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Welcome back to #2 in our new series of ‘He Said / She Said’. We got such an amazing reaction to the first post in the series, thank you for all the comments. We are even happier to say, it was selected as #BigPinkLink 22 ‘Wow of the Week‘ blog AND a ‘Blog of the Week’ in #AnythingGoes – Happy days!!

So strap yourself in, this shit’s about to get real 🙂

Nutshell version:

This story revolves around the time when Mel found out she was pregnant with Nip#1 in 2011, how she told me and the importance a number of presents had on it all.

Man from MarsHe Said: 

We were lucky enough to have been in Germany to watch the Formula 1 in the Nurburgring, just me & The Missus. The Missus got the trip for me as a Christmas present the year before. To say it was the best sporting event I’ve ever attended would be an understatement, we had some serious crack at it and boy did we drink.

While there, I really liked the Red Bull jacket. It was class. It was fucking expensive is what it was. In the days of no nips, every penny (on this trip anyway) went on getting pissed, having a buzz and watching the F1 (hehe, in that order too might I add!). So we decided as much as I liked the jacket, it was too much cash to part with. Case closed. Back to the F1 and the jacket was well forgotten about after a few pints.

So moving forward a wee bit and we’re back home. One morning I was driving to work when I got a call from The Missus asking how far I’d gotten. Turns out I was only around the corner really so I pulled into the nearest petrol station and waited. The Missus arrives and gives me a decent sized box and says ‘Surprise‘!! She only gone online and bought the Red Bull jacket – bloody hell I thought, this is C-L-A-S-S. ‘Jaysus, I’ll keep you I said :-)’ & off to work I trot happy as a pig in shit.

So a few days later, I’m in the office and it’s mid afternoon ish. I’ve the Missus on Skype and we’re chatting. ‘Can you come home early?’ she says, ‘I’ve a surprise for you’. ‘Sure’, I reply, ‘home soon’. But internally I was freaking out thinking, ‘Balls, Balls, Balls….it’s my turn to buy a present, not The Missus. Quick, think, think FFS!’

So after racking me brains, what did I buy? …. A big oul bunch of lovely flowers…… Sure everyone loves a big oul bunch of lovely flowers. Yeah. Good man. That’ll do. Job done. Let’s go home now and surprise the Missus, sure she’ll love them. Happy days.

So when I got in, I ran upstairs with the flowers behind my back and before The Missus even drew breath, I yelled, ‘Surprise !!!! and voila, a big oul bunch of lovely flowers‘ (mental box check, ticked!!). And then I go (cooler than a bucket of ice), ‘So you had something to tell me?!‘  to which the Missus goes as she sits forward with a massive smile on her face. ‘I’ve something for you, but it won’t be here until the end of April?‘ …. Now, I’m on my knees in front of her and in my head all I’m thinking is ‘Shite, what Grand Prix is on next May?, Christ, she’s gone and bought more tickets – Yaaaaaahhhh-Hooooooo baby‘ … yeah, then the penny dropped 🙂

‘No??!! You’re not??!! You are??!! Really???!!! Yeah Baby Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!….. and she said ‘I’m pregnant, you’re going to be a Daddy, I’m going to be a Mammy, we’re going to be a family’. My heart beat went through the roof, I got the shakes and with a massive smile on my face I just let out a massive ‘Yaaaaahhh-Hooooooooo’ at the top of my lungs and gave The Missus the biggest hug & kiss ever.

After a few mins, I said, ‘So did ya get more F1 tickets na?!

Not feckin likely trout!


She said: Woman from Venus

So the way I found out I was pregnant was kinda funny – see I wasn’t really expecting it. I was out to lunch with a friend from work and I was telling her how I was exercising a lot but not shifting any kilos and jokingly she said ‘Oh maybe you’re pregnant?!‘. Then she turned around and pay the bill ….she didn’t see my face behind her in shock thinking ‘Oh my God…maybe I am pregnant!!!‘.

I didn’t say anything but walked back to work trying to understand if she could be right. I walked back to work with her and came straight back out the door again. I almost ran to the pharmacy to buy a test and sure enough it was positive! Just to be 100% I went to the doctors office – at this point I should probably point out that we lived in a small village so everything is local, close and easy to access. Within an hour I had found out the best news of my life – we were going to have a baby!

I wanted to tell Ross straight away but it’s not the type of news you tell someone over the phone or on Skype. I knew how excited he’d be so when I got back to the office I pinged him and told him I had a surprise for him and I wanted him to get home asap. I went home myself and honestly it felt like minutes were hours. I was thinking ‘Where the hell is he?? he should be home by now‘….tick tock….tick tock….’No seriously where the hell is he?‘….tick tock…..’Ah come on – what the hell can he be doing?‘ and then finally I heard the car pull in.

I was sitting there ready to burst with the news and I can hear him faffing about downstairs….then he swoops in to the room and before I can even look sideways there is a big bunch of flowers in my arms delivered with a big cheeky grin. It caught me a little off guard as I wasn’t entirely sure why he had just thrown a bunch of flowers at me! Then it clicked – this is why he was late but why the hell had he bought me flowers? He actually doesn’t believe in getting flowers (because they die = waste of money)!

I had practised how to say it but everything went out of my head at that moment, then out came “I have a present for you but it won’t be delivered till April…in roughly 9 months‘ and then I sat back waiting for the penny to drop. I watched as Ross was trying to figure out what it meant…..tick tock….and there it was, a massive smile, a big ‘Yeah baby yeah!’ ‘Yee-haw‘. Beautiful & funny.

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