Can dogs make you healthier?

Are you a ‘dog person’? Do you love having them in your lives? Are they part of the family? We are & yes he is. We’ve had Noodles since he was 8 weeks old. He was one of the cutest looking puppies I’ve ever seen and he’s still a head turner 2 1/2 years later….

Be Healthy

So I’ve joined up with a great concept in the US called Get ConnectDad which is a community of 150 Dads (Authors) in 15 Countries writing on 52 traits we want to install in our kids.  Further to that it’s about spending additional quality time with our kids each week and I really like the idea….

From 4 stents to 10 km

Yeah baby yeah – I’m still kind of in shock over this one but delighted with myself. In context of where I’ve come from, believe me when I say after getting the stents in, even walking 3 meters was very tough and slow. I felt like I was in the body of a 90 year old…

The Beard, The Buggy, The Baby, The Bike, The Toddler & The Dog

The title in a nutshell?! Me running, with whom & what I bring with me! Most mornings I do a run. I like running & in particular I like running outside, it’s my headspace, my time out of the house. Marathon runner I most certainly am not, no where near. I do what I feel is sufficient…

Papa Juiceman

Mia loves the small cartons of Apple Juice you get in Lidl and let’s be honest here, that’s because we use to buy them for her. But we always knew it was loaded with crappy sugars and just not good for her and we were sorry we ever bought them in the first place. So…