He Said / She Said – Bloggers Ed #16 One Yummy Mummy

He Said / She Said - The Bloggers Ed One Yummy Mummy


“Folks – hold onto your shit now cause let me tell you something. We have blogging royalty as our guest blogger this evening! I shit you not. Last Friday myself & The Stented Missus were finalists at ‘The Boots Maternity & Infant Awards 2017’ and let me tell you my head was poppin because of the blogging company I was keeping at our table! The creme de la creme of Irish bloggers – (and then there was me hehehehe!!!). We had a ball and a great laugh and I’m absolutely delighted to tell you we have the winner of the ‘Best Parenting Blog’ Award 2017 for tonights He Said / She Said – Yeah Baby Yeah”.

Hey! Fancy getting involved? Yeah? Click the magic button & take your seat!”

The Stented Papa & The Stented Missus


He Said / She Said - The Bloggers Ed One Yummy MummyHey guys , It’s  Jolene here from One Yummy Mummy!

I’m a food and parenting blogger (can I mention it’s multi award winning without sounding like I’m blowing my trumpet?) No? I won’t then!

I’m super chuffed that Ross has asked me to take part in the He Said / She Said series as I’ve been a fan from afar for ages.

I met The Stented Papa and Mama at the recent Maternity and Infant awards. We were both up for best parenting blog and had a blast hanging out with the pair of them.

The essence of my blog is food and parenting, I love to cook and feed people up. Think of me as the old school Irish Mammy (with a love for rock music, red wine and a wicked sense of humour).

So let me tell you about himself. My other half…..

He doesn’t blog, in fact social media as a whole is a bit of a minefield to him.  He’s the measured chilled out one, never gets his knickers in a twist. Ive big enough twisted knickers for both of us! He loves the outdoors,  in fact he loves the outdoors so much only comes inside for dinner 🙂 

“What’s in that shed, that’s what I want to know?”

(I’m joking!!)


Mars & Venus He Said She Said Bloggers Ed

Well we selected ‘He Cooks / She Cooks’.


He Said = Because you love cooking hun? And you’re the star of the moment eh….

She Said = NO! – ‘maybe’ because you still can’t work the oven!

He Said = It’s a new oven!

She Said = We’ve had it over a year.

He Said = What about the cheese toasties? You always say I make the best cheese toasties ever!

She Said = Ahh didn’t take him long to bring up his speciality Saturday morning hangover cure – ‘The Cheese Toastie‘. Yes they are the best *whispers* because they get handed to me and most Saturday mornings and I can be a little bit delicate. Shhhhh!!!

He Said / She Said Bloggers Ed Woman from VenusShe Said:

Can I just point out that i’m a feeder in the nicest possible way! I’m going to go back to the very start.

I remember the first time I cooked for himself. We just had moved into a rented gaff in Ranelagh. It was a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings.  While I was cooking it he proceeded to tell me how fussy he was and not to be offended if he didn’t eat it!!! (the cheeky bugger)

I placed the plate in front of him and according to legend it was that chicken that sealed the deal for him.

The one that sealed the deal! ‘The Legend’

At first he thought it was a fluke.

This was very much the honeymoon stage of our relationship and because he was enjoying my cooking so much, unfortunately I kept feeding him up.  He swelled up like a balloon!!!

(Ah but I’ve got better at portion control now? Well slightly anyway!).

He’s back down to his regular size now but when it comes to creating recipes, he’s been my guinea pig for the blog.

It has kinda helped me that he can be fussy, because he will always tell the truth (however he likes to take a little bit of the credit for the recipes on the blog, like quality control!).

Because I do all the cooking this means his kitchen duties include – making the cup of tea after dinner, bringing my wine into me on a Friday night & the hangover cheese toasties on a Saturday morning and that’s really it.

Thinking about it not, not a bad deal eh…?!!!

He Said:

He Said She Said Bloggers Ed Man from MarsI honestly thought that first chicken dinner she cooked had to be a fluke! It was the juiciest chicken ever, I think I recall her putting an apple and an onion up the chicken’s butt!  

Culinary skills I had never experienced in my life before.

But  yeah, she used to over do it with the portions.  I was like  ‘Desperate Dan FFS’!  Making a steaming half stone of spuds mash them adding real butter and cream and piling them so high on the plate, I couldn’t see over them. 

“I have never tasted creamy buttery mash like it before ever, with not a lump kind in it. I’d hardly be able to finish them (sounds like torture eh?!)”

Ah and then there’s the chicken satay, apparently this one so easy to whip up (even I could do it!). But what’s the point in that, sure she does it so well? especially with the new cooker. I’d have to get the manual out.

I do make a mean cheese toasty tho..  Did she tell you about that no?!

I always say I’ve landed on my feet good and proper tho, when it comes to the cooking. Her blog is up for an Irish quality food award this Thursday for ‘Blogger of the Year!’

I’m so proud of her, but shhhh don’t her her that. She’ll think I’m gone soft in me old age!

She Said:

Ahhh, thanks hun x …. more spuds?!!

Thanks a million guys for taking part in ‘He Said / She Said – The Bloggers Ed’, great having ye both!

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  1. Haha this sounds like the hubby and I! I’m definitely a feeder and he always complains that my portion sizes are too big (whilst scraping his plate.) The hubby does not cook. Not even a cheese toasty. In fact I may need to send him for lessons! 😉 Congratulations on the award! x

    Thanks for linking up for #DreamTeam Ross! x
    Rhyming with Wine would luv you to read…The Zombie Stew, The Blood and The Biscuit Tin…My Profile

  2. Avatar Jaki says:

    Brilliant. I can tell you are still a little giddy at all of this! Glad you had a great night and got a great addition to your blog out of it! Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again next week. X

  3. Avatar Sumra says:

    So funny! I loved reading “he said” from your point of view, too sweet. #dreamteam

  4. This was too funny! But I’m not one to complain about too much creamy buttery mash — my favourite food in all the world!
    Jean | DelightfulRepast.com would luv you to read…Travel Review – Paso Robles Wine Country – Allegretto Vineyard ResortMy Profile

  5. Avatar Naomi says:

    Great post, I’m lucky that my OH is an amazing Cook! #DreamTeam
    Naomi would luv you to read…Days Out // Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary & Wildlife CentreMy Profile

  6. Aw what a brilliant series! This was really fun to read. I love the more spuds line! It was fab meeting you & the Mrs at the awards!

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