Broccoli, Spinach & Chicken Salad

Broccoli, Spinach & Chicken Salad

Kind of winged it here if I’m brutally honest but ya know what, this is a tasty salad.

While I’m on the honest buzz, normally I don’t do salads. All my life, I’ve never been into them. All I use to see was leaves – tasteless leaves, and lots of them.

Being told you need 4 stents will change your mindset like you would not believe – unless you’ve had stents that is – and now, I’m making an effort to eat them. I’m not saying I love them, but I’m trying!

This is a simple one to put together – here’s what you need :

  • Broccoli (raw or cooked, you choose. I’ve tried both, but prefer cooked)
  • Spinach (washed)
  • Chicken (shredded)
  • Tomatoes (baby or just chop a normal size tomato into chunks)
  • Cheese cubes (low fat option & not too much)
  • Pickled Onions
  • Spring Onions
  • Walnuts (great for your ticker)
  • Mixed seeds (also great for your ticker)
  • Balsamic Vinegar

Mix them all up in a bowl and serve. Not bad for a ‘bluff salad’ I’l’ tell ya 🙂

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