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The Stented Papa & The Stented Missus

SAY HI TO David & donetta FROM dadvworld!

He Said She Said Bloggers Ed DadVWorld V LogoAyup, how are you lot? I’m just looking around wondering how I got here if I’m honest. But here I am, cheers Ross!

I’m David from DadvWorld and I write about my journey taking on the world as a Dad. Over on my blog you’ll see anything from light hearted opinions on parenting subjects, blogging tips, to product reviews and posts tackling serious parenting topics that relate to me. – That’s the intro bit done.

Well. For inspiration I decided to read the first  ‘He Said/She Said’ post from Daddy Poppins. My thought process went like this…

– Wow this is good

– Haha this is great

– Jeez that was a funny post

– SHIT! How do I follow that.

Maybe I make something up to get out of it? Then again Ross is a fellow Evertonian I can’t let him down, can I? Ah, stuff it I’m just put fingers to keys and see what happens…


He Said She Said Bloggers Ed #6 DadVWorldOut of all the options that were presented to me I went with ‘He Wants/She Wants’. Why, no idea! It turns out after several conversations about me writing this post, we agree about more things than is healthy in a marriage. If we continue in this form we’re going to end up as the ONE in the ONE in FOUR marriages that last!

We delved further. I’ve not thought this deeply about any of the posts on my own site! Anyway, turns out of course there are many things we want that are different. In most cases it’s rather She Wants/He Doesn’t Want.

He Said She Said Man from MarsHe Wants…

A nice quiet home life. You know the type, without a dog to trip over, feed or clean up after. We already have 3 kids and 2 of them eat like wild animals, one being 12 years old!

I quickly adapted to the fact that these little people will require wiping down with baby wipes several times a day and it doesn’t get any less despite almost 5 years of teaching them how to eat properly.

Having children is a pretty big responsibility and I like to have as few of those as possible so I can manage the ones I have better… Responsibilities not children!

Last thing I want…

He Said She Said Bloggers Ed #6 DadVWorldIs a pet! More responsibility. They’re worse than kids!

At least with kids you can sling them in the car, throw them an iPad and get on with your day.

Dogs aren’t even allowed in most places and when you go away overnight there’s these people that look after them and they’re called robbers.

Have you seen the prices?!

Shall we move on to the rats?

These are like dogs, only NO-ONE will look after these bleeders. There’s no rat-kennels! They’re also nocturnal. It’s like having all the responsibility with zero fun. WTF?! You have to feed and clean them, but they sleep all day and make a massive racket all through the night.

I just want to wake up, get on with some work, earn a few quid, keep the kids alive for another 24 hours and smile.

Nice and easy.

He Said She Said Woman from Venusshe wants…

To ruin my sanity.

The End.

Well, the way I’ve had it explained to me is, she wants…

A little four-legged friend for our 4 year old Corben to befriend and grow up with. Apparently it will help in our quest to teach him about responsibility. I’d agree if he didn’t only run around doing wrestling moves on her and loving her almost to death, literally. Cuddles or headlock, it’s anyone’s guess.

I suppose there is the added bonus that he helps feed the dog and clean up the shite in the garden. Oh wait, apparently ‘He’s only 4, take them gloves off him and Corben put that dog shit down’. So that didn’t quite work either.

‘Having pets is lovely, I remember loving my pets when I was growing up’. She said.

‘Yes but that’s because if you think back again, you weren’t cleaning up after the bloody things, your mum was’. He said.

Again, shall we move onto the rats?

They’re for the 12-year-old Abi. She’s been banging on about having her own pet for ages. Donetta, the wife, finally gave in (after 3 asks See * at the end of the post) and we went to Pets At Home.

He Said She Said Bloggers Ed #6 DadVWorldOf course you can’t have only one rat, they must live in at least pairs. Of course the shop happened to have 3 left, which means if we bought two, do the the maths… We ended up with all three!

Her point once more to support the She Wants theme, was that it will help with responsibility and it will be nice for her to have a little life to cherish and nurture.

