is interlinked for sure.

The invite

Check this out. Here’s the absolutely brilliant email the Mrs. sent to the Marketing Manager of Heineken Ireland 🙂

Hey there Heineken….. so we’ve been together for a long time now, in fact there are very few occasions when we have not celebrated ‘sensibly’ together.

So I am getting married and you know how it is – who do you invite, who don’t you…..and ever since the invites went out I’ve had this itching feeling that there has been something/someone I am forgetting. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head so I thought I better just go ahead and sent the invite.

It’s odd though, it kinda feels like inviting the ex even though you are very much still in my heart although with two kids to look after I don’t get to spend as much ‘drink sensibly’ time with you as I’d like to.

For a short second when I was confirming the booking for our wedding, I though you were left off the menu….you can only imagine my delight when I saw you were in fact available! With so many sweet green and some brown bottle moments in my life I am looking forward to you being part of our big day. We would love to have you more involved in our big day which is three weeks away.

Our laid back celebration in Mount Druid, Co Westmeath, Ireland could only be enhanced by more involvement from Heineken 🙂

A truly devoted ‘green’ bride 🙂

(BTW – Did I mention that I met my hubby to be at the Heineken Cup Final in Scotland in 2009??)

So it’s with a bit of tongue in cheek that we send this to you however with so many years of devotion to Heineken it would be great if you could help us celebrate this magical day.



wedding site: www.relzer.com

The Gift & Card
Heineken Wedding Gift
To the Happy Couple – from your good pal, Heineken !!!
Our Thank You

And here’s our little thank you to Heineken. Due to a unchanged silly setting I had on my phone from the wedding, the quality of this video isn’t great – but the message is 🙂

There’s nothing else to say bar – Heineken, you guys rock.



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  1. Avatar Mrs Lighty says:

    Ah this is sooooo cool! What a fab gift! Congratulations on your wedding! Thanks so much for linking up with #DreamTeam.

    1. The Missus The Missus says:

      Hehe it really was a cool present from such a big brand! And thank you for the congrats & for commenting. Regards, Ross #DreamTeam

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