My Stents are 3yrs old Today!

The world is changing. Technology is changing. In fact, the world is being changed by technology. Mindsets are changing. The workplace is changing. ……. Life is changing.

Everybody’s life alters as they get older. It’s natural. Part of life and part of our time on this planet. No body is questioning that fact (that I know of) but for some, life change can be forced upon them completely unscripted.

I should know because I was one of them. But this is not a story of sadness, it’s in fact the exact opposite. And as my stents turn 3 today, I feel it’s appropriate to recap how I’ve gotten to where I am today – especially if you’re a new reader of my blog.

The Bad News:

What age are you again?

[I clearly remember the Cardiologist asking me this as he offered me a seat in his very swanky office. Internally I though ‘Shit, this can’t be good news if he’s started off asking me my age?’]

37″, I replied (with a huge gulp).

You have multiple signs of Heart Disease on both sides of your heart Ross. We need to take action”. 

BOOM. SLAP. WALLOP.  Just as if the original Batman & Robin just clocked me.

I’m sorry – I have what now?!

Less than 2 months later I had 4 stents inserted into my heart on the 6th January 2016. A date I’ll never forget……Em, wait a minute…. that’s 3 yrs ago today!

But little did I know at that moment sitting in the Dr’s office, those words and subsequently my tiny new best friends of miniature steel now living inside the main arteries of my heart would become the best bit of bad news I’ve ever received in my life. 


Because it opened my eyes. Needing stents in your heart will do that to you! I gave up work to become a full time Stay at Home Dad (SAHD). My daughters were 3 1/2 & only 8 months old at the time.

In this time, I’ve played a huge role in rearing our girls. I’ve literally watched them grow, change & develop into amazing little people. I get to do what my Dad never got the opportunity to do, but it’s not just him it’s so many other parents.

Nip 2 (left) now 3 1/2 & Nip 1 (right) now 6 1/2 – Peace Man!!

There is simply nothing better I love doing than spending quality time with my wife & daughters. It’s been a phenomenal journey to date and one which I know can only get better.

My Stents Open Doors……

The Nips aside, it’s also allowed me to become a blogger. A Daddy blogger no less and one of the few in the entire island of Ireland.

BTW – Shout out for (the majority of) the Irish Dad Bloggers crushing it!!

Guys you should 100% check out…

Daddy Poppins, OMG Family Life Food, Not Just a Princess, Digital Dad Diary, Scantily Dad, Bearded with Boys, Two Nerds and a Baby, JamesyNI, Clara & Carl, The Walking Dad & The Kid Trotter.

(If I’ve missed anyone else, I’m blaming Facebook !!!!)

The Stented Papa was born around the same time I became a SAHD – around March 2016. Writing about me & my family and how I see things in general has opened up numerous doors which I wouldn’t have even dreamed of prior to my heart issues.  

Opportunities such as coverage in both National & Regional Newspapers both online and in print. TV appearances on 3 separate shows no less – with a new one coming very soon ye-haw!!!!

Radio appearances on Today FM & on Victoria Mary Clarke‘s show along with blogging award nominations – in 2017 I was the only Daddy Blogger in the entire country to make the final of ‘The Boots Maternity & Infant’ Awards in the category of ‘Best Parenting Blog’!

This month I’ve just started off my new ‘residency‘ (love that word!!!!) as the Daddy Blogger Voice for Family Friendly HQ – happy days! Click here to read my post for them with many more to come.

If someone had of told me all this was on the cards simply if I starting blogging, I would have struggled to believe them! 

Bad news? What bad news?!!

I only see positive news here. Bloody hell what a transformation in life terms!

So yes I received news of a serious illness. One that’ll stay with me until my toes curl permanently upwards. And yes I’ve had to deal with it – both mentally and physically which took a bit of time I’m not going to lie to you. Yes I’ve had to change my diet and exercise routines. Yes I’ve had to change full stop. But we all change to a certain extent over time anyway….right?

But let’s looks at the positives here – because that’s what my story is about, positives baby!!! 

  • I didn’t have a heart attack and keel over a relatively young man – I was lucky and got warnings
  • I got fixed – the main point!
  • I get to spend quality time with my family every day
  • I get to watch my young daughters grow and develop every day
  • I get to praise my amazing wife for being a strong, confident woman who is the breadwinner and I couldn’t be prouder of her if I tried 
  • I get to write about our life and so far, it’s been very well received
  • I’ve recently launched an online business with my wife Mel called Booky Wooky (.ie) which allows anyone with a child in their lives to create a beautiful child friendly board book full of their memories and important aspects of their lives and most importantly, making their child the star of the story. But don’t just take my word for it, check out other bloggers reviews here & here!

I’m able to do all this because change was forced upon me unscripted. Phenomenal stuff when you think about the context as to why it happened. 

Santa nearly shit himself when he saw me coming through the door 😂😂😂

I started off saying Technology is changing. Life is changing. Brass tacks – it’s the changes & advancements in medical technology that ensured I was back on my feet as quickly as possible after getting the stents and unlike many – my Dad included – I didn’t need my chest ripped open to do so. I say it again, ‘Yeeee-haawwww‘!

