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Irish Independent Article Parents Then Vs NowDo modern-day mums and dads have it tougher than their own parents?

Now that’s a tough one! It was however the exact question I was asked by fellow blogger & best-selling author Jen Hogan when she contacted me to asked if I would like to contribute to an article she was writing for the Irish Independent (Ireland’s best-selling national broadsheet paper).

“The topic grabbed me immediately. The author appealed to me at the same speed. The lure of appearing in the Indo?, – well of course that drew me in too. For me, the real beauty of this post was that it was also to include a parent to get their advice and that was what really appealed to me”.

Two generations, one article, same topic.
Irish Independent Me & Dad Oct'17
The Two Stented Papa’s

I thought there’s amazing potential for this article – and I wanted in. Now I just had the small matter of convincing my Dad (who for the record is also a ‘Stented Papa‘!!) to get on board.

Dad has in his past been on TV & in numerous papers but it is fair to say that blogging – or more to the point, being a blogger – isn’t a natural fit for him. He’s very supportive even though it’s like a foreign language!

However and much to my absolute delight, without a moment’s hesitation he gave me a firm ‘Yes‘. Happy days Pops, happy days!

In Print & Online
Irish Independent Article Printed Version
Printed Version 01/11/2017

Being a blogger, clearly online articles, post, mentions (etc) are second nature not to mention my preferred option.

That said, I was more excited about going to the local newsagents to buy the printed version of the paper just so I could skip everything and go straight to the article!

Silly? Maybe – Exciting? Definitely!

So who has it harder? Us or our Parents?

Well you’ll just have to read the article to find out what Jen, Jolene & her Mum and Myself & my Dad think!

So if you haven’t clicked in the article via any of the links above, to read it, simply click below

Do modern-day mums and dads have it tougher than their own parents?

special thanks to…

Jen Hogan – who blogs at Mama-Tude,is the author of this article. It is an amazingly well written & structured article. That is of zero surprise really considering Jen is not only a blogger, but is also a best-selling author after her debut book ‘The Real Mums Guide to Surviving Parenthood‘ went to the top recently. She’s also a freelance writer, a TV & Radio contributor and oh yeah, a Mum to 7! #Amazing 🙂 

Co-contributor in the article is the Multi-Award winning blogger, Jolene Cox – who blogs at One Yummy Mummy. Recent winner of the ‘Best Parenting Blog’ award The Boots Maternity & Infant Awards AND the following week she was selected as the ‘Food Blogger of the Year‘ #Amazing 🙂






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  1. Avatar Helen Gandy says:

    Ohh that’s interesting article and I have to be honest I’d not really considered it before but perhaps we do have it harder! I think we certainly have alot more to juggle. Thanks so much for linking up #BloggersBests
    Helen Gandy would luv you to read…Looking after your Skin in Winter.My Profile

    1. Hey Helen! Yeah I think we defo have way more to juggle for sure. I’m not saying our parents didn’t have to juggle – they did – but it’s very different today for sure. Thanks a million for reading, glad you liked it. Regards, Ross #BloggersBests

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