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Now this TV show I seriously enjoyed making!!

The TV crew came up to our house on two separate occasions, once before Christmas 2017 & once in early January 2018 for two full days of shooting. We felt like lords!!!!

The topic of our show?

Food waste & how much it’s costing us. Make some simple changes and see how much we could save. Sounds fairly simple right? Trust me, it takes planning!


It was bananas – we really felt like some form of celebrities!! Watching 4 or 5 cars roll up outside the gaff including The Presenter (Philip Boucher-Hayes), a Director, a Producer, an Assistant Producer, Cameraman & Sound Engineer x2 with all the equipment and all in our house!!!

Series 3
S3 E6 This is our episode
Source: www.rte.ie

Ross & Philip Boucher-Hayes Our episode (6th of 6) aired on Ireland’s National Broadcaster – RTE1 – on Thursday just gone (19th April 2018). The fact that this show is into it’s 3rd Season shows it has an audience. It also get’s decent media coverage like this & this. Now, I can’t lie and say I’ve seen them all – I haven’t – but I have seen a fair few of them and it’s genuinely a very informative show.

Mini Panic!

Having pushed the word out that The Stented Family were gonna be back on TV again, it’s suddenly dawned on us that we had absolutely zero idea how we would be edited. In fact, we had zero idea how long we’d even be included in the show!!

Panic over!

We were in this show quite a bit. The editing was great. Our house looks great (not always like that but let’s be honest, if you know your place is gonna be on national telly, you’re gonna clean like you’ve never done before!). We look great – so we’ve been told!!! Happy Days!

The show is available online until Sat 19th May 2018. RTE don’t allow you to embed their player into 3rd party blogs/sites but don’t panic – I’ve the links below for you to watch:

So that’s my 4th TV appearance in the last 8 months – not bad for a #SAHD who punches the keys every now and again 🙂 !!!

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  1. Avatar Jaki says:

    Well, look at you! I will have to mosey on over and have a watch! It seems to be going really well for you – great stuff! Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales, we’d love to see you back again on Tuesday!

    1. Thanks a million Jaki. Hopefully you git to see it? Thanks for commenting. Chat soon, Ross #TriumphantTales

  2. Ooo well done on your a lister experience!!! Looks like great fun#triumphanttales
    Daydreams of a mum would luv you to read…Happy Birthday Mam. I should probably fill you in on some things…My Profile

    1. Thanks Kelly. Agh stop, it was class. I was thinking ‘so this is how the celebs do it ha?’ hehehehehehe. Great buzz I have to say. Thanks for reading & commenting. Ross #TriumphantTales

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