Jayzus vote for me in the Boots Maternity & Infant Awards 2017

Best Parenting Blog Orange
Vote No.1 The Stented Papa. Then No.2 & No.3 in the order of your choice (!!!!). P.S. All ‘promises’ WILL be broken.
Yeah Baby Yeah!!

Check this > I’m up for my first award!! And excuse me, it’s not just any oul award let me tell you. No, no, no. It’s only the ‘Boots Maternity & Infant Award 2017‘.

So like I said – Yeah Baby Yeah !!!

‘Man’ & ‘Women’!
Boots Maternity & Infant Awards
Vote ‘Meeeeeeee’!!!

So since becoming a #SAHD & Daddy Blogger – irrespective of what I am doing with the nips – 99.9% of the time I am the only male there amongst numerous women. From baby massage class’s to playdates to swimming class’s, I’m the man. Er, well I mean, I’m the only man (there!!).

And so it goes because guess what? Yep, I’m flying the Daddy Blogger flag in a group of 26 for the ‘Best Parenting Blog‘ gong. Sweet!

Yep that’s 25 Mammy Bloggers and me on me jack-jones ‘biggin up the Dads‘!

Now check this out > the Mammy Bloggers in this category are feckin unreal at what they do & what they write about. They are amazing bloggers who have won heaps of awards between them and rightly so. But it’s not just their blogs, it’s their whole online presence. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc. I am delighted to be in the company of these brilliant women (as always!).

FYI – With my tongue pressed firmly to my cheek, I did suggest to the agency behind the awards to simply create a separate category of ‘Best Daddy Blogger‘ & seeing as though I’m the only Dad there, I win….(right?!!!!).

But…for some strange reason, they just wouldn’t go for it 🙂 !!

Boots Maternity & Infant Awards Best Parenting Blog Orange Advert
Vote for Goodie! The Stented Papa dot com !

So this is my calling card for every Daddy blogger & Mammy blogger / Dad & Mum / Man & Woman / boy & girl / dog & cat with thumbs to cast their vote for The Stented Papa’s blog.

Think of me as the ‘66/1 rank outsider Irish trained ‘GG” running in the 3.30 at Cheltenham. Well, saddle me up & call me Shergar! (who, for the record was never a rank outsider nor a 66/1 shot – I’m betting!!).

Come on folks, back the outnumbered / outsider / Irish male grey balding man GG / with a love for wine / blogger 🙂

It’s also worth noting btw that I also have – by a country mile – the WORST logo of the group. Truth be told, it’s not even an logo, it’s my ‘image’ which I fleeced off the internet! Man, I need to get a proper image. Pull your socks up Shergar FFS.

Alright man, enough now, how do I vote?
  1. Click > Best Parenting Blog
  2. Look for the worst looking logo there that says ‘Daddy‘ at the bottom right corner! Yeah, that’s it. Just ‘Daddy. Nothing else on it. Nothing at all. The Daddy is bear naked. Not a good sight.
  3. ..But…thankfully my ‘site‘ is awesome! Boom-Boom (Well, my wife tells me it is so there!)
  4. Click that gammy looking, bear naked ‘Daddy‘ logo & press the blue vote button
  5. Then – like I always say in my posts – go ‘Share-the-shit-out-of-it‘ 🙂
  6. No seriously… please do share the shit out of it. On all platforms. Might help if they have email or general access to a laptop. Oh yeah….internet access too.
  7. Attack your social media channels.
  8. And … breath.
Thank you

Personally, if you ask me, against these amazing bloggers, I know I don’t stand a snow balls chance in hellsinki! However, I am utterly delighted to be included in the same category as you lovely amazing ladies. As my youngest daughter (2) would say, ‘hank yoooou’.

Finally let me thank anyone who decides to vote for me – then please refer to Step 5 & 6 above!!

You legends you!!!

Boots Maternity & Infant Awards Header

btw…Never miss an opportunity…

Thought I was finished didn’t ya!

On Tuesday this week, I pushed a post about our ‘Personalised Baby Board Book‘ business which we’ve decided to re-launch very soon, called ‘Booky Wooky‘. All parents should take a peek.

And on Wednesday, I made my TV Debut on RTE Player!

Woo-hooo! (Check them out if you’d like).

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  1. Avatar Bec Webb says:

    Voted! Good luck!!

    1. Yes!! Thank you Bec. Really Appreciate it! Cheers, Ross.

  2. Avatar Rich Sayers says:

    Done mate good luck

    1. Cheers Rich, really appreciate it man. Thanks Ross.

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