The day I broke my TV duck

Oh yeah. TV Debut – CHECK! ‘The day I broke my TV duck‘ – I like the sound of that!!!

What an amazing experience. Wednesday 28th July ’17 will stick in my head for a long time.

Blogging Goals

Like every blogger, after a while I wrote down a number of major goals I hoped to achieve within a certain time frame.

Within the first year I wanted to somehow get myself on radio. I achieved this within 6 months when I was part of a ‘Stay at Home Dad’s’ panel on national radio station TodayFM with Anton Savage.

My other goal was to get on TV within my second year blogging and I’m so delighted to say I’ve achieved that – not only once – but twice in the same bloody week!!! Two very different shows but they’ve both come about from my blogging as (my alter ego) The Stented Papa.

Who would have thought leaving work to become a SAHD who blogs would open such doors? I’m still so amazed, thankful and hopeful for the future if I’m being very honest.

tv interest?!

You know what? I had a blast. I absolutely loved it. I have a ‘goo’ on me. I want more!!

Now I’m fully aware that is not my decision to make and if I never manage to get on TV again, I will still be over the moon as I’ve been lucky enough to have done it.

That said, if I was given an opportunity again, holy jayzus I would grab it with two very grateful hands and absolutely relish the experience.

Rearing to go
The Day I broke my Radio Duck in studio
Myself, Siobhan & host Taragh Loughrey-Grant in studio.

Rearing To Go‘ is a parenting show on RTE (Ireland’s National Broadcaster) which tackles a host of parenting issues & situations.

It’s hosted by the lovely Taragh Loughrey-Grant and the format includes the host & two guests – (i) a qualified person/expert & (ii) a ‘lay-person’ (i.e. Me!).

My co-guest was Siobhan MacDermott who is a lecturer from DCU (Dublin College University). Siobhan was giving her opinions from the experts side of things while I was giving my opinion from the #SAHD side of things.

So, how was it?!

The Day I broke my TV Duck in RTE Green RoomIt was such an amazing experience.

The build up. The moments before going into the famous ‘Studio 8’. Meeting the presenter Taragh Loughrey-Grant. Going through the format, the flow of the show. Getting to talk about the most important part of my life – my family – in a live format was amazing.

Walking out of RTE on a complete high, head up, shoulders back, chest puffed out like a turkey.

Hard to top a feeling like that.

Bloggers meet up

So I wasn’t the only Daddy blogger there either. I got to meet my good blogging buddy Benny – aka Daddy Poppins – which was class as we’d never met in person.

Benny even kicked off our ‘He Said / She Said – The Bloggers Ed‘ series with an absolute cracker of a post. So it was great to chill out with him and have a bit of fun.

Turns out Benny was on the same programme albeit not on the same episode as me. So there are two Rearing to Go episodes everybody needs to keep their eyes peeled for!

Instagram & Insta Stories

Both of us are pretty active on Insta Stories (not following us? Shame on you!! Click here now > The Stented Papa & Daddy Poppins) so no doubt we’ll be promoting the life out of the programmes before & when they air (not confirmed yet but we were told end July / early August).

The start of something new?

Well I’m not sure what will happen. It’s out of my hands but all I’ll say is, I would love the chance to do something like it again (hint hint RTE!!!).

What I can say is I will be involved in another RTE show which airs in October. We shot that programme on the Sunday after I shot Rearing to Go (on the Wednesday) – it doesn’t rain but it pours (thankfully!!).

I’ve a blog coming which will explain more very soon!


Also … possible collaboration between The Stented Papa & Daddy Poppins maybe??!!!!

Hummmm. Watch this space folks, watch this space!!!

(No literally – watch our Insta Stories!!).

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  1. Wow! Not one but two tv appearances! You’ll have a presenting gig in no time. Looking sharp there with the neat beard too! Thanks for linking up with the #bigpinklink this week.

    1. Haha, thanks a million Louise!! Yep two! Still pinching myself. It was such a cool experience. Presenting gig?!! Wow, there’s a thought hahahaha. Thanks for reading! Cheers, Ross #BigPinkLink

  2. Congratulations on getting on TV! I’d love to work with other bloggers but I have no idea if there are any near me 🙁 #familyfunlinky
    Musings of a tired mummy…zzz… would luv you to read…5 funny little things about…My Profile

    1. Agh thank you very much. It was amazing and is now available to watch if you are interested? It’s only 10 mins long. Can you read & see it here > Thanks so much for reading. Cheers, Ross #FamilyFunLinky

  3. Avatar Nige says:

    Awesome mate happy you are achieving your goals that’s fab mate. I have never had goals just wrote and see what happens. Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please
    Nige would luv you to read…Making A Special Gift with Nuts For Gifts: Video SpecialMy Profile

    1. Thanks mate. It was amazing and is now available to watch if you are interested? It’s only 10 mins long. Can you read & see it here > Thanks Nige. Regards, Ross #ThatFridayLinky

  4. very cool man. Congrats #familyfun

    1. Cheers my man! Yeah, it’s fair to say I loved it!! Thanks for reading, Ross. #FamilyFun

  5. Avatar Kate says:

    I love how you loved it. I remember the excitement of my first telly appearance many years ago now.

    1. Thanks Kate. Did you love it? I did. But I haven’t seen it. I’ll see it when everyone else see’s it! But get this. I ended up doing two (very different) type of shows, both for the same TV station (RTE) within 4 days of each other. So in a strange course of action, the first show was a great prep for the second show. Amazing buzz. Thanks for commenting.Ross

      (BTW – Which linky did you come from?)

  6. Avatar Mama Grace says:

    Congrats! It’s great to achieve your goals but also you seemed to be having a lot of fun. #BloggersClubUK

    1. Agh thank you!! And I’m delighted to see that you see I was having fun. That’s very pleasing for me if I’m being very honest so thank you. It was great though! Thanks a million for reading. Regards, Ross #BloggerClubUK

  7. Can’t wait to see it Ross, I have no doubt you will be fab

    1. Thanks a million Laura. I’m looking forward to seeing it myself!! It’s be on the RTE player & the Lifestyle section of Thanks for reading & commenting. Chat soon. Ross.

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