For that and the numerous reasons above I am a very happy, lucky man, hubby & dad and I am genuinely looking forward to taking 2019 by the scruff of the neck and CRUSHING IT 😉

So Happy Birthday to my 4 stents – ye’re playing a feckin blinder sunshine!!!

P.S. Did I say new TV show coming soon above?!!!! Watch this space!!!!! 

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Shank You Very Much

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  1. John Gatesby says:

    There is a famous proverb “when life gives you a lemon, you make lemonade out of it”, this is what you did and opened so many doors for you professionally and personally. Now you are making a huge difference in people’s lives through your own life story, inspiring them and enriching their lives!

    1. Hi there John, thanks a million for popping by my corner of the internet! I have 100% tried to have a positive mindset about having a serious illness and thankfully I’m still here to tell the tales. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and commenting on it. Considering your background & profession I’m very happy to hear your thoughts! Thanks again, Ross.

  2. Heather Keet says:

    This is proof that from the negative can come positive! I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you through technology, and even more glad that you are alive to know your daughters thanks to the quick intervention and some handy metal pieces – this probably qualifies you to call yourself Iron Man. #GlobalBlogging

    1. Hey Heather! Jeepers, this comment ended up in spam – hence the late late reply! Not too sore about being called Iron Man (hehe) but the handy metal pieces and quick action has 100% ensured I am still here to raise my two amazing girls. Life is good. Thanks Heather and sorry again!! Ross #GlobalBlogging

  3. Both my dad and mother-in-law have stents but they are in their 70’s – heart disease does not discriminate against age and anyone can get it. Sometimes you are born with it. But it’s about what changes you make in your lifestyle to ensure longevity. Yes it is a lifelong disease but these days the survival rate is so much higher than many years ago before excellent medical technology was introduced. I am glad that you have a positive outlook on life and not allowing your medical condition to prevent you from living a full life #triumphanttales

    1. You are completely right, heart disease does not give a flying F*@$ what age you are, young or old. It’s medical advancements that amaze me and have kept my body alive no more than your Dad & Mother in Law. Amazing to think mid 70’s and not a bother to them. Brilliant. Positive mindset is they only way. Thanks a million for your commenting. Chat soon, Ross #TriumphantTales

  4. It’s amazing what technology can do now for medical matters – so glad you’re still fighting fit and enjoying life to the fullest!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

    1. Well now you’ve said it!!! It’s absolutely mind blowing what they can do – and trust me, am I thankful they can! Loving life – the way it should be. Hopefully see you at #TriumphantTales next week. Cheers Lianne. Ross

  5. Crummy Mummy says:

    Happy birthday – I think! Love your positive take on it all #ThatFridayLinky

    1. Agh thanks a million Natalie!!!!! Oh it is a happy birthday for sure. These little stents are keeping me ticking over so long many that continue 🙂 🙂 Cheers, Ross #ThatFridayLinky

  6. Love the way you see the positivity, because some people can’t do that as well as you and that is sad. You have been through so much and your positivity is a great encouragement to others on how to face life shit stuff! Your wife is amazing too, what a inspiration you guys are as a powerful team. It is funny how life throws us things and then our whole world changes and we have to decide how to tackle it, well done to you, and happy birthday xx Thanks for linking up with us for #ABloggingGoodTime

    1. Ahwww, thanks a million Mac! What a lovely message to send and it has really made me feel better. So sorry for the delay in replying (like a year later!!!) but there were a bunch of messages that ended up in spam but weren’t spam! The stents have literally been a life saver. It’s mad to say this but getting such bad news about having a serious illness actually turned out to be the best bit of news ever as it’s lead to a fair bit of change it has to be said! Thanks a million for reading & commenting. Chat soon, Ross #ABloggingGoodTime

  7. Noge says:

    Happy birthday so glad it has all worked out for you being seriously ill as I know from last year puts your life in perspective Thanks for linking to #Thatfridaylinky hope to see you next week

    1. I think it’s fair to say the matters of the heart have defiantly affected us both, albeit in different medical circumstances. Still here to blog & tell the tail right?! Cheers Nige, thanks for reading & commenting. Chat soon my man. Ross #ThatFridayLinky

  8. Emily says:

    Love that you’re looking at the positives. Thanks for joining in with #ThatFridayLinky

    1. That’s how I roll Emily. It’s the only way. Thanks for reading & commenting. Ross #ThatFridayLinky

  9. What a lovely positive story. Happy Birthday to your stents, and congratulations to all you are achieving. #ThatFridayLinky
    Jo (A Rose Tinted World) would luv you to read…Why Does My Toddler Not Want To Toilet Train?My Profile

    1. Hey Jo, how are ya? Thanks a million for your comments, they are class! Onwards & Upwards right?!!!! Cheers, Ross #ThatFridayLinky

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