First MailChimp campaign goes into Gmail ‘Promotions’ tab, arrgghhh!

MailChimp ImageThanks Gmail. Thanks a lot. OK so, after a shit load of serious procrastination – which as it turns out, I’m shit hot at – about 3 weeks back I finally completed my set up & sent out my first ‘successful‘ MailChimp campaign to my blog subscribers. After it, I was so happy with myself, I literally felt like a ‘dog with two mickeys‘.

Ya see, I’d been ‘pricking‘ around (get it?! 🙂 ) with this for ages. I added a ‘Never miss another post, subscribe here‘ (you know those really feckin annoying pop ups that 99% of people ignore unless you promise to give them like, a thousand quid or something?!) using the WordPress app ‘Sumo‘.

Manual Outreach

So then I was going great guns sending messages to anyone with a phone & workable fingers asking them if they would help support me by subscribing to my blog. Not one person declined which I was amazed, but delighted with.

Feel good factor was high.

Then I started our ‘He Said / She Said – The Bloggers Ed‘ series and as part of anyone signing up, they agreed to also subscribe to my blog and way more bloggers have signed up than I’d expected so again, I was rocking the feel good vibes.


MailChimp D'ohBut like a prick with ears, I never linked Sumo to MailChimp.

I had everything set up on both platforms but because they couldn’t ‘talk‘ to each other, not one of you kind folks have ever received any of my new posts over the last 6 months or so.

Well, Fuck, Shit & Bollox. Feckin clown ya.


Anyway, I found out that Sumo wanted me to upgrade to complete the integration and I saw they had 40% off RRP so I though ‘yeah baby, let’s do this‘.

Yeah right…..Annual fee of $349 in one go !!!! FUCK OFF pal.

And that’s with the 40% off BTW – pay monthly and it’s close to $600 p/a (at $49 p/m).

Any more jokes?

Anyway, I did it my own way and got my first campaign out. Cracked open a bottle of Lidl’s finest/ cheapest plonk and scratched my nuts delighted with meself.

Kick my in the ‘Zhimmies’

I didn’t think much of it at the time – and separate to this, I  recently joined my daughters primary school ‘Parents Association‘ and we’ve just completed a campaign – and the same thing happened.

MailChimp NoooooooWhat happened?

Gmail delivered the email into the feckin ‘Promotions‘ tab as opposed to the ‘Primary‘ tab. Deadly. Just brilliant.

Cheers Gmail (& I’m guessing Yahoo/Hotmail/Outlook etc etc do something similar?!).

Now, if you’re like me and check both tabs then you’ve probably seen it & opened it (I hope!). For those who did open it – #highfive!

But if you’re not, and the ‘open rate stats‘ tell me that a lot of you didn’t (or did see it & just ignored it!), I’m here to help you sort this major catastrophe out!

5 Steps to sort this out

Trust me, this is quick & painless.

To ensure you always have eyes on my new posts – in your ‘Primary‘ tab where they should be – please take 2 mins and do the following:

MailChimp Image #1

then for No. 5, simply click ‘Yes‘ for all future email from me to go to your ‘Primary‘ tab…

MailChimp Image #2

Phew – thank Christ that’s that sorted out 🙂


(here’s that annoying pop-up that everyone ignores – well, God loves a trier!!!)

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