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‘He Said / She Said’ – The birth of!

When I started my blog in 2016, The Stented Mrs. suggested ‘Ya know what would be a great idea? For us to do a blog that highlights just how differently we view the world‘. ‘Hummm, interesting‘ I thought. So I said, ‘What, like an aul ‘Man vs Woman’ ding / dong type of thing?!‘ to which she replied ‘Spot on my Stented wan, you could call it He Said / She Said’.

And……B-O-O-M……and out it popped like a new born baba!

Ya know, a series of blog posts to allow us shout from the rooftops about just how different our mindsets are. And I’m talking about your every day run of the mill stuff/topics/situations.

And holy shit batman are we at opposite sides of the spectrum? I’m talking light years apart yeah – it’s a real ‘Men from Mars/Women from Venus’ shit!

Check out some comments!

But ya know what, we know we couldn’t be the only couple on the face of the planet who are like this. We also knew that anyone who reads them will immediately relate that post to their own life with their other half. Take a peek at some readers comments:

‘Hahaha!!! Brilliant!!! I love the way we get the story from both perspectives, and I love the very down to earth ‘Irishisms’ thrown in – ‘Ya Bollox’ made me snort!!’

(Left on He Said / She Said #1 by This Mums Life July 2016).

The reaction & comments we’ve received has proved we were absolutely spot on!

Hahaha…another rib tickling hilarious post. I must say that my husband and I tend to see “dirt” in different places, so i guess that makes us complementary!

(Left on He Cleans / She Cleans by Agent Spitback – August 2016).

It’s absolutely gas that so many of our readers go through the exact same experiences as us, albeit sometimes with a role reversal in some cases.

Loved reading this. My OH and I are very different in the spending department. He’s a bit like your Mrs. He’ll agonise for ages and rarely buys himself anything. I, on the other hand, can’t have money in my pocket for too long or I’ll implode!

(Left on He Buys / She Buys by Shinners & the Brood – January 2017)

Em, Where can I read them?!

Well funny you should ask that!! So to date, we’ve pushed 6 live with our 7th on it’s way very soon. For your utter convenience, you can check them out here:

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Announcing…’He Said / She Said – The Bloggers Edition’. #exciting

He Said / She Said The Bloggers EdAnd then we thought ..

Hang on just a God dam second, now we know 100% we are not the only ones going through this so what the hell, let’s open this bad boy up and see what happens?’ 

So I’m absolutely delighted to say ‘He Said / She Said – The Bloggers Ed‘ is kicking off on the 31st May 2017!!

We have a great line up of the most amazing bloggers around (which you will all know) and as long as there’s interest, I’ll push a guest blog live each Wednesday thereafter.

We are just delighted so many of you have said ‘Yes, I want in!‘. Agh man, this is gonna produce some funny shit!!

Want in? Join up with us and have some fun? Deadly – Sign up here 🙂  Do it, do it NOW!!!!