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“Agh man, thank Christ it’s Wednesday. I could really do with a good oul laugh. Well, say no more cause that’s what you’re gonna get right now! I am? Hell yeah because it’s #HeSaidSheSaidWed time & it’s got a slightly different layout for #5.

Hey! Fancy getting involved? Yeah? Click the magic button & take your seat!”

The Stented Papa & The Stented Missus

SAY HI TO AlaHe Said / She Said Alan OMG Its a girln FROM OMG It’s a girl

When I saw the email from Ross saying he was opening He Said / She Said to guests and would I like to write a post. I said YES! After all there isn’t a single area of our lives that Mrs OMG and I agree on. Well besides the fact I rock the bedroom. Well ok we might disagree on that too!


Then I forgot all about it. Even to the point of what topic I picked. All was redeemed when he sent me a reminder email. I saw this when my delayed flight touched down on US soil. A quick reply saying I was going to do ‘He Travels / She Travels’ and we’re up to date.

Getting a phone call to say boarding is closing

He Said She Said Man from Mars

Mars: Four minutes. Not a problem. Little Miss OMG onto the shoulders fireman style and off we go. Her laughing her head off and me shouting directions to the boys ahead. We get to the plane in time.

Venus: We wouldn’t have had to run if that eejit hadn’t forgotten his driving license and had to go back to the car! Thank god they didn’t call our names. I’d have been mortified. Bad enough I had to run!

Missed connecting flight

Mars: I’ve been travelling long enough now to know that every summer there are delays due to striking French airport workers. A two hour wait on the tarmac meant we weren’t going to get to Atlanta to make our next flight. Not to worry. They’d put us on another

Venus: Am I allowed to curse? That bastard didn’t tell me they’d just put us on the next flight did he. It took two hours before my heart settled from the running. Then being interrogated by customs. Fingerprinted!! I’m not a criminal!!

Bags missing

He Said She Said Woman from Venus

Mars: This has happened to me before. So wasn’t a big surprise. I wasn’t expecting it to take 5 days for them to arrive though. My clothes were there though. We can claim back money for clothes and toiletries we had to buy though.

Venus: It had to happen to us didn’t it! Can anything else go wrong? I wouldn’t mind my clothes going missing, but the kids clothes!! It’ll take weeks for them to refund the money.


Stopped by police for speeding!

Mars: This did make me laugh. The kids are always giving out I drive too slow. $75 fine soon stopped me laughing. The second one let me off. So i thought. Turns out he rang my mother! Who paid the $180 fine. I got a lecture. I’d rather pay the fine!

Venus: The first one was funny. Well not the fine part! The second one. I’ve no idea where the cop was hiding. He appeared like a ninja cop out of nowhere. I did laugh as his Ma was lecturing him. He drives like an old man on a sunday. So i still don’t know how he managed to speed!

Life on the farm in North Carolina

Mars: I’ve been here many times before. It’s great for a nice relaxing time. Sunbathing with not much else to do. Kids were bored but that’s no harm. I coped better with no wifi and I’m on social media 24 hours a day.

Venus: Well fuck me. I thought our town in Ireland was quiet. You couldn’t even see another house! No wifi! Everyone has wifi. What was more annoying was it didn’t bother him at all. Git!

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  1. This is hilarious! Yup, I’m from Venus on this one. I would have probably been quite dramatic about all the little erm “hiccups”? Although in our case The Hub would also have had Venus tendencies and we would both have misplaced our shiz in a very ugly and counter-productive way! Probably why we haven’t really left the UK with the small humans yet! Love this series I do!
    Rhyming with Wine would luv you to read…#DreamTeam Linky Week 64My Profile

    1. The ‘hiccups’ would defo have ruffled The Missus too! I thought this was so funny. Lots of differences in mindsets which is hilarious. We haven’t left Ireland since we had Nip#2 yet either so God only knows how that will fair out for us when we finally do!! Pretty sure we’ll have ‘hiccups’ too! Thanks a million for reading Dawn. Ross #Dreamteam #HeSaidSheSaidWed

  2. This is just brilliant! I wouldn’t have expected anything less from an OMG family holiday and it’s surpassed my expectations!! Awesome.

    1. Yeah I thought it was a great read Julie. It’s like I was sitting in the front seat with the OMG family for the whole trip!!! Thanks a million for reading & commenting. Regards, Ross #HeSaidSheSaidWed

      P.S. Just done the whole ‘following thing’ – not sure how I haven’t been following you until now but job done now!(BTW 11K Twitters followers > dam impressive!!!)

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