'Our' new Podcast is nearly ready!

What’s this you say? A new Podcast? ‘Our’ new Podcast?

Oh hell yeah folks, you better strap yourselves in because it’s almost ready for take off!

Jayzus Sakes – not another feckin Podcast?!!

Alright alright, let’s not get your knickers in a twist just yet!

Let’s be honest here, there’s feck all decent Dad podcasts (in Ireland anyway) and we’re gonna change that.

So I’m absolutely buzzin to confirm that myself and another Dad – who also happens to blog as the ‘Digital Dad‘ – have teamed up to start our very own Podcast.

Who’s the Digital Dad?

Well unless you’ve been living under a rock, he’s probably the best followed Dad blogger in Ireland – or certainly one of them for sure.

He writes on a regular basis on RTE’s website (Ireland’s National Broadcaster’s website) as well as his own blog but in my opinion, where you’ll get the best of his take on parenthood – worts & all – is on his Facebook & Instagram pages.

So if you haven’t followed him yet – get on it! Here’s a snippet or two of his wisdom!!!

What’s the name of the show?

We have a name but I’m keeping it under wraps for a wee bit longer ! You know for research purposes and anticipation!

But if you follow Digital Dad you’ll already know his sense of humour plus you’ll also know mine from reading my blogs and articles so I truly believe we’re a good match up for the show.

The gas things is? We only met each other in person for the first time ever about a month ago! We decided to go for a few pints of the black stuff in Dublin and clicked immediately. Happy days.

Since then, we’ve met up a few times to record. At the time of writing this we’ve yet to complete the first pod, this will be hopefully done this side of Christmas so you lovely people can listen and judge the shit out of us for yourselves!!

What can you expect from the show?

Two Dad’s talking all things Parenting and beyond in an informal, chill out type of chat. You’ll get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

It’ll be honest, it’ll be raw, it’ll be fun, it’ll 100% have tongue n’cheek humour and it’ll have guests from time to time too. We’ll also be working on new segments which we’ll introduce as the pod grows.

That’s the nutshell version anyway.

Where can we listen to the show?

All normal podcast platforms e.g. Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Podcasts off the top of my head but no need to worry about that just yet as we’ll update you as we go.

Emm…Did I see ‘Live’ Show btw?!

That’s part of our planning for sure. Live Podcasting and Live Shows in the future. Bring it on.

Laters folks, chat soon.

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