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Booky Wooky Personalised Board Books 'Amazing Art'

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'Amazing Art'

Getting your child's art work home from school every Friday is a beautiful thing. Seeing how they're skills are developing week by week is amazing.

What's not amazing is figuring out where you keep them all?! Sure it's grand at the start, but come the end of even year one & you'll a huge pile of art in the corner. You don't want to throw out nor can you keep them! Arrrgghh - if only there was a solution?!

Lightbulb!!!! - Create a (number) of '[insert name]'s Amazing Art'! - Simples.

Putting their art work into their own board book ensures their work lasts the test of time and is presented is a beautiful hardback board book which is rip proof. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

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