Unless Abi can morph into Donetta’s body, I’m pretty sure the wife is the one that’s been doing all of the cleaning of the rats and their oversized cage. 

I would say long story short, but we’re way past that.

In summary…

He Wants: Quiet, easy life. Minimal responsibilities to enable maximum concentration on the ones already present.

She Wants: A dog and three rats.

Massive thanks to Ross for asking me to get involved in the He Said/She Said series. I’ve enjoyed writing this one, a lot more than I enjoy house training a dog anyway 🙂

*The 3 Ask Rule

Basically the children, even Corben, 4, have learnt that if you get a ‘NO’ to your question the first time around AND second time, then ask that golden third time and it’s always a ‘YES’. Sometimes said in the form of ‘Oh god, do what you want‘.

I’m at this blogging/social media malarkey 24/7, come have a look…

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14 Comments Add yours

  1. Avatar Mark says:

    I really liked the part the rats in this post. I am a bit of a rat fancier myself, and like I always tell my wife one rat is never enough.
    Mark would luv you to read…Rat Cage CalculatorMy Profile

    1. Can’t say I’m a rat lover at all being honest!!!! But then again, if we all liked the same things sure the world would be a fairly boring place right? Lol!!!! Cheers for reading Mark, really appreciate it. Ross

  2. Oh I’m totally with the easy life! No pets please. We like to go away spur of the moment, if we had pets to deal with it’d be the end of it! Love the rule of 3, I only have a 2 year old and I tend to bail at 3 asks ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    1. I’m for the easy life too but we have a dog and trust me, even if we went away last minute, we could probably arrange someone to mind the nips but getting the same person to take the dog as well is near on impossible! Dog shelters are also pricey and don’t normally do last minute bookings! Catch 22. Thanks for commenting! Ross #FamilyFunLinky #HeSaidSheSaidWed

  3. My partner hates all the noise and chaos of the kids playing but if they are getting along why stop them?! #familyfunlinky
    Musings of a tired mummy…zzz… would luv you to read…5 funny little things about…My Profile

    1. Why stop them is right?! They will only be young children for a very short time. For me, those noises (within reason of course!) should be cherished because once the innocence wears off them, it’ll be a very different story then!! Thanks for commenting! Regards, Ross #FamilyFunLinky #HeSaidSheSaid

  4. We go on holiday soon and it’s costing almost as much to board our two dogs for the week as it is for the holiday itself. And try walking two dogs while trying to hold onto a pushchair. Or hoovering the house every hour because you have two dogs and two cats shedding fur like it’s going out fashion. And don’t even get me started on the fish tank that needs water changes twice a week. Can you guess who chose all the let’s in our house? Yes, the bloke who works away for ten weeks at a time! It seems the 3 asks rule doesn’t work on me when the kids do it but my other half has it down to a t
    Alana – Burnished Chaos would luv you to read…15 products to make your family holiday run smoother this yearMy Profile

    1. Hey Alana, Jesus, that does sound like chaos!!! Dogs / fish / hair / hoover / feeding / walking / training / water changing and of course the most important part, the children! There’s simply not enough time in a day nor enough wine in the world! 3 ask rule > I normally cave in on #2 !!! Thanks a million for reading and commenting. Cheers, Ross #FamilyFun #HeSaidSheSaidWed

  5. Avatar Jaki says:

    Ah I really like this. Great series. #familyfun

    1. Agh thanks a million Jaki. #Highfive Cheers, Ross #Familyfun #HeSaidSheSaidWed

  6. Does the 3 ask rule work for you too David? Doesn’t work in this household!

    1. Not sure about David’s household Michael but I can tell you it sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t in our place. This is completely dependent on my / my wife’s mood of course!!! Cheers for reading man. Regards, Ross #HeSaidSheSaidWed

  7. Avatar Rebecca says:

    Ahh fab post! David isn’t going to stop whinging about the dog shit anytime soon is he?!

    1. Hahahaha!!! Doesn’t seem like it!!! Glad you liked the post. Thanks for your comment. Regards, Ross #HeSaidSheSaidWed

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