Not Just A Princess – Review/Giveaway!

Disclaimer : I was gifted two box sets by the owner of Not Just a Princess. One for personal use & one to give away in a competition on my blog & across my social platforms. This is not an Ad. It is a genuine review.

Mindset & Messages

Not Just A Princess

Both myself and The Stented Missus are huge believers in the power of positive thinking – particularly when it comes too helping our girls to believe they can be anything they want to be – both now & in the future.

This believe & self confidence starts when they are young and we believe it’s up to us as their parents to help install that belief in our children.

So when fellow Daddy Blogger Gavin Leonard asked me to offer my thoughts on his new books ‘Not Just a Princess‘ prior to release, I jumped at the chance as the theme of the stories married our belief – that girls can do anything they want to for themselves.

All girls can be strong, clever, inspirational & creative just to mention a few qualities and more importantly they can achieve anything they want to in life.

Zero shitty old fashioned stereotypes &/or gender specific job/sport/toy (etc) limitations here in our house thank you very much.

Equality. Parity. Balance. Fairness.

There are no such things as boys or girls toys – they are just toys. Same goes for sports & jobs. For anyone with their head stuck in their arse on this, it’s 2019 – get a grip.

The Stented Papa

The Message is Strong

The Not Just a Princess books send a very powerful message to young girls. They are not your average ‘prim & proper‘ princesses that we see all too often in TV shows & films.

Normally when something goes wrong for these types of Princesses, they need someone else to come to their rescue. Not surprisingly, normally that person is male.

Huge Thumbs Up!

Princess Jade and a number of other Princesses are different. They are strong, brave & clever. They’re intelligent and possess all the capabilities needed to help and solve any issue which may arise. They don’t need to play the damsel in destress. Hell no. They can help themselves because they are ‘Not Just A Princess’.

This is why we love these books! They are perfect for our daughters. The message is strong. It ties in perfectly with the message we want our girls to recognise and embrace. For us, it started with Moana (brilliant film for numerous reasons) and now it’s continuing thanks to these books.

Age Makes a Difference

Nearly 4, Nip 2 is still too young to fully grasp the message behind the stories. That said, she is the Princess in our house. She loves being the girly girl. Dress up, stories, make up, playing with her dolls and accessories – she’s all in!

It’s one of the reasons she absolutely loves these books. The colourful designs, images & the fact there are Princessess in them is a winner for her. She loves hearing us read the stories to her – especially at bedtime.

The illustrations are amazing which appeals to both our daughters irrespective of age.

Nip 1 is head over heals in love with the books. She actually reads them to us at her bedtime now! She even brought them into school for her ‘Show & Tell‘ in assembly recently.

The Nips reading Not Just A Princess Books
Can’t Talk Dad…….Reading!!!!

It’s also important to point out that Nips 1 is not a girly girl at all. For example she won’t wear dresses/skirts/pink/anything with rainbows (even though she loves them in the sky!) nor will she play with anything tradition has told us are ‘girls toys‘.

Truth is she never did. From birth, she’d take a tank or racing car over a baby or doll all day long and that’s why she absolutely loves the message in Not Just A Princess.

As we keep saying to her – ‘it’s OK to be different‘ and reading about a Princess who is a mechanic / firefighter / inventor just to name a few is like music to her ears.

Kickstarter Campaign

Gavin launched his business yesterday (26th March 2019) on Kickstarter and absolutely crushed it!!! Target reached in under 2 hrs!! That’s simply phenomenal and very well deserved. But don’t just take my word for it, you can check out his Kickstarter page and make your pledge. Trust me, there’s an option for everybody there.

As a small business start up & a fellow Irish Daddy Blogger – I want to see him succeed. Let’s get behind his business and support the small start up guy with a family who is trying to bust a gut to make Not Just a Princess a success. So go on guys, give Gavin your support.

Giveaway Time

Gavin has very kindly given me a brand new box set to give away. We have read all 6 books over and over and can’t wait for the next set to be released – trust me, you will love them as much as your children will.

So to be in a chance of winning this brilliant gift set, all you have to do is

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That’s it. I’ll announce the winner on Sunday 7th April just after 7pm so get cracking & best of luck!

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P.S. If you don’t win, I’d highly advise you to buy a box set anyway. You will not be disappointed.

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  1. what a fab book! I’m all for equality and I want my boys to be able to make a meal and do household chores aswell as the stereotypical male things. I might be the only one who can cook, but Hubby does the cleaning around the house and I think that helps show the boys that anything is possible for everyone no matter age, race, sex or religion!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow.

    1. Hey Lianne, How are you? So sorry for the crazy late reply. Not sure how I missed your comment yet somehow I did!! These books are amazing. Our girls loved them. Empowering children to understand that there’s nothing they can’t achieve once they set their minds to it is such a powerful narrative. Wrap it into a great story with lovely illustrations and you can’t go wrong! Thanks again for reading & commenting. Chat soon, Ross #TriumphantTales

  2. These books looks like a great additon to any bookshelf but particularly for inspiring girls. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

    1. They really are. My two girls absolutely love them and the message they deliver. I’d highly advise buying a set. Thanks Laura. Ross #globalblogging

  3. Avatar Rosie Doal says:

    These look like such cute little books and educational too x #TriumphantTales

    1. They really are Rosie! They are a huge hit (in general) and with my two girls. Quality stories with an inspirational message in each one. Thanks for commenting, Ross #TriumphantTales

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