Meet the troops….

Alrighty there, say hello to my little family 🙂

‘The Middle Aged Wans’

I’m The Stented Papa (Papabear to the girls) – aka Ross. I’m 38, originally from Longford, living in Dublin for 20 years bar 2 years in Wexford & 3 years in Cork. Currently living in Rathfarnham having lived on the North Side for years. Grey ‘santa’ style beard, slightly thinning on top, sports loving part time runner, bit of a gut, dodgy ticker. Likes me vino albeit severely restricted since getting my stents!

The Missus – aka Mel (or Melzer). My amazing partner of 7 years and counting. The woman who rocks my world and makes me feel like a champion. Sexy, Sassy, Funny, Tenacious, Tough just to name a few and an unbelievably great Mama. If this girl was a hotel, there wouldn’t be enough stars to give her, FACT.

‘The Nips’

Nip#1 – Mia – Our eldest daughter who just turned 4. Unbelievable little kiddo who knocks my block off in amazement every single day. Mia is an all round cooler (God knows where she gets it from haha), she vary rarely cries, is (nearly) always in a great mood, is fun, polite, does what she is told most times, loves her baby sister and is best buddies with Noodles. Equally as happy playing in a group as she is on her own, she is very independent and really determined to do things herself. O yeah, she is also a stunner. She’ll be picking them off like flies in the future! She hates ‘goodbyes’. Mia is an absolute joy to be around and is like a drug, I just want more, more & more.

Nip#2 – Elle – Our youngest daughter who will be 1 in July. Arriving 6 weeks early and after spending an extended stay in The Coombe before getting home, Elle gave us a fright but thankfully she is absolutely flying now. Very different in nature compared to Mia, Elle is cheeky, loud, can cry like there is no tomorrow when she wants to, impatient and is going to be a character! She loves people and being surrounded by them. She has the best smile in the world, her whole face lights up and in turn so does yours. At times, is the spitting image of Mia when she was a baby and at other times, looks nothing like her! I feel there may be trouble ahead with this little one!!

‘The Mut’

Noodles (the Ttoodle). Noodles has proven to be the toughest test of our parenting skills, and in comparison has made the girls look easy (at times). He’s nearly 2 years old and we got him when has was 8 weeks old. He is without a doubt, one of the coolest looking dogs you will come across but he is a handful. He got very jealous when Elle arrived but funnily enough, it wasn’t towards Elle or Mia, it was towards Me & The Missus. Lots of training later and we are all good now thankfully. I bring him running a lot and once he gets his exercise he’s cool.

I hope you enjoy my tales about us & our buzz. If you’ve anything to say don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via the Ask? button in the bottom right, I’m all ears 🙂

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  1. Avatar Marina says:

    loving it! so normal and down to earth! congrats on yer engagement 🙂

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Hey Marina, Thanks a million, I loving your comments! Fair play! Regards, Ross

  2. Avatar Maryrose Kiernan says:

    Well done Ross, Great start and long may it last mom x

    1. Ross Good Ross Good says:

      Thanks MaryRose, it’s been amazing, I’m blown away by the reactions. Crazy stats which I’m delighted with so happy days! Will probably see you later or tomorrow. Thanks for the comment, see ya soon, Ross.

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