Summer Painting Project

Painting a Wall at Home

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post with Johnston's Paint where 
no payment was made however the 'Revive' paints where very kindly 
provided free of charge by Johnston's Paints.

….was inch perfect. It was like there was a camera on myself & the Stented Missus. Literally about 36 hours earlier, the missus had sent me a list of ‘Summer DIY jobs‘ that she’d like to get done. Next thing I know, I’m calling her into the office saying ‘Hey, check this out!‘.

Johnstone's Paints Gift SetAlex, a representative of Johnston’s Paint had gotten in touch enquiring if I’d like to work with them on any up & coming projects for the summer. They had just released a new range of paints called ‘Revive‘ which would be perfect for any summer projects I might have.

This was like a letter from the DIY Gods to the Missus! She practically went weak at the knees as she read it and being as shit at DIY as I am loving a good DIY task as I do, I was also jumping for joy (yay!).


All messing aside, I genuinely like painting. I find it relaxing and once it’s completed, there’s a serious bang of self fulfilment from it. That plus I love the nips watching their parents doing tasks around the house themselves. It can only help them for when they get older.

Our little designer

Mia Designing the GardenSince Nip1 was a toddler she has been into design. Between 2 & 3 years old, not long after she graduated into her first real bed – which was pink – she wanted it painted red (her favourite colour at the time) so that’s what we did.

Curtain co-ordination, duvet / blanket choices, ‘do you know what would look good here‘ type of conversations – from a seriously young age, she’s had an eye for these sort of things.

As she’s gotten older – now 6 (bloody hell!!) her eye for design is still there albeit not as much I have to admit as other interests have developed. That said, one day when she was out with the missus, they were in Urban Outfitters and she spotted this…..

Multi Coloured Doors

and immediately said to Mamabear ‘That’s how I want my wall to look Mum‘. The Missus sent it onto me and I was thinking, ‘Yeah, that’s deadly looking‘ …..then the penny dropped that it was me who was going to be painting it!!!

……Jayzus, she couldn’t have picked one colour no? Maybe two max?!!! Not likely pal. Multi-Colours. In a variety of shapes and sizes. Deadly. Cancel everything. Dada’s gonna be stuck in a heap of paint tins for the foreseeable future 🙂

Joint Effort

To be fair, it wasn’t just me. The Missus mapped out the layout on the wall with various shapes of squares & rectangles. She actually started with some tester pots from a rival paint company whom I won’t mention but let’s just say they start with a D and end with a X – I’ll let you do the maths!- as we had a few left over but they weren’t great being honest. The Missus & Nip1 had 4 squares done with that paint before swapping over to Johnston’s Paints and the difference was really significant between the two brands.


As “Hannibal” from the A-Team always said -‘I love it when a plan comes together’. I was loving this task. Sorting out which colour goes where. Getting the Frog Tape out and marking out each space one at a time. Then comes the money shot – did I get the lines correct? Was I over the lines? Not gonna lie, the odd place I was but for about 95% I was spot on and that feeling was absolutely class.

Watching each space take it’s place fully painted gave me unbelievable self satisfaction. I’d stand back and admire it as if it was the Mona Lisa herself! ‘Go on ya good thing ya‘ …. I’d say to myself 🙂

Slow Progress

Slow Turtle PainterIt wasn’t fast that’s for sure. More to the point, I wasn’t fast if I’m brutally honest. The Missus then tells me that I’m never fast in anything I do which doesn’t  of course comes as a huge surprise (it does alright alright!!!!!).

To be fair, we were hit with a cold/flu type bug which KO’d us individually one by one which being a SAHD means you get wack all done as you’re looking after the little sick ones. Then it hit me so the painting had to be paused until it shifted.

The Finished Article

Man, the sense of achievement when I removed the last bit of Frog Tape was phenomenal I kid you not. Nothing like a finished article wha?!!! Well here it is in all’s it’s glory. And the main part is Nip1 absolutely loves it. The only downside is it’s highlighted just how much the rest of the walls need to be painted!!!! Now, where’s me brushes…….

I’ve two more projects to complete also thanks to Johnston’s Paint so watch this space for my reviews of them. Although at this rate, these other ‘summer project‘ have well and truly become ‘winter projects‘ hehehe.

Check out the Revive paint range online or at your local Johnston’s Paint stockists. They get the Stented Papa’s seal of approval for sure. Quality paints.

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  1. Avatar Debasree Das says:

    nice post. I just love it.

    1. Thanks a million!!

  2. Avatar Portella says:

    Cool idea! Now I know what to get up to.

    1. Great Stuff – glad to have helped!

  3. Avatar Jaki says:

    So… I have this painting project that needs a pro getting involved in…. know anyone? 🙂 In all seriousness, we haven’t used Johnsons paints before, but those colours are awesome. I will bear them in mind in future. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales.

    1. Hehehe, I might!!! Well whatever your project is, I can defo recommend Johnstone’s for sure. Thanks Jaki. Chat soon, Ross #TriumphantTales

  4. Avatar Nige says:

    Loving the finished article great vid, Johnstone’s are a great brand of paint Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week
    Nige would luv you to read…The Importance Of SEO For My BlogMy Profile

    1. Cheers Nige. Coming from a DIY expert such as yourself, I’ll take that as a compliment! Yeah to be fair, their paints are quality. I’ve two more jobs to do in the house so I’ll be back with another video pretty soon. Thanks for commenting. Ross #ThatFridayLinky

  5. Avatar Wrae Sanders says:

    I love the bright colors in the pictures. They look fantastic.
    Wrae Sanders would luv you to read…Drinking, Drugs and Your Teen: Tips for DiscussionMy Profile

    1. Well thank you very much Wrae! Have to admit I’m pretty happy with it myself. Thanks for reading & commenting. Regards Ross

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